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So this story happened maybe a few weeks ago. I went to my friend Mely's house and she took me to her cousins because I was dying to meet her because she too can see and hear spirits. So we were at her cousin Ele's house, we sat in the kitchen for a coffee and we started talking and she was telling me about how there are spirits in her house (a lady and her son) and then she asked me, "so what can you do, can you see or hear them?" I replied that I can feel them and at times see them and hear them and then I said...

(by the way let me explain a bit of the house. We were in the kitchen and then there is a door that leads you to a long dark hall and there are 4 bed rooms and a bathroom in that long hallway) so I said "right now where the door is, I can feel someone standing there and listening to what were saying". She told me that there was and all of a sudden we began to hear (I think it was the bathroom door) slamming continuously for maybe about 40 seconds. It was like the spirit was upset that I knew she was listening. So Ele grabbed me and took me to each room to show me the house, including the closets, she would open all the closets and let me walk in to them or else the spirit would not stop slamming and as soon as she grabbed me to show me the house the noise stopped and we didn't hear anything anymore.

When Ele grabbed me to show me the house, while she was showing it to me, I was dying because I was so terrified if something out of nowhere would have popped out and scared me because it didn't know me, but I thank god it didn't.

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Elgin (5 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-12)
I like your story its a really cool Story! ^_^

I also like the fact that Ele knew that if you moved around the house so that the ghosts won't think that your an intruder. I guess this only proves the old wives tale that if your new to a house you must touch all the corners of the house so that the spirits won't think that your there to intrude. ^_^

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