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I have a two friends that live within the same neighborhood that complain about both of their houses having weird events. What I am going to write about is what I witnessed over a year at one of the houses. I swear what I am writing is true, but I understand people are skeptics. I will not claim to understand everything that happens nor have I ever been able to find out the history of this specific house. This house had weird events-day or night. It wasn't every day but it was often and later I discovered each family member had their own experiences to talk about. I apologize for the length of this but I wanted all of my experiences in one post. I am only posting mine, no one else's.

The first event at the house was when I was babysitting my friend's son, the child was about 3 years old. He and I were playing on the bed with his race cars. We were home alone and the dogs were in a crated area downstairs. He turned to the closed door and said, "Hello." The doorknob turned. I went to see who was there, but no one was. I figured the kid's dad was trying to spook us but his car wasn't out front and when I called his cell, he was at work.

That same day, I laid the kid down for a nap. We had fallen asleep with the door shut and a blanket over us. I awoke, the blanket was by our feet and the door was open. "B" the child, awoke screaming suddenly. He then turned to the door and started babbling (like how he does when excited or nervous about seeing someone). I felt really cold and uncomfortable, like I wasn't alone.

A few days later, I was babysitting again. We were in the living room (as the upstairs had sufficiently bothered me after the last incident). Suddenly the front door unlocked and opened, but no one was there. I heard footsteps as if someone was coming through the door and made their way upstairs. But I saw no one. I called out, no one answered.

I shut and relocked the door after grabbing the child and checking the outside for visitors/family. No one was there. After about twenty minutes, the door opened again. As I walked towards it, it reshut and I heard the steps again, as if someone was headed back upstairs.

For awhile I avoided the house, chiding myself for being paranoid and having an active imagination. Maybe the door is loose? Maybe I watch and read too many things. But I started coming back. Most of the time it was pretty quiet, with the occasional feeling of being watched and a few sounds of footsteps or seeing their child's mobile swing side to side from the ceiling as if there was a draft.

This changed around Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving we were all eating together when suddenly it got really cold in the room. All of the sudden, we had all stopped talking, the China cabinet started shaking. Nothing else in the room moved. Some cups and plates shattered until the woman shouted, "Enough! Stop bothering us!" The child started crying and pointing by the cabinet and a few seconds later, the cabinet stilled.

A few weeks after this night we started decorating for Christmas. I saw a shadow figure walk across the living room (as if it was going from under the tree to the window) then it disappeared. The same night "B" was running around the tree, pointing under it saying, "Who that? Who that?"

There have been many times at the house where I'm sure I feel like something brushes against me or is watching. Sometimes I feel like there might be two separate things in the house since one energy feels creepy and off but not dangerous and the other feels like it's angry or wants to cause harm. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas of what it might be? And why the son interacts with it so much?

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Ghost_Girl1993 (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2013-10-31)
In this house, items will break occasionally, such as glass figurines or plates will fall and crack.
No one has ever complained of becoming injured, but many have complained of nightmares involving a figure watching them, petting them, laughing evilly with no face, and locking them in a room. The mother said there's been times where her bedroom door will shut, keeping her from leaving, then it will open after a few moments. When this happens she said she feels panic and as if something bad WILL happen but no harm occurs.
valkricry (47 stories) (3171 posts) mod
8 years ago (2013-10-27)
I have to echo BJJ on this one. Since the family seems to be bothered by it, a cleansing does seem in order.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
8 years ago (2013-10-27)
It doesn't seem too odd that the little one interacts with the entity regularly. Young children are better at seeing and hearing ghosts, and that ability usually becomes weaker with age. My opinion, that's probably a good thing. Seeing ghosts every day would suck lol.
One of the entities feels angry and harmful? Has it ever attempted to harm anyone in the family? If it's never tried, it's probably unable to do so. Some entities just can't collect enough energy to do more than be annoying. If it has attempted to hurt the family, then I would suggest that they perform a cleansing in the home according to their belief system.

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