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The Ghosts In The Houses


My grandparents ran a newsagents shop. One Sunday afternoon after they had closed the shop they got ready to go out. My grandad was upstairs setting the video to record when all the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, and he turned around and stood in the doorway was a man with a long black coat. He blinked and looked again and there was nothing to be seen so he went downstairs to where his wife was waiting and she said, "You look like you've seen a ghost" and he said, "I have."

From then on strange things started to happen, i.e. Every time he went in the bathroom the lampshade fell down but never fell down when anyone else went in there, and sometimes on a hot day their dog Oscar would look up as if he was watching somebody walking around the room and the room would go freezing cold for no reason, and Oscar would sit up and put his paw up as if somebody was there.

But he was a very friendly ghost and never harmed or frightened anybody until they moved to another shop. One day the manager ran away and when the police found him miles away he told them that he could no longer live with the ghost because he was scared.

When I was younger I went to my auntie's house. She lives in an old farmhouse with three big barns which they use as workshops. Well, one day I was in the bottom barn feeding my auntie's bunnies when I looked to the top of the barn and I saw this man just standing there so I went and got my auntie and when she looked to the top of the barn there was nobody there.

The barn is used for storage but the bunnies are still there. Now every time I go in that barn I make my auntie go and check the barn and make sure there is nothing there. And my aunties cats go in there then run out meowing loudly. And my little dog Jack just looks at it, barks and runs away.

Also at the old farmhouse there has been other witnesses. Well, it was about 8pm and me and my auntie and uncle were watching telly when suddenly half the fire blew out and the door suddenly slammed shut but when we opened the door there was nothing there.

Now in my granddad's bungalow there has been some strange things happening. It was about 7pm and we were all watching telly when suddenly my dog Jack jumped down from the sofa stood in the middle of the room and started barking. Everyone got a bit spooked and wanted to know what was there.

Also at the bungalow my grandad was asleep on the sofa and then suddenly he heard the loud bang so he opened his eyes sand there was a small woman standing over him. Now he will never sleep on the sofa.

I'm sorry about the length but these stories have creeped me out and I thought you deserved to hear them.

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