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Unexpected Figure At The Table


Some background on what I am about to tell you. I work in a midsized nursing home in Northeast Illinois. The nursing home was built in the 1950's and has always been used as a nursing home. It is in a commercial zone in the city it is in. Before the area was commercial it was fallow farmland for years. I have worked at the home for almost 20 years now and this is one of the first odd things I have ever seen at the home. Over 20 years time I have seen many odd things.

This happened in 1996 in the early afternoon. My coworkers and I were in the main dining room cleaning up. I was standing at the counter emptying dishes, I turned around and looked at the dining room and sitting at the table nearest to me was an odd figure. The figure was dressed in all black: a dark suit, black formal cape and a top hat. The figure was either a skeleton or very gaunt and and odd color of white, yellow and grey all mixed together. I only saw this figure for a few seconds. I told my coworkers about him. They believed me. The cook said, "There are 'things' here all the time. It was just your turn to see."

The really unsettling part of this is this sighting is that the next day the resident who sat right across from where I had seen this figure sitting suddenly passed away. B.R. (I don't want to give her name out of respect for her family) was pretty healthy for a resident. Her passing was a shock to the staff and fellow residents. I just wanted to share this with others.

I think that there are many things we will never understand. We just have to accept them and learn from them if we can. If things go well with this, my first story, I will be back with more incidents at the place I work.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-12)
This is a very cool story. I think the figure you saw was one that fortells death. I worked for a hospital for a few years. It is quite old and
Quite small. My husband has worked there for 35 years. He started outas a dish washer and worked his way up to the Construction Manager. It is one of the top Heart Surgery Hospitals in the country. What I find odd is there are no spirits or hauntings in this Hospital. Except for a rumor about a room and none of the stories about the room are the same so I figure it's a farce to scare people. Also as a sensitive I never felt any lingering spirits. Could it be that it is a Catholic Hospital and people receive their last rights as soon as possible?
Arwen1957 (7 stories) (47 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
Thank you Miracles I will be posting more stories soon We have some foretelling spirits that appear often when someone is about to pass over more on them in my next story
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-11-10)
Arwen1957 - thanks for sharing your story with us. I enjoy reading about nursing home experiences. You'll find there are many other members on this site who have shared there experiences too.

I have friends/family who work at a nursing home and they have a deceased elderly married couple, former residents, who come to foretell of the deaths there. It appears you met at least one of your nursing home's.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories, if you feel like sharing them. Welcome to YGS😊

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