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It all started when my family moved in an apartment near my school. The apartment was decent and beautiful. According to Ms. Viole, the apartment was new and we were the first one to live on the 3rd side. But things started to became cold when my baby sister was born.

My mom gave birth to my baby sister at exactly 12 midnight in the month of September 2005. After a week of stay in the hospital, they came home with my sister. The week after that, I saw my grandma carrying my sister going downstairs. Then she suddenly said, "Oh God, someone help me!" I hurriedly went to attend her and saw an odd looking dark human figure at the back of my grandma. The figure was pushing against the back of my grandma. I helped grandma and assisted her to go down. She told me that she felt something was pushing behind her back, so she gripped firmly on the railings of the stairs and asked for help. I did not tell her about the odd figure behind her because I didn't want her to be scared.

After a few months, I saw something again. I was sitting beside the crib of my sister when I saw a man standing near the sink. His skin was brown and he was wearing a black sando and black shorts. At first I thought it was my dad because he had that kind of sando and shorts so I ignored him. But after 5 seconds, I looked again and saw the man was gone. Just to give you about the setting of the house: the sink is near the wall with a small window just enough for a cat to enter. Our stairs are near our front door and beside it is the restroom. Between the sink and the stairs is the living room. So that experience was a bit weird for me.

When my sister turned 2 years old, we had a short celebration inside our house. Our relatives are the only guests that we invited. After 9 pm, they already went home and we cleaned the place. I woke up 12 midnight to go to the restroom. On my way, someone ran towards the restroom. I thought it was mom. So I waited about 30 minutes. I insisted to open the door because I was really about to pee on my underwear. When I opened the door there was no one inside. I'm really awake that time. Not lying.

This incidents also happened to my family, even to my sister and my uncle. Sometimes we would hear crashing of glass in the living room; our mirrors will break suddenly when my sister looks onto it. I know it is hard to believe, but these things really happened. Sometimes we would get high fevers with no reason. It is like the spirits in there wants us to be like them. We gathered information about the house and we knew that our house was haunted and abandoned by an alcoholic family. Then we moved to another house and lost them.

As of now, no one lives on the apartment. It was said that dead animals were found there.

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BlackMurderknot (guest)
7 years ago (2014-04-20)
Before on the house we rented for 1 month, it was almost midnight when my sister told me to go downstairs to get her cellphone. I saw my brother sleeping in the living room. When I finally got the cp, I saw a black figure of a bald man hurrily rush to the toilet I first I thought it was my brother-in-law but he wasn't bald at all. The figure open the lights on the cr so I ran quickly to go upstairs. When I'm on the staircase, I looked at the toilet and saw nothing and the lights were off. It scared the crap out of me so I went to her room reaching my breath I asked her husband if he went to the toilet an he said no. I went straight to my room and I didn't tell anyone what had happened that night thinking its just my imagination but not. I knew I wasn't imagining at all because I was fully awake that time.
True story about me

moondreamer (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-17)
Omg,thank you for your comments and I really appreciate those explanation of yours.:))
CrystalLeo (27 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-17)
I third Lady-Glow's question.
I haven't had such things happen to me, but I've heard noises coming from my bathroom at 1 or 2 in the morning when everyone else was fast asleep. Like the bodylotion caps were being clicked open and shut again. I've always been way too scared to leave the safety of my lit room to go and investigate.
But from what I read, it sounds to me like there might be a poltergeist in that apartment.
I'm glad you guys moved away from that apartment. It's much better than staying there for a long time.
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Best Wishes.
ChewYIn (8 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-17)
ive experienced what you experience about someone rushing inside your toilet but mine are opposite... The figure rushing out from the toilet... 😕
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-17)
Oh my gosh what a scary moment with your grandma and sister! I'm so glad they're both ok. I also second lady-glow's question. I find your statement interesting mostly because the old Celtic idea of changelings popped into my head when it sounded as though this being was following your sister around, then you said they wanted you to be like them... They say in fairy world you should not eat the food. I dunno, it just seems to follow that general chain of thought.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2790 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-15)
I'm glad your grandmother managed to hold the stairs railing without dropping the baby! 😨
It seems to me that there was a freeloader tenant of the ghostly kind staying with your family in that apartment, though I do think that the high fevers could have a natural explanation; perhaps you got a bug, the flu, drank contaminated water, etc.
What do you mean by: "It is like the spirits in there wants us to be like them."

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