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Im So Worried, What Do I Do?


From the time I was little growing up in an old house my mother and father bought, my bed would just shake at random. I'd see this dark shadow past my window at night and sometimes even a little girl standing in the corner of my room.

When I turned 17 I met this guy and got into a relationship with him. The whole shadow bed shaking thing hadn't happened in a while, but then it started happening at random even when he was over my house, so he had witnessed it to. We eventually went on and moved out of the house and when we did it stopped happening. A couple months later me and my boyfriend moved back in with my father in that house and it happened at random again but not as often as before. Again we move out, and he moves with his parents and I with my sister.

Nothing happens at his house, and when he comes to my sister's to stay with me he notices my bed and the shadow at random as well as I do. It eventually stops altogether and does not happen to me nor him for quite sometime. Along with that stopping my anxiety I had for a long time had just randomly stopped and I no longer get it.

He comes to me about a week ago and tells me last night my bed was shaking and it felt like I was being held to my bed by my shoulders and I saw a dark shadow go across my room. He said when he could see a man's face that he had never seen before out of the corner of his eyes, so he closed them quick and when he opened them again he said the man's face was right in front of him. I don't know what to do I honestly am scared.

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mrwannabee (3 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-03)
what happened here is that the ghosts are bounded within the house that you bought, and it followed you guys when you moved back in.

These are the things you can do:
1. Find a way to make peace/ammendment with them by trying to talk to them and asking how to make their spirits in peace.

2.don't mind them, some ghosts just wants to play. Some to make friends. BUT NEVER make them angry...
*and here is a thing about ghosts. If they know you can see them, they will follow you... If they know you can't... Well. It is VERY RARE for them to follow you
Gemzxxx (6 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-02)
Hi ashxoxo20. I don't know if this will help, but, if I'm ever scared of a presence around me, I use this prayer/spell, (im not sure what you would call it exactly), 'Mathew,Mark, Luke and John, please protect the bed that I lay on, thank you'. Repeat this 3 times, but don't forget to say thankyou each time, very important. This has always eased the feelings I'm experiencing, maybe not straight away, but it works. Also, try telling whatever is there to simply 'Go away, and leave me alone'. Sometimes, as spiritwaiting also said, spirits can get attached to you and want to get your attention. But getting a house cleansing is definitely recommended. A friend of mine (a psychic) and I cleansed a womans house last year. The woman was down and depressed, with bad luck coming at her in all directions, with one room in the house being significantly colder than the rest. Once we established who was there, we moved her on (a woman who had onced lived in that house
And had passed), the room was instantly warmer, and since then, the womans luck and moods have improved dramatically.
I hope this has helped u. Good luck to you.
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (58 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-02)
that is so scary I don't want to experience that 😭 and thanks for sharing 😁
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-01)
Dear ashxoxo20, This has me wondering if this spirit is attached to you in some way. Besides your dads house having a possible entity residing there. But if this is happening in other homes as well, then it could very well be attached to you. I agree with deidrej24, a home cleansing and blessing is a good start. Also a blessing over you as well. I truly hope you find a way to rid this entity from bothering you. It doesn't seem to be to malevolent just trying to. Get your attention in some way. By shaking the bed and darting across your room.
deidrej24 (1 stories) (20 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-01)
You should see abot getting a house blessing as well as one on you.

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