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It Sounded Just Like Me


This is a strange one and it didn't happen directly to me but knowing my uncle, who is the one who told the story, he wouldn't lie about this.

My uncle approached me and was explaining with a smile that I had thrown something at his head and he was serious about it but as soon as I showed him I was serious and explained I didn't... His smile faded. He explained to me what happened and he said, "I was outside kneeling down at night and was petting Jackie (our dog) and that's when I heard the door open and you say, 'I know you're creepy and all' and you threw something at my head that landed on the ground and the dogs ate it. You then said 'Haha hit him in the head' and headed back inside. I thought it was you and went upstairs to ask you but when I got there you were gone and not once did I actually see you."

I was really confused and so was he because how did this thing have my voice and why was it trying to act just like me? He told me there was no denying that it was my voice and the fact that he said it laughed just like me made me get chills. I've heard things like this happening like hearing voices of people you know but finding out it's not really them you were talking or listening to.

I know this story is short but I wanted to submit it and see what you guys think. What was that thing and what is it trying to do? This just happened the other night too. Any feedback that can explain just a little bit would help. I'm a bit freaked and we are the first people to live in this house but we have been living here for a while now.

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elt (1 stories) (21 posts)
8 years ago (2014-12-18)
CuriousGuy took what I was going to say. 😆 but it's all cool. And if it get's mean glens the house don't show it fare
CuriousGuy (2 stories) (47 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-19)
Id be careful. There are instances that I have heard of where spirits/ghosts/demons would mimic a way someone sounds (voice) or look in order to make it more comfortable around family members, and when family members get use to it around it starts changing, and will be tough to get rid of.

Just keep an eye and ear out cause if its mimicking your voice and such, it may try to disguise what it really is.


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