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My Teammate's Haunted House


This unforgettable experience happened to me when I was still in high school. I was part of the Volleyball Club in our school, and we do sleepovers on a weekend for an early v-ball training.

We spent a night at our teammate's house. I arrived there after dinner. But before I entered the gate, I had an eerie feeling about the surrounding of the house and the house itself. It seemed that there is a dark cloud covering the house or the whole place there. But I didn't mind it at all, 'cos I can hear the laughter from inside the house. The guys were throwing jokes and laughing out loud and so I entered the house and joined in the fun.

Moments later we decided to buy some few bottles of beer to help us doze off, so 2 of our trainees went out to buy 4 bottles. We started drinking and playing music and was singing our heart out, everyone had a great time. We finished at around 9:45 pm and so our Team Captain called it a night. Everyone prepared themselves to sleep.

The trainees were asked to sleep at the living room, while others were in the other vacant rooms in the house. Me and 3 others are in the owner's room. Before I lay down I did my ritual before sleeping so I went to the bathroom located at kitchen 'cos that's the nearest. I went out of the room and it was already dim outside. I wasn't thinking of anything scary 'cos I was really getting sleepy. As I opened the bathroom I noticed a dark figure facing the wall at the shower area. I got alarmed so my hand was hurriedly looking for the switch and turned it on. As soon as light illuminated everything, the figure disappeared. I know what I saw, and I can't just say that it's the drinks that we had, I just had a few shots.

I stared momentarily at the wall and then approached the shower area and shoved the curtain, thinking it was hiding there, but no one was there. Suddenly I felt this cold wind pass through me and gave me chills to my spine, and I turned back to check what it was. And there it is the shadow figure, getting out of the bathroom and heading straight to the door leading to the backyard. I followed it and saw that the entity just passed through the door without opening. I gathered all my guts to follow it. When I held the knob to open the door, I felt something that made all my hair on my skin stood up that there were this tiny sensation like needles pinned on my skin... Then I opened the door but all I saw was total darkness behind it, as in pitch black! So I closed the door quickly and did my bathroom rituals in a jiffy.

I went back to our room and said nothing about it. I turned off the light and lied down on the bed between my teammates. A few moments I was about to drift into dreamland when I felt something... There was this heavy feeling, I can't understand whether there was weight placed on me or was I drowning, and it felt like I'm losing my breath... I tried to fight it and was able to open my eyes. There was this heavy feeling still, and I noticed my teammate on my right side who was close to the wall crying inside, and was like shaking. I noticed something from the wall, there was this dark figures trying to reach my teammate, they were trying to grab him... I shouted his name and pulled him over me. He then woke up and was panting and catching his breath. He said thanks, 'cos if it wasn't for me those things might have took him away...

There was this smell like sulfur all over the room. Our other teammate who was with us was sound asleep and not knowing what happened. We slept with the light on.

And so training time started, we were jogging our way to our school. I approached my teammate who owned the house and asked him about the house, but he doesn't want to talk about it. I asked him to tell me one thing about the house, and he simply said "haunted". I tried to make him explain why, but he did not want to say anything more.

After that incident, we still did had our few sleepovers there since that's the only house who can accommodate 13 members of the club. And we still experienced eerie stuffs like someone walking in the living room, chairs or furniture being dragged on the 2nd floor and many other noises. I asked my teammate if they had the house blessed. He said yes, but I didn't believe him.

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RJames52Spikers08 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-11)
[at] BlackMurderknot
Thanks buddy for the comment... Yeah I did asked him about that for a couple of times but he still doesn't want to tell me anything, he would just ask me not to mind it... I really want to get answers from him, and I tried talking to her elder sister about it but she just laughed at me and asked was I crazy or something... I got tired of asking my teammate about it. But if I get to go back there I will surely try to investigate... 😐
BlackMurderknot (guest)
7 years ago (2014-05-06)
That house was definitely haunted! You're very brave to chase the shadow running and to wake your teammate up 😁. If you want to know the secret of that house, ask your teammate that owns that house over and over again. I always do that 😜

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