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When I was young (about 7-8 years old) I lived in a house in Victoria B.C, Canada with my mom, my brother and my mom's boyfriend. The landlord lived above us in the upstairs suite. There were no animals allowed in the house at the time.

The house had a history. It used to be a 100 year old bed and breakfast. My mom and her boyfriend always had a comfortable feeling in the house. But for my brother and I, that was different.

It started with when people came over to visit, they would compliment us on our nice white furry cat. As I said earlier we weren't allowed animals in the house.

Then my brother and I started hearing scratching on the floor. Like a cat or dog were running up and down the hall way. Then the dining room chairs would start moving around in the middle of the night (everyone in the house heard this). Some nights my stuff on my dresser would be on the floor when I would wake up in the morning.

One time my aunt, uncle and cousins came over for a visit. I have an autistic cousin who always liked to play games with people. So one day while they were visiting, I decided to show him the basement. Well it was pitch black down there and while I was standing on the stairs with him, he decided to laugh, and run up the stairs and close and lock the door on me. So I got scared and just stood on the stairs landing, crying and trying to call for my mom. After a minute my mom heard me and came and opened the door. While I was down there I could feel a presence moving closer towards me. I heard things fall over. I was scared to death.

So my mom broke up with her boyfriend and we decided to move out. On the moving day my brother (who is black and 17 at the time, I come from a Hispanic background from my dad and British on my mom's. We have different dads) was carrying a box down the front steps. He suddenly screamed, threw the box and ran into the car and locked the doors. He refused to come out. When we later asked him what was wrong he said something screamed extremely loud into his ear as he was walking down the steps. Maybe it had to do with the spirit not liking that he is a different colour.

Thank you for reading my story.

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Natedogg7777 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-19)
That's exactly what I've been thinking. No offense taken by the way.
chelseylobo (4 stories) (26 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-13)
hey there,
Trying not to be offensive, maybe
The spirit seemed to be a racist:P

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