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The Pink Room


The Pink Room

As a courtesy to readers unfamiliar with my stories, I live in a house inhabited by 8 souls altogether. Four are human, namely myself, my twin boys and my mom (for health reasons had to return to SA), and the other four are spirits, namely Adam - the little boy who burned to death in the house, my maternal grandmother named Monta, my paternal grandmother (the most recent to appear) named Mary and my very very close friend, Charlie, who is my soul/sole guardian.

In my house, the room I used to inhabit, used to be my sister's room. She had gone and painted the place a deep pink colour. Not a choice I would have made, but I also never felt like I needed to change it, so the room has been pink for over seven years. As I have mentioned, since gran Monta passed away in the 60's she still very much carries the morals and values of that time. So, if you are male, and sensitive to spirits, she will make it known to you that boys are not welcome in the pink room. It is a girl's room. She has blocked a friend of mine from entering the room at all, simply because he is so very sensitive to spirits. However, when my friend Jay comes to visit, which is quite often, my mom gives up her room, which is the pink room, and she sleeps in the main bedroom with me, so Jay can sleep in her room.

On one such a weekend, in February 2014, my dad had been visiting from Mozambique. So I gave up my room to them, Jay got my mom's room and I slept in the room with my boys. It was quite late this specific night by the time I had gotten into bed, and Jay had also just gone to bed. I lay down in bed and was trying to get comfy when there was a soft knock on the door and then Jay whispered "are you sleeping?" I told him to come in so he did. He had an expression of amusement on his face when he looked at me and said "I just thought I should come and tell you what I just experienced in the pink room." This had me sitting up.

He explained that he had just turned out the lights and was trying to get comfortable when he noticed movement at the foot of the bed. To give you a clear idea of the layout of the room, if you lie down on the bed, you have about a foot of space between the foot end of the bed and the opposite wall. To your left you have the bedroom door, to your right the closet, and to your immediate right you have the window. Jay said he looked to the foot of the bed and saw a grey figure move along the wall, from the bedroom door to the closet and back again, stopping at the corner of the bed closest to the bedroom door. He said he could not make out much detail, but he could see the figure was tall. So, in typical Jay fashion, he spoke to the figure. He said "You know, I may be human, but I can see you." And he said with this the figure moved towards him, along the bed until it reached roughly an arms length away from him. He said he then saw the figure extend an arm to him and the hand nearly solidified. He could see all of the fingers and that the hand was held out to him palm up. He told me that he did not feel any sort of malice or ill intent whatsoever (duh, this is my house we are talking about), and before he knew it he began stretching his hand out toward the hand being offered. But before he could touch it the figure disappeared. When I later spoke to Tim about this he said it was just Gran. She still did not like the fact that a man was sleeping in her girls' room, but she had sort of made peace with Jay being the exception.

Fast forward to the week of 28 April to 2 May 2014. The house to our left has been left standing vacant for the better part of two years. Recently people have looted the house, stealing everything they can. Sad on the one hand, but a real annoyance on the other hand, because now we are running a safety hazard. With a vacant house next door, we regularly hear people moving around there at night. When you are outside you get that feeling of being watched. And since we are only ladies in the house, this is scary. We do have an alarm system, which is a relief and a comfort, but it still doesn't ease our worries. So, Jay had been visiting for a few days, mom and I had roped him into helping us with some DIY around the house, and he was again sleeping in the pink room. On Tuesday evening he told us that he had had a weird experience the night before. He said it started out with the dream he was having suddenly changing into something altogether different, and then he became very aware of the fact that someone had sat down on the bed next to him. Then he said the blankets were flung off of him. And when he shook himself awake completely he was not covered, and he could hear voices coming from outside. So, he got up and checked out the window, but couldn't see anything. He got back in bed and the same thing happened two more times before eventually stopping. Then mom chimed in upon hearing this account and said that it has happened once or twice where she would be lying on her stomach, fast asleep, and be woken up by her foot being shaken. But she said she didn't pay much attention to it. So, I asked Tim and he told me the incident with mom, was Gran, trying to warn her that people were in our yard. And with Jay, Charlie was the one trying to warn someone that there were intruders.

Of course, now we tend to sleep lighter, waiting to hear noises from outside. It's still so weird to think that what we fear nowadays is not the spiritual element inside the house, its the human element outside of it.

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triden07 (70 stories) (279 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-19)
Hey guys!

In all honesty, I love the fact that gran was eventually able to break through to mom and have some kind of contact with her. Even if it was as a warning of possible danger.
Darkangel73 (4 stories) (127 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-17)
This story is a test of real love. I am glad you have your grandparents watching over the family, I do hope the house next door is rented out soon, sounds scary living in that type of situation where people break into a vacant house. Do be careful. Goes to show you spirits are all around and very much aware of what is going on in this realm. Very touching story!
Argette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-05-16)
Quite a story, well told and frightening. I would be more comfortable with spirits than with intruders. Please be careful.

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