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I have posted on this site before an overview of some of the unexplained happenings that go on in my home. However, I'm realizing that if I tried to fit everything that's happened into one post, you'd all be here a while. Therefore, I'll just give a brief overview of my home's history and the occurrences there before I begin my story.

My house isn't old. It is currently 19 years old and my family built the house and have been its only residents. We live in an area where there has been Native American presence, though any involvement with our particular land is unknown. Some of the strangest things have been a blue orb of light that can be seen only in reflections, disembodied voices, disappearing/reappearing objects, doors opening--with the knob turning and everything, lights turning on themselves, shadow/mist figures, and two separate bed-shaking incidents (no, we do not live in an area with earthquakes, railroads, or anything that would shake a bed and none of the furniture around it). There are plenty more, and I will gladly go into more detail and answer any questions. I'd also like to mention that yes, I am a young adult. I'm eighteen years old, but I have a rational mind and am not an attention seeker. All of these accounts have either been witnessed by more than one person or debunked thoroughly by myself. I do not like leaving things unexplained, and I do not take these experiences lightly.

With that said, here is the occurrence I will tell you about. I was alone in my room reading. It was well after midnight, and my entire household was asleep. I still had my lights on and was lying on my stomach with the book out in front of me. All of the sudden, I thought I saw a shadow flicker across the page, momentarily darkening it. I had a feeling that someone was standing over me, looking down. However, I quickly brushed this off as being tired or a trick of the light. That is, until a second later, my door knob turned and my door opened completely, swinging all the way back against the wall and holding its position for a minute before swinging back. My door has opened three separate times, and always opens all of the way to the wall, though my door naturally has a tendency to drift closed. My sister and I have more than once witnessed shadow figures lingering in the hallway near my bedroom and have heard voices near this area, too.

Thank you for reading this experience. Feel free to ask me about my other experiences or tell me about similar ones!

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Argette (guest)
8 years ago (2014-05-19)
I live in Wisconsin, too, and have had some strange experiences involving blue flashes, as has a coworker, and both have taken place at night, in bedrooms. I live in an area where occasionally human, especially Native American, remains are sometimes found during backyard digs or excavation for new buildings.

I agree with the previous poster that you might consider doing more research. Start with your local library or your county historical society. You might also inquire at your county register of deeds office.
HarlowMortis (2 stories) (14 posts)
8 years ago (2014-05-19)
There is never a true explanation on these things, it could be a number of things. Try finding out more information on the land prior to whom owned it before your family. Were there any deaths?

You mentioned that your area is known for Native American sightings? It could be on Indian burial grounds or something sacred. If they are not personally messing with you, I wouldn't have no concerns.

In most cases most "ghosts" don't even realize we are there, they are continously living thier after lives as if they were still alive. Its like a looping movie stuck on replay. Thats what its been said that "ghosts" expirience.

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