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The Experiences Of My Youth


I want to start by saying that I am for the most part skeptical of many paranormal claims. I personally feel that it is something people use because they want there to be more. That being said I have experienced things of the 'paranormal' variety. I am inclined to believe certain stories, things going bump in the night rarely among the believable. I would say that I am a believer in the supernatural, though for the most part I try to explain things away with science/nature. I don't say any of this to come off as rude or to put others 'experiences' down. I'm merely giving you a sample of my personality and beliefs.

I have had experiences since I was young. Maybe I'm sensitive or its all merely coincidences? Honestly I'm not entirely sure. The following will not be in chronological order but rather by place/age.

Let's start out with my 'first' experience. (I say first because it is the first one I can vividly remember though my mother told me that I had experiences while I was a baby) When I was about five or six, my sister and I were sitting on our bunk bed watching cartoons across the room. My stepfather came in and turned the tv off and told us that we watched enough tv and we needed to continue to sit on our beds. So my sister and I start chatting and out of the corner of my eye I notice what looks like a heat wave in front of our tv. I mention this to my sister and I think that maybe our tv got really hot. She says that she can see it too. All of a sudden the tv turns on but when it turns on its already on a completely different channel, not the one we were watching when it shut off. It started playing an american football game and the volume was all the way up, which it wasn't before.

This next experience is in the same house but on the day we moved out. At this time I was around nine. After packing up almost all of our belongings I was tasked with packing the last box. I was in the kitchen and was filling it with cups. My family went out to pack the truck so I was by myself in the house. As I was bending over I felt a hand on my shoulder and lips against my ear. My name was whispered very quickly and I could even feel the hot breath against my ear. I quickly turned on my heels and looked around for anyone. That's when my little sister came running into the kitchen screaming if I was okay. I was stunned I told her what happened and she was floored. She told me that she was walking along the side of the house when she says this old man's face looking at her from the window in the kitchen. She knew I was in there and was worried about me. After we had moved out our mother told us that the previous tenant was an old man that had died in the house. We thought that he probably was the one who turned the tv on too.

As my parents are divorced and had shared custody my sister and I would travel between households. At my father's house he married a woman who already had two children from a previous marriage. I was about seven and my eldest brother was eleven. He had a sleepover one weekend and only the big kids could stay up to watch goosebumps because it was too scary for little kids. Being kids though my siblings and I would try and spy on my eldest brother and friends. We were pretending to be spies. It had come around to my turn to watch the enemies. As I peeked around the corner I was watching the three older boys watching tv while laying on their stomachs. I watch one boy get up and start head my way. I thought that he was going to use the restroom. That's when I notice that it wasn't actually him as 'he' was walking through himself. I look up at the boys face but it was actually a man with no eyes. He had eye sockets but no eye. He kept walking towards me but when he saw that I looked at his face he smiled and stretched out his hand towards me like he wanted to take my hand. I screamed and closed my eyes as tight as I could and backed myself into the hallway wall. My dad came out and grabbed me, then I explained what happened. He told me that there are no such things as ghosts only demons and its a good thing I didn't grab its hand or I would have been doomed. That scared me and has instilled a fear in me even to this day. Even though I'm no longer religious I still feel fear when it comes to ghosts I don't try to seek them out or try to communicate with them.

Throughout my teenage years all experiences can be explained. When I got older and started moving around with my husband and child I started to experience things again. Maybe I had opened up somewhat? I still do not actively try and communicate with anything, some things just 'find' me. I may submit my adult experiences. Though most of them weren't happening physically they were... Like a dream? I guess.

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Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-26)
ramble- Truly no offense taken at all. And I will agree with the simple "bump in the night" sound. I would like to think most of us on YGS really put an effort to Debunk any type of activity. I do anyways. We live in an active house and just because something happens we don't jump to the paranormal.

I appreciate you getting back with me and answering my questions. Will be looking forward to reading more of your experiences.
ramble (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-26)
[at] Wish-Not
The 'bumps in the night' are a literal bump. Like small knocks or creaks. Some find it creepy and call it a ghost automatically. When some things can be explained. Such as glue on furniture coming loose and making a popping noise, or wind blowing though a crack. Maybe an animal that one isn't used to hearing made a sound and maybe it sounded creepy but that doesn't mean that its a ghost. Scratching sounds can be caused by animals, people read into that the most. Rats, mice, raccoons, and snakes all live in walls and can cause sounds. Pets can also be alerted to animals in walls. Small sounds, to me, feel like they shouldn't cause alarm. A phantom voice on the other hand, yeah that's creepy.
I personally feel that I shouldn't read into every sound since they are mostly caused by nature. Again what I said isn't meant to be an insult just how I think of things. If I caused any offense I apologize. I gave a sample of how I think as to provide a basis of my personality, that way my experiences don't sound like a person freaking out over nothing.
How I do this, meaning how I deal with things with cold hard logic is just how I am. It's my coping mechanism. The experiences I have told I do believe were genuine. The things I was referring to when I was a teen, were referring to 'feelings' and 'matrixing' meaning I may have just seen things because my brain put it together but it may have not actually been there.
Thank you for your comment and questions! I hope I answered you fully and you can understand what I meant. I hope that you find no offence here. 😳
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-25)
ramble- I found myself going back to the beginning of your story to reread what you said your beliefs are concerning your personal experiences and what you think of others. Yours seem pretty intense. Especially for a child.

To be able to group some in the "bump in the night" must be an amazing skill. Curious how one does that? Are you referring to just sounds that happen at night? Or is there more to than that?

Reading your experiences I wondered if you use the "science/nature" to explain them. And if one actually be paranormal, why not all? Just curious.

Thought they were great moments though. I just realize if mine are genuine, then why can't yours?

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