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Wendy - The Heartbroken Ghost


I would just like to start by saying this is 100% true and my first time writing about my story, so please excuse my amateur attempt.

About 1 year ago I moved into one of my parents' old rental homes with my brother and his partner in a small town near Melbourne. The moment I first took a step into the home, I was overwhelmed by a dark, cold and lonely feeling - that feeling that when you walk around that home it's as if something is with you or watching you.

After about 2 months of living in the home, I noticed a photo of my mother and I that was in a frame on my bed side table being turned around facing the wall every time I woke up. I disregarded what was happening and tried to think there was a logical explanation.

One night I woke up to my dog (Staffy) growling at my roof. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight and my lamp was swinging side to side. Once again I shrugged it off and thought there was a logical explanation.

There were a few nights where my brother caught me standing over his bed in the middle of the night talking about a Wendy lady (I have always been a sleep walker/talker and apparently always brought up the name Wendy).

When my mother stayed over, I always made her sleep with me as I have always been quite scared of staying alone since being in this home. What my mum saw that night I will never quite get over.

My mum has always had a gift with the spiritual side and has some pretty amazing things that have happened to her. Anyway...

I was fast asleep and my mum was woken up to a noise in my room. As my mother opened her eyes, she the figure of a woman crouched down crying in the corner of my room. As my mother was in complete shock and didn't know if she was dreaming or not, I all of a sudden sat up from my deep sleep and said, "Wendy, leave now... I SAID LEAVE NOW"... My mum said that I was looking directly at where she had seen the figure. As soon as I said this apparently the figure disappeared.

When my mum told me about what had happened the next morning when I woke up, I was quite alarmed as my brother had said I'd been mentioned the name 'Wendy' when I was sleepwalking. month later I booked in to see a psychic as I love going every now and then and what came out of the psychic's mouth was amazing.

As soon as I stepped into the room she knew exactly why I was there. She knew that I had questions about a spirit Wendy in my house... Cut a long story short, Wendy was a girl around my age (23) dating a man who lived in the house I was living in years before. Unfortunately the man was married and wouldn't leave his wife for her, so on the way to confront the man Wendy took a bottle of pills and overdosed on the way to his home (my home). She has latched herself onto the home in search of her love.

Wendy was quite jealous of the relationship my mother and I had, hence the turning around of the photo frame. The psychic also mentioned Wendy was zapping my positive energies. (It explained a lot as I was always sad and lonely in that home but I have always been such a bright and bubbly girl.)

I went home and walked into every room and said, "Wendy - you must go to the light." After that day I definitely felt as if Wendy went to the light... But in a way I missed her as although I felt very uneasy - at the same time she made me feel safe.

I often think of Wendy and I hope she is finally at peace. I truly believe Wendy was looking over me or was trying to get me to help her!

Please feel free to leave any comments in regards to this as I don't know how significant this one is.

Thank you for your time:)

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abbykay_luv (4 stories) (43 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-15)
This story sounds 'cool' and not scary. I wouldn't have let her go (so soon) after visiting the psychic. I would have tried to talk to her and console her before I let her go. We could be friends! Just saying
cute_princess (1 stories) (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-14)
I really don't have any such direct encounters but yeah feeling of being watched... I think that you have done what was possible...

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