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It all started when me and my mother moved into our new home in Bradford England in 2008, I was 17. The home was a normal 2 bedroom house which needed a lot of modernising, which we did before we moved in, in the mean time we got to know our neighbours and the area.

When speaking to the neighbours, they reported that an older male used to live there prior to us for many years. He was an alcoholic. They explained that he died in the house of alcohol poisoning and that his 10 year old son found him two weeks later dead in his bedroom.

Me and my mother was in shock but also felt sad for the man. Because we are strong believers in God, we felt it was the right thing to do to invite the local priest to the house to bless the house.

The first couple of weeks in the house was horrible. I just could not sleep on a night. I constantly felt like I was being watched and that something was frightening me but there was nothing there. The worst feeling is when the hairs on your body stand up and you can hear your heart beat race and then the sweat just starts to pour off you. Is that how our bodies react to the paranormal?

Many times I ran into my mother's bedroom, frightened, and saying I wanted to sleep in her bed. Remember I am 17 years old, I should not be acting like this at that age. My mum used to try convince me it was in my head and she occasionally got the bible out and read some prayers in my room. At this point my mother had not experienced any paranormal activity as yet.

Some weeks past, one day me and my mother came back from shopping and there was disgusting distinct smell lingering from upstairs. We quickly went upstairs to see where it was coming from but could not find the cause. This smell was like no other. I have never smelt this smell in my life. After this my mum bleached all of upstairs including the bathroom. Till this day that smell comes and goes when it pleases and is always smelt in the bathroom, either bedrooms and the landing. Weird thing is the smell is never just in every room like a normal smell would travel, it will just only be in one room at one time.

Other types of activity we have encounter in the past 8 years we have lived here has been unexplained banging noises in the night. The sound of cupboards opening and closing in the kitchen and my mum mostly hears on a night is shuffling sounds in the walk in wardrobe in my mum's room but there is nothing in the wardrobe that would make a shuffling sound.

The creepiest experience I encountered to date is something me or my mother could not explain. It was about 11 o'clock at night and my mum was getting ready to go to bed. Before she went to bed she would make sure that the front and the back door was locked, which she did. After she went to bed I was sat on the couch on my laptop. I was sat next to where my kitchen was and I was only three feet from the kitchen door, the door was open slightly. A few minutes past whilst I was surfing the internet. I then had an urge to go into the kitchen for a drink.

I got up and opened the kitchen door. When I opened it, to my surprise a toy from cupboard under the stairs started making noise (this needed to be turned on to make the noise) and there was water spilt all over the kitchen floor and the back door was open wide. I immediately thought someone had broken in and hid in the cupboard under the stairs. I quickly ran upstairs and woke my mum and told her I think someone broke in.

My mum armed herself with a bat and followed me down the stairs to the kitchen. We hesitated as we opened the cupboard shouting, "Who is there? We have called the police!" When we opened it there was no one there, the toy was still blaring out music too. I looked outside and could not see anyone either. I could not explain how the back door became unlocked and spread wide open. The door is a heavy fire door and would not be able to open it without kicking it many times. The thing that was the creepiest is that I was literally three foot away from the kitchen I did not hear a sound. I did not hear the door open and the bowl of water, how did that get spilt? My cat was up stairs asleep the whole time. Also the child toy it only came on once I entered the kitchen.

All of these events still mind boggles me and I cannot debunk what happened. Until this day I still cannot explain how it all happened. I do believe it was part of some kind of poltergeist activity.

The name of this creep pasty is Mr. O'Brian because that is the man's name who died in the house. We still receive his post. I believe that Mr. O'Brian still lives in the house but does not know we are there. This is called a residual haunting.

We still hear random bangs and shuffling on a night and that distinct smell still comes and goes but after 8 years we are not scared any more and are happy to live with this entity until we depart.

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anisajazz (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-18)
dont think so she has not said anything, but because it has been years now she kind of does not take notice as I said I'm pretty sure he does not know we there and is still living there but in his own dimension, If you know what I mean
Trischa_D (guest)
7 years ago (2015-05-18)
Has your mom had any unusual experiences (besides the norm) since you've been gone? Or has everything just stayed the same? Sometimes the spirits act up even worse when a person is alone.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-16)
Hi again Anisajazz,

That's not what concerned me and I wasn't clear. I was referring to the possibility that someone the previous tenant knew may have been using his keys to gain entry. I would, as a precautionary measure, get your mum to change the locks just to be on the safe side. With a chance the door incident wasn't paranormal.
anisajazz (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-16)
Hi thanks for comments.
I do not live there now I moved out just last year. My mum still lives there though.
About the door it never happened again we did not change lots kind of impossible for some one to break it realy good lock and heavy door.

Thanks for comments and liking my story
abbykay_luv (4 stories) (43 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-15)
Wow, just wow. My guess is, that smell is the smell of a rotten body... I guess he was rotten when his body was found. Are you still living in the house? If so then you and your mom are very brave. I suggest you try another 'blessing' or 'cleansing' and see if it continues.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-15)
Hi Anisajazz,

Urgh I can relate to horrible smells that just linger in one room. Never a good sign.
I realise this happened a while ago but just to be on the safe side get your locks changed. The chance that the door incident was not paranormal is just too risky to take. Can't hurt to change your locks. I would, even if I were confident it was a ghost.

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