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My Extreme Haunting


A couple years back I had sat down with my family at our new house. Someone had brought up the house we had just moved from being haunted which I, of course, knew and told everyone but no one would admit to believe me in hopes I would not go live with my dad. I really should have known they knew seeing as they used to light sage and and throw holy water in the doorways. But they told me it was just to make me feel better about the house.

My mom started the conversation. She had spoke of why we really blocked off a living room that had been connected to my bedroom of the time. (My family made me sleep in the basement in the winter and upstairs in the summer.) She had told me about furniture moving in there and objects being thrown. Even my stepdad being thrown against a wall (he's a very big guy) which, of course, scared the crap out of me seeing as I and my friends used to crawl through the window and play back there.

She then went on to discuss that she thought there were two ghosts. One who moved things and at first was very nice and one who was very evil. I also experienced both of these ghosts and was, at one point, what we all believe to be possessed.

One day I was at my house alone sitting in my basement playing games. I have no clue why seeing as the basement scared me. All my animals were downstairs with me when the tornado sirens went off. The dogs started howling but didn't move from where they were. As I made my way up the stairs I heard heavy footsteps going toward the door. So I ran upstairs to see my stepdad but no one was home. I grabbed my dogs and sat at the park until my parent got home. (The sirens had shut off.)

Another time I was sitting in my basement watching a horror movie with a friend when my door slammed shut. I would blame this on the wind but there's no windows in my basement. It was winter. And my door simply does not shut. You can slam it as hard as you want but the house has settled to where the frame doesn't allow the door to shut.

My stepdad also had an experience like this when he and my mom were staying in the basement. When my mom slept on the left side of the bed she would have horrifying nightmares of being dragged out of bed, levitated off the bed, and even being choked. Ironically I, for some reason, always refused to sleep on that side of the bed but did not know this at the time. My stepdad began sleeping on that side of the bed and having the same nightmares. At one point he got so mad he placed crosses on all the walls and yelled, "get in now b****." Unfortunately as soon as he exited the room my door again slammed shut somehow. All the picture of me and my sister as kids fell and shattered and all the crosses fell off the wall.

Shortly after this my sister moved back in with her 1 year old Ember. She was a terrible mother, which is harsh to say but the only way to explain the situation. Ember slept with my parents downstairs in her crib. One night my mom woke up to Ember laughing at something. She had to wipe her eyes a few times because it looked like Ember was not only standing, which she did not know to do at the time, but floating a half foot from the bottom of the crib. Suddenly Ember's face turned to absolute horror as she began screaming and was what looked like dropped. My mom jumped out of bed and grabbed her. From then on they began sleeping in the upstairs sun room where the dogs always ran to when something happened.

We had another ghost that would play tricks on us and never really seemed to be mean to us. Every morning my stepdad would set his coffee cup down, turn around, and find it was gone. It would show up shortly before he had to go to work. One morning he woke up in an extremely bad mood as my mother was petrified of the house. The entity had moved the cup just like every morning but this time my stepdad yelled at the ghost saying this was not f***ing funny. He went outside to smoke a cigarette and came back in and it was back where he left it. Things like this happened all the time but never bothered us.

When I had the room upstairs I used to always see my closet doors move. They were sliding glass mirrors which made it worst. One day I had just got out of the shower and opened up my cupboard to get my toothbrush. My mother's expensive perfume that had been missing fell out of the cupboard, shattered on the countertop, and impaled my leg with multiple small shards of glass. My mother blamed me and I blamed my sister who swore it wasn't her.

I think this is the scariest thing that ever happened at this house. So terrifying it drove us to move out as quickly as possible. One night while sleeping in my room upstairs my TV mysteriously shut off. At this point my parents were forcing my sister to sleep with me in my room to keep me safe though I hadn't known this at the time. I woke my sister up and told her. She said the power probably went out and went downstairs. She came back a few minutes later and turned back on the TV.

I always slept on the edge of my bed so I couldn't see myself in the closet mirrors as they scared me but on this specific night I had fallen asleep towards the middle close to my sister. I'm not sure when I woke up but it was late. I remember looking at myself in the mirror for what seemed like forever then getting out of bed, walking to my sister's side of bed, biting her on the arm and then walking back to the other side of the bed. My sister says she screamed bloody murder but I can't remember her even moving.

Apparently my mom and stepdad came running up the stairs, flipped on the lights, and went to my sister's side. She told them what I did and they tried to wake me up to punish me but apparently couldn't get me up. I thought this was a dream for the longest time because they never spoke off it. Now looking back my sister wore long sleeves for the next week even though it was summer. We moved out two weeks later.

I truthfully do believe that house is haunted and would never return there in my life. I never found out what happened in that house to make these things appear and haunt us and truthfully I don't want to. I refuse to drive by that house when I am in air park. I will take the long way to get to family member's house.

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Trischa_D (guest)
7 years ago (2015-05-20)
abbykay_luv is right. The best thing to do is get stronger in your faith and rebuke anything bad, negative or evil (yes, there is a difference between the three). I lived in a house like that. I think my ex-husband (well, he might as well have been) and I had both been posessed at some point in that house. I woke up once with him on top of me trying to strangle me and smother me in my sleep. He had my arms and body pinned down with his knees. When I finally got him off of me he collapsed onto the bed and started snoring. He never remembered a thing about it- even though his eyes were open when it happened. I'm going to submit a few stories about that house- because I think it's good for people to know about these things. Evil is real. Demons are real- and posessions (however "mild" they may be) are real. I'm glad you got out of there. I'm out of that house now too- though he still lives there. I would never go back to it. Ever. God bless ❤
abbykay_luv (4 stories) (43 posts)
7 years ago (2015-05-19)
That's super scary. Is there a new person in the house after you left? If yes, have you heard if they still experience those hauntings. Next time you find yourself in such a situation, just pray and rebuke whatever is there in Jesus' name. Whatever it is will do just as you commanded because 'the name Jesus has been given the power above all names and whenever the name Jesus is mentioned, every knee shall bow in heaven, on earth and under the earth'. You mentioned crosses so I guess you believe in God. Do this... And you will have peace wherever you may find yourself

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