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Mimicing Rachael


I have always been interested in the paranormal and ghosts but had never really thought that I would have an experience of my own.

In January of this year I experienced a rather unsettling occurrence in the house that I rented at the time with my best friend. It was a renovated house but would have dated back to around the 1950's, maybe a little earlier. Myself and my friend Rachael (not her actual name) were quite happy with this house. I did experience some strange feelings of unease in my bedroom over the year I was there and always oddly felt it coming from the same corner of my room. I have to admit I spent many a night with my bedside lamp on, but one event in particular still makes me uneasy.

One evening I was standing in the kitchen (our living room and kitchen where one room, my bedroom was the only other room on the ground floor and the door that led into the living room/kitchen was beside the stairs). I'd been making myself some tea and from the corner of my eye seen Rachael come into the room. I turned to ask her if she wanted anything and was more than a little shocked to find she wasn't there. I thought she was playing games with me so went to check my room and the stairs which would have taken me a few seconds. If anyone was running or hiding they wouldn't have had a lot of time. She wasn't there. I was convinced I had seen her, I was even half expecting her still to laugh and yet nothing.

I called her mobile phone only to hear it ringing from her room (upstairs and down a little hallway) where she answered it sleepily and wondered what was going on. I explained what had happened and of course she thought I was just trying to wind her up. I wasn't. I told her I was serious and of course this made us both freak out a little (a lot).

I know that people say oh it was just your eyes/mind playing tricks on you but this seemed different. I was convinced she was there and when she'd disappeared my stomach sort of dropped because I think I sensed something wasn't quite right.

After the experience in the kitchen, Rachael told me that she experienced sleep paralysis more in this house than she had in our previous two properties combined. (She has suffered from sleep paralysis since her early teens and in various quite unsettling ways.) Now, I know most people would say she could just be saying this to go along with the story but Rachael is not that kind of person. She is logical and incredibly level headed. To think something strangely paranormal and unexplained is happening to her in equal measures scares and annoys her because she can't find a logical explanation for it.

I feel that our old house may have been haunted not by something angry and malevolent but someone who was a little unsettled at us being there and so we felt unsettled and uneasy being there at times ourselves. I wouldn't out and out claim that I'd seen a ghost because I genuinely don't know but I have read about people claiming ghosts taking the shape of their loved ones and friends and thought maybe this could have been the same thing?

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Roconnor198712 (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-08)
Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your comments. I must admit I would never have considered an out of body experience and it makes the most sense as Rachael was sleeping at the time. It's a lot more comforting. 😁 I'm not sure I can really explain the feelings of unease within the house though.

As for Rachael sharing her experiences, I don't think she will, which is unfortunate because she has told me a lot about them and they are very interesting and unsettling in equal measure. I think she would prefer to find a scientific and logical reason for the cause of sleep paralysis and if possible a solution to the problem. She does listen to me when I talk to her about the paranormal aspects of it and she has watched documentaries with me about it as well. But it's something I don't really want to push with her.

I think she would be interested in the idea that she may have had an out of body experience but I don't think she would take it any further than that really.

Thanks again for all your comments they really where great:)
A_A (1 stories) (37 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-03)
I agree with tweed about the OBE. While I was reading this experience I thought "Unconscious OBE", which is what I am leaning to.
What supports this observation is that Rachael is a skeptic and wouldn't embrace this "ability".
Sometimes (not always) people do experience OBEs during sleep paralysis.
But what baffles me is the reason for this. If her consciousness was in her ether-body during the OBE, and because I don't think she would want to experience this, she would have thought it a dream. Because OBEs and dreaming are similar, but not the same, people do confuse the two while experiencing it. Sometimes when people do have OBEs, they don't remember it, so if Rachel was having an OBE that she confused it with dreaming, so would most likely forget it. Similar to not remembering how a dream began or finished.
If she was traveling the etheric realms why would she disappear after you sighted her? I highly doubt she had the great idea to go see the Nile. 😉
The next likely explanation is a ghost (like tweed mentioned), but why disappear after you saw it? Maybe because you were not concentrating, you saw someone walk into the room, but while your focus was pinpointed on where you saw the person, you were not able to see it again, because you focused too hard.
razorback95 (2 stories) (48 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-03)
Tweed: not a problem! I have actually read so many of your comments on other stories and honestly your logic is very logical for lack of better words. I also have a very open mind with paranormal happenings because while I may be a young twenty year old guy in my twenty years I have seen alot. But the point you made about shape shifting really really made me think. And while I'm no expert by any means it all added up. Plus a member of my family and her husband had a somewhat similar thing happen. She stated such specific details of her "dream" to her husband and it all lined up with what he saw. So tweed I would be a fool to cast aside a very good possibility. 😁
Tweed (33 stories) (2436 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-03)
Jeeze, thanks Razorback, thought I'd get flamed for my last comment haha!
razorback95 (2 stories) (48 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-02)
Tweed: I personally have never had an obe but the subject does fascinate me! And I completley agree it is a possibility! Haha don't want to sound to much like a fan boy but you are pretty well educated and most times spot on with the causes.

Ro: I enjoyed the story a lot and wish your friend would possibly share some of her stories seeking wisdom and knowledge instead of frustration because I feel it would maybe help her and set her at ease. But its not something you can really force out of her so just take your expiriences you have and do what's best for you. Also I really enjoyed the story because I have a friend who had something similar happen. He feels extremly alone in that area so its nice as his good friend to be able to reassure him he isnt! Thank you for sharing! 😁
Tweed (33 stories) (2436 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-02)
Hi Roconnor,

This might sound completely wacky here, but I wonder if your friend was having an out of body experience. It seems feasible to me, if you're close to someone, you would see their ghost if they were experiencing such a phenomenon.

Personally the idea of a ghost mimicking someone's appearance always seems far fetched to me. However I'm in the minority with this opinion as most feel it's very possible. Well, I believe it's possible to mimic someone's appearance too. Just not 'very possible'. I strongly feel this would be extremely difficult and require much effort (on the ghost's part) to achieve. Which suggests to me a ghost would have to be very dedicated to pull it off. I come at this from an artist's point of view. (Someone who loves drawing faces in particular.) I feel there are too many variables in appearance for it to be conjured as easily as external objects like clothes, make up, smells, bags, tools or anything else that people see as part of a ghost sighting. Making yourself into a replica of someone? Yeah, possible to do I think. But not without a lot of dedication, attention to detail and, above all, motive.
Well that's the way I see it. Many would disagree.

Her aversion to inexplicable things may be linked to an underlying fear or frustration about something she sometimes experiences and cannot explain. Perhaps, if the out of body theory is holds true, she's aware of what happens. But doesn't want to explore what it is or talk about it openly.
I have unintentional OBE's occasionally. I can understand that if someone doesn't believe in ghosts, or doesn't like thinking about these things, it would be very unsettling.

It's also possible you saw a ghost who, by utter and sheer coincidence, had enough physical similarities to your friend that you thought it *was* your friend. Because that's who you *expected* it to be. Kind of like seeing someone on the street and thinking 'oh they remind me of so and so'. Except in your home, when you don't expect it to be anyone else, let alone a ghost.

Thanks for sharing.
Take care. 😊

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