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Following on from my first post, there were one or two more experiences I had in this house.

One when my sister and I were sharing a room. It was to memory a huge double bedroom, well huge for two young kids anyway. Situated at the back of the property, first room on the right at the top of the stair, my sisters bed was first, then we had a bedside drawer unit followed by my bed and a longer chest of drawers on the far wall. The window was situated opposite our beds, on the near wall was our wardrobe.

After my experience with the Old Woman, I could no longer sleep in the box room and so my parents decided to move me into what was my sister's room.

One night I was sound asleep when I was wakened by what felt like someone at the foot of my bed, raising my duvet as though they were trying to crawl in the foot of my bed. I remember lying there looking down and seeing a bulge at the foot of my bed, but no figure. I automatically thought it was my sister who was known to sleepwalk at the age she was at. However, as I turned to look at what I presumed was going to be her empty bed, I saw her lying there, sleeping. I lay, now paralyzed with fear, as this bulge in my duvet made its way up my bed in a slow and methodical manner. I remember wanting to lift the duvet to see who was there but being too terrified to carry out the action. Instead I pulled the duvet tighter across me, ensuring whoever it was wasn't going to pop out face to face with me - I felt it was better for them to be stuck under there.

It was then I felt what I presumed to be a hand make its way up my chest to just about the line of the duvet. I lay there looking as the bulge continued to struggle to escape the confines of my bedding. At this point, I glanced back at my sister's bed, convinced I was going to be able to shout to her for help, but I couldn't. It was then I felt a cold, bony hand wrap it's fingers around my neck. As a reflex I slapped the hand (I definitely never slapped myself), the sound of that slap will live with me forever and instantly the bulge slid away, out from the bottom of my bed and vanished. Then and only then could I actually yell for someone. My sister woke and my Dad came running through from his room to see what was going on but again, nothing was seen or found.

I was definitely awake while this happened as for a while I thought sleep paralysis could be the explanation. None has ever been forthcoming.

My Mum had just lost her dad, a beautiful, kind, loving man and his funeral had just passed. It wasn't even a week since his passing that this incident occurred.

My Dad was upstairs running a bath for my Sister, she was upstairs getting herself ready for the bath. My Mum was along the road at her Mums, consoling her and helping her with my Granddad's things. I was playing with my cars on the living room carpet, using the design of the carpet as roads and junctions when suddenly the temperature in the room dropped, the kitchen door, which was saloon style, swung back and forth a couple of times and then swung open. I remember being transfixed on the door and wondering what was happening. Then from the kitchen came an apparition, looking straight ahead of him came what appeared to be my Granddad. He/It walked out of the Kitchen before turning his head to look at me and smiled, he then began walking toward me, very slowly. There was an odd glow around him though he was solid enough to have someone believe it was actually him.

As he approached he held out a paper bag and asked me if I'd like a sweetie - he always used to have a quarter of boilings which he'd always offer and I'd go for the pepperie - I knelt there open mouthed just staring at him. I just said "Granda?" and he held the bag out for me. He'd stopped maybe 10 feet from me. I jumped to my feet and ran up the stair shouting on my Dad, who by this time was bathing my sister. I just kept saying " I saw Granda, I saw Granda ". My Dad saying, "No pal, you're Granda's dead". I grabbed his hand and dragged him down the stairs, telling him I saw him and he was in the living room right now. Of course we got down there and there was nothing. My Dad again checked the room, checked the kitchen, looked all round. The back door was locked, the window locked, there was no way anyone could've got in.

I still don't think my Dad believed me and a now deceased Aunt once told me that it wasn't my Granda but something from "the other side".

Other things happened in this house though not to me. My sister and Mum saw a shadow of a Man with a Bowler hat pass by the living room window one night and when my Mum went to investigate, there was no one on the street.

My Mum then told us of an incident one night my Dad was on night shift (he was in the Police Force). She'd got up in the middle of the night for some chocolate and a drink of Coke. We had a big front window and a smaller back window to the living room and had a chair with the back facing the back window. My Mum went to the kitchen, snapped off a few squares and poured a glass then went to sit in the chair (She had a thing about opening curtains before going to bed, so no one knew what time she got up at) when she felt someone or something staring through the window. She froze but managed to look behind her only to see two bright red eyes staring in. She said the hair on the back of her neck stood on end instantly. She ran up the stairs and picked me and my sister out our beds to sleep with her that night.

On another night, my Dad had finished a back shift and arrived home sometime around 11pm, he too went into the kitchen for a cup of tea and upon entering the living room again, got the same feeling and once more upon looking out the window saw two definite red eyes staring back at him. He said it definitely wasn't a cat as it was too tall, it couldn't have been any kind of wildlife as we didn't have anything in the area. He isn't sure what it was, but it gave him the chills to such a degree he actually closed the curtains and made double sure the doors were locked that night.

There was definitely something odd about that house, not necessarily evil or sinister but definitely paranormal. I believe for the next few years after we left the house there was still activity happening, whether or not there still is, I don't know.

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Haunting_Marie13 (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-08)
These are very interesting story's. I really like how you describe and write them. Please keep writing more if you have any other experiences.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-06)

Manafon has summed up everything and more about your wonderful Granda. 😊 I wanted to add that your processing of these events in your early years, the kinds of things you told yourself about them at the time probably continues to this day. I feel that my view of the paranormal world hasn't changed too dramatically over the years. Knowledge is gained through reading and analysing, but the core of what I feel still remains somewhat unchanged. I feel this is the case for you, and possibly explains why you were able to remain calm in the face of the mystery woman in the bedroom from your temp share house, in your first YGS story.
I can't stop wondering what would happen if you'd taken a sweet from that bag! 😲 I wonder what that would have been like! 😁

Thank you for sharing as always.
Take care.
Manafon (4 stories) (74 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-06)
Aliendewd--If it helps at all, it is commonly reported in cases of visitations of apparitions of close family members returning to visit a child, husband, wife etc. That the person perceiving the entity screams and or runs away once they realize that it is a "ghost". It is just a natural reaction, especially for a child.

You can rest assured that your grandfather (who sounded like a very special person), who chose you to appear to, understood your reaction. As the old saying goes, "the answer's at the end". Apparitions certainly suggest the strong possibility of the continuation of the human spirit and some day (many years from now one would hope) you will hopefully see him again.
Aliendewd (6 stories) (22 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-06)
These accounts have always been extremely vivid to me and all happened within a four year period.
To be honest with you i've never thought about how rare or otherwise having Apparitions speak to you are/were or indeed to be able to slap "something". I've just relayed these stories to a number of people over the years, some sceptics, some not. The Sceptics ofcourse look for a rational answer to these things and I have looked for something rational to explain these happenings but in honesty, there is none.
I do remember for years after his "visit" wanting my "Granda" to come back and see me, promising him I wouldn't run away this time, that i'd stay and speak to him - I was extremely fond of him too, he was a beautiful Man, kind, loving and a true Gentleman. The first thing I said to my Mum when she told my sister and me that he'd died was that I was going to support the Football team he did to keep his memory alive and to this day, I still support that team.
Thankyou for commenting, it's lovely to get feedback on these experiences and to gain a bit more understanding of how rare these experiences are is fantastic. I don't think at the time I considered myself lucky, but as the years have progressed and other experiences have occurred, I can deal with happenings easier I believe than if i'd only experienced them in Adulthood.
Manafon (4 stories) (74 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-06)
Aliendewd--I really enjoyed reading both accounts of your childhood home. Three things particularly stand out. The first is the luminosity apparent around the apparition you believe was your grandfather. The second is that he spoke to you. There are many reports of apparitions speaking but it is extremely uncommon. To use a term from a recent book on apparitions I just finished, he seems to have had a lot of "transmitting" power! Luminosity has been noted in many reports and it's always great to read of another incident where this was witnessed.

Your grandfather must have been very fond of you to appear AND talk to you. It is also intriguing that the vision of the old woman was also heard to speak. Seems you have an ability few have to actually hear apparitions. Many reports suggest an apparition appears to want to speak but doesn't, or can't. Between the entities you saw and your own "receptivity" you experienced something very few do.

Thirdly, and just as intriguing, was that you heard the sound of a slap when you swatted at the hand you felt around your neck. That is a rarer occurrence still than hearing an apparition speak. There have been reports of ghosts touching people but very, very rarely the other way around. Even though these incidents freaked you out at the time, you are, for lack of a different term, a lucky dude!

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