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Ghosts In My House 2!


To know my experiences and a layout of the house please read my first story. These are my sister's experiences.

When my sister was still going to school she stayed in the first bedroom on the right and she used to wake up to a lady calling her name like, "Susan! Susan!" She woke up to no one there, but just in time to get ready for school. Another thing that happened in this room was she used to feel rough fingers rub the bottom of her foot. By the way she's 10 years older than me and I'm 19 now. I don't know the time period of when this was but it's not recent.

One day she was cleaning the bathroom. She had the stereo up, she saw something run down the hallway and then the stereo gets turned down. She turned it back up and she saw it again and then it got turned down again.

Now, when she stayed in the bedroom straight down the hallway she used to hear the kid's toys being played with in the middle of the night and heard a little girl laughing. The little girl always played in the closet.

Oh, I was in the backyard one day and we have this concrete table (it kind of looks like a big concrete dog house but a table) to hold the water pumps under and in there written in the concrete was two little hands and the name Kelly. We don't know a Kelly by the way.

This was before me when my cousin (mom's niece) lived there, my mom told me she woke up one night and saw a lady at the end of her bed holding an infant. She just stood there. She asked her niece if she came in her room last night and she told her no. My parents, my sister, her kids, and her boyfriend are the only ones living there.

I couldn't fine anything online about the house. It'd be nice to know about the name Kelly and the little girl, if they're the same person and what happened to them. My sister never saw any of the things that I saw and I never saw anything that she saw. I don't why, it happened at the same house just at different times.

This is random but when I was younger and I slept there I would close my eyes and just see a whole bunch of evil faces at once, then I'd open my eyes fast because it scared me. I stayed awake for as long as possible until I eventually fell asleep. I don't know what it was but it only happens when I'm there.

When my sister had her experiences I was never there and when I had mine she was never there. Weird right? Well that's all. Sorry for it being so long.

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