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Haunting In The Home


This is my first story, however needless to say, my family and I have been experiencing an array of paranormal experiences within the family home since 1997. This is when we first moved into our house.

I'm from Canberra, Australia. My family, that being my mother, father, two sisters, myself and the cat, moved into our house. It was a newly developed suburb at the time and the house only had one previous owner. It was only a matter of months after we moved in that strange things started to happen.

My sister woke up in the middle of the night to a something in her room making a ooooooh noise and banging on her wall. How cliché, it sounds like a ghost movie. Other strange things happened like light bulbs blowing, items disappearing and then reappearing. It was odd. I would often find 2 dollar coins appearing in my room. At first I thought I dropped them while doing the washing, however they just kept accumulating and for months.

One night my mother and I were sitting in the kitchen/dining area. A heavy curtain surrounded the perimeter of the room, as it covers large windows and the glass door to the back yard. This evening we something, it looked like the outline of a man, pushing the curtain in towards us. I was thinking my father was coming in from the back yard, or maybe the back door was open and there was a gush of wind. It was neither.

One night I was lying on the recliner chair watching a movie with mum. I had a light throw rug draped over me because it was a cool evening. At one point, I saw the blanket lift up slightly and was dragged up my leg. Boy, I got the shock of my life. This kind of thing also happened when we were in bed. Mum often feel her sheet pulled over head. I felt like someone sat on my bed, pulling all the blankets in towards the area they were sitting. I woke up thinking it was my cat and no one was there.

Oh the experiences go on and on, and this I would need to tell you in another post. Thanks for listening.

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rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-20)

Thank you for your answers.

There is a slight chance that as Puberty was concluding for you. There MAY HAVE been some telekinetic outbursts... But that would depend on you... When puberty started and ended for you more to the point.

It also may just be the home was built in an 'active area', something to do with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape. Spirits may have been naturally attracted to that site and some of them may have wanted to make their presence known as they 'passed through'. While history can, and often does, play an important part in a location being haunted it is not ALWAYS the case. The environment may simply be 'conductive' to spirits and something about it attracts them... And may even help them to cross over.

Thanks for sharing.


Susannah (1 stories) (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-18)
Hi Sweetsunshine,
I think your right, I believe there were a number of spirits in the house. Over the years I heard a young child's voice laughing in the house and the outline of a man walk past my room. Although, who knows who it actually was.

Rook, I was 16 years when we moved in, which would have made my sisters be 22 and 23 at the time. I did some background research of the area and of course it's rich with indigenous history, however, there was nothing specific to explain the occourances. Although, what strikes me as odd, was the previous owner (and builder of the house) ended up moving a few suburbs away and built a similar home. They only had this home for a few years. Mmmm!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)

I'd like to start by asking a question or two...

How old were you and your sisters at this time?

Had a relative recently passed, one that was a 'care giver' type personality?


sweetsunshine1800 (4 stories) (85 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)
Hello Susannah,

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing your experience. I think there were 2-3 spirits in that house. One that's in your sister's room, another that pulls up the blankets and another that drops money (you're lucky by the way to have a ghost that drops money 😉) These are my beliefs and I'm sorry if I'm wrong. I'm excited about the other post. You should look into the history of the house. And use Rookdygin's method of cleansing and shielding.

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,

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