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I've had many weird encounters in my life, the strangest of which has been with this annoying ghost that I've nicknamed Jerry... Hallucinations, premonitions, nightmares, all of them have been caused by him. Most of these times I have ignored him and done nothing about it. I'm not sure exactly WHAT to do about it either... Here I am going to describe two separate events that have happened in the past two weeks.

I slipped down the stairs silently, unwilling to let myself be heard after being out so late... The light switch beckoned me, but I did not turn it on for fear of being found out... If you've read the description of my basement in my other stories, you'll understand this better. The hallway on my right, which led down to the bathroom and laundry room, was always lit. The light shone down toward me, as I was in the never-lit area, with the exception of a night light. Twice, I've seen Jerry's shadow extending toward me from down that hall, and when I go down there to confront him, there isn't anyone there. It's a small room, just the washer and drier, and the bathroom on the right, and it's very small. However there is a secret compartment there, which once contained something I'd lost... A flashlight, which I always kept by my bed, and never took anywhere unless there was a power outage... One night I lost it, and found it in that secret compartment. How the hell did it get there?! Gee... I wonder.

At any rate, when I got into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, I happened to catch a glimpse of a figure hurrying out the door behind me, and I had seen no one when I entered (I only saw his reflection in the mirror)... I quickly turned, but nobody was there either! I ran back down the hall, and detected no other presence. But then I looked at my TV. A moment ago, "America's Most Wanted" was on. But all of a sudden the screen displayed this big, ugly, bloody face that stared at me with these small, black eyes... Then suddenly it went to static, and switched back to the show. Ok Jerry, you've made your point! You are indeed annoying! But no, he wasn't done yet! How did I piss him off this time? I guess I was invading his space... Or rather MY space, which I never once welcomed him into. As soon as I turned around, there was his shadow, casting down at me from the end of the hall! He quickly turned and moved off to the left, where the only means of escape was a heat duct. I raced down there to find... nothing.

This next time happened in the past week. I was on the phone with one of my friends (the only person I know who I've been brave enough to talk about this with), and it just had to happen. As she's talking, suddenly I hear the upstairs phone get picked up. Through the phone, suddenly the sound of Jerry's cough blasts into my ears. "Ghuuuuuhaaaaa, ghuuuuhaaa.........." I just about screamed. And the scariest part -- Stephanie didn't even hear it. I was on the verge of saying something, but I held back, because she didn't say a word. Whether or not she believed it was ME or if she heard it at all, I cannot determine... As it was the cordless phone, I immediately rushed upstairs and glared into the room. My cat was sitting peacefully on the chair, sleeping. "Is somebody else there?" I asked. "Um... No?" Stephanie replied. Crap, am I really going insane?!

Last but not least I finally left another sheet of paper and a pen in the secret compartment in my bathroom, hoping to get a reply from Jerry. I wrote out, "I want answers! Write on the line below and get back to me! Either answer me or get the [heck] outta my house!" But the most response I got was a funny pattern of dots on the line. It isn't much of a pattern, but I know I sure didn't draw it. In tracking down this ghost I have found certain SMALL possessions of mine missing or in a different place. My mom loses things all the time. Often I wonder if that's because of Jerry. I still have yet to prove the existence of Jerry to anyone. I feel like I've tried it all... I don't want to call in a ghost expert and end up disappointed... I know what I see, and what I have seen, and I cannot deny Jerry's existence in my house. I also have yet to confirm his real name, or who the hell he even is. What I've thought of trying: Use my video camera and try to catch him on film, or use a tape recorder and try to get any trace of an abnormality in the sound waves... Although I have never heard Jerry speak (he coughs and sneezes, that's not speaking), I believe he has a sort of intelligence, and is DEFINITELY messing with me. I have no way of knowing what his tricks will build up to one day, but I only hope its something I can use as proof for someone who can do something... anything... about it. I've even tried to have a sense of humor with Jerry sometimes! I've tried to joke around with him, but he must not hear me 'cause I'm a real funny guy (no). Next time anything comes up, I'm going to TRY to get some sort of evidence if I can...

I only hope I can be rid of Jerry one day, because he's not scary, he's not "Interesting", he's annoying, and he gets on my last nerve. Because of him I have no fear of ghosts. They just annoy me now.

- CenterCore

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BobertTiir (8 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-21)
Weird dot patterns?

Could be morse code.

Try to find a translator for it, and see what the translator says.
raingrl01 (5 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-07)
Another great story! This one had me laughing at some parts. I do have a question though. You mention your basement a lot. It sounds like you are down there quite a bit. Is the entrance to your house in the basement? ❤
Cirdan (guest)
15 years ago (2008-01-16)
Hmm, he sure wants to get to know you... Or make you know him.

Sounds just like a playfull demon... 😨
Crystal (1 posts)
15 years ago (2007-02-19)
It sort of sounds like he's an army soldier. With the hair, the grey shirt and green pants. Were you ever able to find any info about the history of your house?
chicano457 (1 stories) (11 posts)
16 years ago (2007-02-10)
this things happen. i beleive that this demons or spirits want to fool us into thinking that we can get along and that they are our friends. but i believe it far from it. im a christian and i think its best to g=cast that jerry demon out your house. ...................:)
Janice (7 stories) (248 posts)
16 years ago (2007-02-06)
Hey Centercore, I don't think that you need "proof" to prove he's real, or at least for me. I can imagine it must be hard to be able to get any bit of proof from this wierdo, I also am amazed that your not scared of ghosts, your very brave!!! I would have screamed like hell, and been scared to hell if I were you, especially after seeing that scary, bloody face on the tv screen. I have not seen it, but I can guess it was scary. Well, I believe you and if you do find proof, maybe I can see it. Well, that's all I have to say, I hope that you have a great week!!! Adios!!
Martin (602 posts) mod
16 years ago (2007-02-06)
Hi CenterCore, to me it seems more and more like a demon rather than a simple ghost. I don't know, maybe you could contact a ghost expert or demonologist and point them to your current published stories on this site. I think it's worth a try, I'm not sure why you are afraid of being disappointed, you got a solid case here (unless you're totally wacko.. hehe.. just kidding).

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