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The Ghost (s) In My House


I live in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, let me give a bit of background, I have lived in the same house from the day I was born (but was first built in 1945 and has been set on fire) with my Nan, granddad, mum and older sister (who now lives in Canada).

My first time I spoke/saw a ghost was when I was a toddler. I use to be able to tell my family about my past life mother about the songs she use to sing to me and how she died, which scared my family as I used large words they had never used or taught me (which now I cannot remember this story but my mum said it included how I died in WW2 and all my family and stuff like that which is a whole gruesome story in itself). I also was able to see ghosts really easily, as I got older that faded but I can still see them now and then.

My second encounter was when I was about 5 years of age so in the year 2004, I was sitting in my lounge on Christmas day playing with my toys that I got and a man walked up to me and started playing with my toys with me and told me what my granddad was like when he was a child and told me his name was John. The man was tall and thin, his face had a smile which was calming. After a while the man said he had to leave and got up and walked off, which is when my Nan and granddad came in and asked me who I was talking to as my mum was in the kitchen helping my Nan, and granddad and my sister were up in our room. I told my Nan and granddad about John and about the things John told me... A few weeks ago my granddad sat me down and asked me if I still remember talking to John which I said yes, that day I found out that John was my granddad's dad who died before my mum was born from TB in 1955. I may have not met John when he was alive but ever since that day I have always felt him around the house... Keeping an eye on me and my family.

My last encounter is the most scariest of all as this kind of thing never happened in the house (which is the most recent one which happened about 3 weeks ago) I was laying in bed watching The Big Bang Theory and all my family goes to bed around 11pm and it was 12:30am and I know that as the first episode of T.B.B.T had just started.

So there was only me up and both of my dogs were fast asleep on my bed next to me and I kept hearing shuffling and footsteps downstairs in my kitchen (my room is over the kitchen so I can hear everything) and it didn't sound like any of my family's footsteps and as we've lived in this house for my whole life I can tell whose footsteps were whose when walking around. Anyways the footsteps kept going back and forth for about 10 minutes and I could hear the draws and cupboards opening and closing. I thought someone may have broken into my house and was looking for stuff to steal, so I got up and got my dogs up and went downstairs with them. I turned on the light into the kitchen being as quiet as I could so I wouldn't wake my family up, but when I walked into the kitchen no one was in there and all the doors and windows were locked and close but all the cupboards and draws were open. I closed them all and got my dogs (which are both dobermans and very protective) and went back up to bed.

After I started watching TV again, I heard the footsteps again this time I ignored it, then it went all quiet and my dogs were fast asleep so I rang my boyfriend as I had seen this episode before and as we was talking I heard the handle of my door go down and my door opened really quickly which scared me and no one was there (of what I could see). I know it wasn't my family as the floor creaks and you have to know exactly where to step to make it not creak and I'm the only one who know that as I use it for when I don't want to wake anyone.

So I turned the camera around so my boyfriend could see my open door, the dark hallway and the closed door to my sister old room (which is now vacant as my sisters moved).

No one was in that room, the door was closed and all the lights were off except from my desk lamp, me and my boyfriend both sat there in silence looking at the closed bedroom door, I was looking at the floor where the crack is and all I saw was darkness but then the light turned on in the room, I knew I wasn't imagining it as I was looking at the crack.

As I saw that I hung up the phone, shut my door, jumped into bed and pulled the sheets over my head as I never experienced anything like that...

The next day my Nan asked me why I was messing around in the kitchen at 3 in the morning and opened her bedroom door to which I told her that I was asleep by then and about what I have experienced that same night.

Since that night nothing else has happened except from the feeling of a presence but that's all.

(These stories are 100% truthful and I have more stories which include a few friend and myself and some from my family members) I hope you've enjoyed these stories which happened to me.

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KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-06)
My_True_Paranormal_stories, it certainly seems that you have had some truly significant and paranormal stories happen in your life. I know that in order for a spirit or ghost to actually open doors and cupboards, it takes tremendous strength and ghostly-goo. 😁 I'm not sure if you know what I am talking about, but, I am referring to the goo in the movie, Ghost Busters. People have spoken and debated a lot about what it takes in order for a ghost to be able to be seen, heard or actually move an object. Some people say it's ectoplasm or psycho-reactive substance/s or some sort of energy build-up? I am not 100% sure, I just know that it takes something "special" or an old-ghost well mastered in it's condition (i.e. Like in the movie, "Ghost" when Sam learns from another ghost to move objects. The other ghost has been dead for a long time and can move newspapers and grocery bags and larger objects etc, but, Sam can't interact with the physical world. After convincing "Ted" to train him and much work and concentration, eventually Sam can move a penny). See:
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-04)
Maybe John started hanging out with you guys as a kind of buffer from whatever was there before you moved in. Maybe someone had been caught in the fire of the previous house and had moved into the new one since it was built right on top of it. Now that everyone has grown up and moved on for the most part, John has lessened the 'buffering' aspect, so you're experiencing more.

Sorry to hear about your past life stuff, maybe seeing John (not only a relative, but from a familiar era) had helped in the recall of that information, I don't know. Weird it tried to open your door and your grandma's the same night.
Aliviashae (7 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-03)
Hello, great story!
It's possible that while this recent spirit could just be a part of the history of the home, it could also be attracted to or drawn to you due to the fact that it's fairly clear (from what I've read) that you possess a certain amount of sensitivity. What's important is that you understand that you have all of the control, so long as you remain positive and calm. You can do so now, or if anything else does happen in the future, simply comment on the presence of this energy so they know that they have been heard/noticed, and respected.
whitelightlady (1 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-02)
Hello and thanks for sharing your story. That would have scared me but I admire your bravery, going to the kitchen to see what the noise was. Has anyone else in your family (including sister) ever have any paranormal experiences in your house?

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