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The Haunting On Lad Parkway


We moved into our house about 2 years ago. And I got the room in the basement, and my cousin got the one next to mine. I was never a believer of ghost, I used to hear stories about hauntings and how people witness events and I used to laugh at it.

A couple months later in December I got real sick with the flu, and I was watching my little cousin deserea. I finally fell asleep when I got this urge to wake up. I looked around and my dad left a note that Hand, my little brother, and cousins, went to our grandma's house, and will be back soon. So I grabbed the clicker and then I heard loud running up the stairs, I looked to see who it was and no one was there. There was no way that was the house settling that was far to loud to be that.

A couple weeks later I got on the phone and someone else was on the phone I said, "Hello, whose on the phone", then it slammed down. I ran up to the other phone because maybe it was someone goofing with me, but my mom was cooking in the kitchen. I asked her,"Mom were you just on the phone"? She said, "no why". I just walked away.

One morning on January 9th 2007, I had to get up for Doctor appointment. I got into the shower and washed up when the shower hose lifted up and whacked me in the face. Later my brother said that the night before, he heard someone crying in the bathroom. I said maybe it was just the tv and he said "put it on are grandpa's grave", he wouldn't do that if it wasn't true.

Later my Dad wanted a family picture so we can give it to our grandparents for their anniversary. We gathered and we did. My mom told my dad that we had to take it back. He said, "Why". She said, "because there's this black cloud, smudge thing over our heads". I looked and I almost fell over because if you were me, you'd think the same thing, that was no mistake.

But we also have the bed pushed down only in one spot. My movie kept skipping this part that said, "There's no escaping the Dark side". Then I was convinced that my house is indeed haunted.

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luvparanormal (12 stories) (268 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-26)
This sounds like an interesting one but I have to agree with everyone else it is missing a lot of details and a few that I can't seem to understand.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-22)
Hi Jordan. I think I understand what you're saying. I think the only part that was a little confusing was the "clicker", which I think you mean remote, and at the end of your story about the bed. If I'm right, then you kind of confused everyone on the bed being pushed down. Do you mean that there is a bed in your house that has an indentation in it? It may just be an old bed. About the other incidents, sounds like ghostly activity to me. A 'black cloud' though over your heads! I have had a lot of bad experiences with 'the black things' and I have to say, "I don't like them and I think they are bad!" However, on a better note, there are entities that cannot manifest in full or even partial form and remain in that shadowy blackness but they are not bad. I personally do not think that's a good sign to have a 'black cloud' over your family's heads but if nothing bad has happened to you or anyone else, than I'm sure it does not have any evil intent. Thanks for sharing your story. ~Shelby ❤
siddharth (4 stories) (37 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-22)
The only thing that struck my mind after reading your story is that YOUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED. Be careful there. My Blessings be with you.-Siddharth
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-21)
Well whitebuffalo I think that whatever you have that is causing you to have difficulties connecting words is contagious because I can`t make heads or tails of this story either 😕.

whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-21)
I have got to agree with KimSouthO here, there just seems to be so much missing that would provide us with a better understanding to what is going on there. Either that or I am just having difficulties connecting words here. That is possible.
Thank you for your story.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-21)
hmmm, it sounds as if there are several occurances going on. I am afraid I am a bit confused by your story, abiut what happened when and how.

God Bless!

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