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Room No 208


Dear all,

This is Harry, this is my first experience with paranormal things. Let me start...

In 2009 Jan, after my MBA, I came to Chennai for job. People, who are from Chennai would know Triplicane. It has many mansions/guest houses. I joined in one mansion, as my friend suggested.

The manager told me to stay in 208, recently a person checked out from the room. The rooms are normally shared by two. I had a roommate, he is from Harayana.

Days went by, one day the roommate has to go to Harayana for some urgent personal work, he left. I was alone. Due to work, I was very tired and slept early at 8 PM. Our room has a tube light and a Fan, it does not have a bed light.

At around 2 AM, there was a sound in my room, I thought it was just my imagination. Again there was a sound, slowly opened my eyes. As it was completely dark, I tried hard to see, then I used my mobile torch to see. There was nothing down. I switched off the torch and just about to lie back, something touched my hand, I felt really scared, it was a leg and I heard a sound as something which is hanging and moving. I quickly got my mobile torch and looked, I saw a pair of legs, as if some one hanged himself. I got down from my bed and switched on the light, there was no one. I felt shivering through my spine. That night I did not switch off the light and slept.

The next night, I was really scared and kept the lights on and managed to sleep. At around 2 AM, there was a power cut and I covered my self completely in a blanket and was very scared. Then, suddenly, somebody sat on me and trying to press my neck. I started to scream, the people in the next room heard my scream and started to bang my door. I tried hard, pushed the person and ran towards the door. There was a big laugh from the corner of my room, I opened the door, the people outside has asked me, what happened and asked me who was the other person, laughing, as they too heard the laugh.

I stayed in their room the whole night. Next day morning I opened my room, all my things were scattered and my books were torn. I went to the manager and told him as what has happened.

He changed the room. Then I went to Hanuman temple and did some puja, tied sacred thread and went to office. Later I came to know that a person has done suicide by hanging himself in the room and currently the room is locked.

Till today people say that they hear voices from that room.

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HunterJack (3 stories) (23 posts)
4 years ago (2017-07-12)
hi trhari7! Your story is really interesting. I am very near chennai and I know every areas of triplicane. Can you tell me the name of mansion you stayed and room number so I can find what was it. According to your experience, there might be something strange happened in that room. So the bad entity troubles the residents of that particular room. Really spooky experience!
aniruddhc (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-05-04)
Hey trhari7,
I'm Aniruddh and I live in Chennai. Could you tell me where you stayed? I'll check it out and I'll tell you...?
WowAngel (6 posts)
4 years ago (2017-05-02)
Why don't u and other room mates team up together to call a priest and bless the room 😲
AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
4 years ago (2017-05-01)
what are the chances that some prankster who lived/lives in the same mansion somehow got inside and pranked you?

Did you lock the door when you went to sleep?
Was the door with a latch lock or a lock with a key?

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