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My story isn't a scary story, but it does have to do with a spirit. My late cousin died in a car accident in January 2011, both her and her best friend out of the five passengers. The truck was driving at high speeds on an icy road, drinking was involved, and the driver ended up losing control causing the truck to wrap around a tree. Both who died, were only 19. When my mother passed, my aunt (my cousin's mother) took us in because my father was not capable of caring for my brothers, sister, and myself, so I consider them like my immediate family. Anyways, my cousin loved a star's shape and had a ton of earrings, clothing, posters, etc., that were in the shape of stars. After the funeral her sisters told me to pick a pair to have.

I live in a completely different town and in Alaska and in most towns (villages, what we call them in the AK) are only accessible by plane. I flew back home and planned returning in the summer. Just to give you a visual, on my aunts property there are two structures, her home and her old store that she ran in the village, which she converted into a house for my cousin, the younger sister. Her sister and I stayed in that house while everyone else stayed in the initial home.

I had brought the star earrings with me on that visit and wanted to wear them one day. I pulled them out of my purse and had them both in my hand, I saw both earrings in my palm. One slipped and dropped onto the floor; there was a bed, laundry, and clutter on the floor. Her sister and I literally searched the whole house looking for it, but it was no where to be found. I was pretty sad and upset about losing it, but threw the other earring back in my purse because at least I still had one side.

A few weeks go by and it was time to return home. Her sister decided to come visit me in my hometown and we both flew back. In my living room I had a little shrine made for my cousin who passed. It was on a small table with a picture of her and I and a rosary hanging over it. I was the first one in my apartment and I usually set my keys down on that table. When I went to do that, I looked down and saw the other side star earring (reminder this is in a completely different town). I yelled at her sister and said look what was by her picture. We were both shocked and excited at the same time. I knew my cousin wanted me to have those earrings and let us know that she was still around.

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pokemon_trainer (guest)
5 years ago (2017-06-23)
Hi makenna04,

I'm sorry for your loss.

I think it's wonderful that your cousin found a way to show you that she's watching over you. Thank you for sharing your story, it was very heart-warming!

Best wishes,

AzraelX (8 stories) (115 posts)
5 years ago (2017-06-16)
It is a pretty nice thought that your late cousin is still around you.

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