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It Pinched Me


I suffered from sleep paralysis when I was still in college. In my dream I'm seeing a white lady with no face approaching me in a zigzag motion. It scared the hell out of me since I'm completely aware that I was just dreaming but couldn't move my body or even open my eyes. When she's almost few steps away from me, I gathered all my strength and tried to jerked my right foot, and after that I'm completely awake but so exhausted as if I just finished a running marathon. After that nightmare I've researched about it and it says on the net that sleep paralysis can really happen when you're stress or too tired. True enough those were the days that I'm finishing my Feasibility Study subject, I barely had enough sleep and rest. I just concluded that it was just due to my stress condition so I didn't make a fuss about it and didn't even bother to tell to anyone. I just make sure that I always pray before going to sleep no matter how tired I am.

I didn't have sleep paralysis since that night, I thought that will be my first and last. But recently it almost happen again. One stormy night I'm having a hard time to sleep because my cousin who's sleeping on the foam beside my bed kept on budging me cause of his stomach ache. So I told him to just sleep (his stomach gets upset whenever he drinks coffee), cause we both have to wake up early. After a few twist and turn in my bed finding the comfiest sleeping position, I already fell asleep and dreaming about random stuff like going on vacation with my friends. Until my nice dreams was interrupted by this unknown creature, it was so sudden like you're watching your favorite show then someone change the channel into a horror movie.

In this nightmare, a human-like creature was on top of me. The skin of that creature is grayish with a hint of green, I can't clearly see the face but it has few curly wet hair with a big elf ears. It was just small like a body of a 5 year old kid with thin longer limbs. The creature pinched my left cheek, it didn't really hurt I actually felt annoyed, then suddenly it grabbed my left arm which was resting on top of my chest and by that moment I already freaked out, I forcefully swayed my arms away and shouted "NOOO!" then it was gone and I woke up.

After waking up I can still feel the pinched on my cheek and the grab on my arm. I'm not really scared since I was thinking that it was just another series of my sleep paralysis so I just prayed and went back to sleep.

When I was about to leave my room that morning, my cousin told me that he just slept around 4 am. I asked him if he heard me shouting, and he said yes. He was completely awake still suffering from stomach ache while I'm having a nightmare. He told me that he was shocked after hearing me, and when he's about to check on me he saw a moving shadow from our window that quickly disappear. (Our window is covered with metal bars and screen so no one can really enter our room via window). I said it's quite impossible since our room is on the second floor, no chance that someone can pass by on our window level. But he insisted that he saw it clearly, he even described that the shadow movement was like being caught then escaping as quickly as possible. Upon hearing about it, I told him what I saw from my dream. We both think that the shadow and my dream were connected.

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Krypto (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-21)
Great story but it could be your cousin playing around with you, and I have a question did you touch your cheek and feel a bump or was your cheek red
Hermit (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-30)
Hello Anno_Domini, I'm really thinking it was just his imagination (he have a very poor eye sight). I don't want to give a final conclusion to that since it is easier for us that way plus I don't want to feel uncomfortable in our room. But weird things were happening in our room lately. (e.g. Electronic/battery operated items turning on and of on its own) I'm not really scared, just worry that I might run out of logical explanation.

P.S. Thank you for reading my story 😊
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-28)
Hi Hermit, I don't know what to make of it, it may be that your experience caused your room-mate's imagination to go into overdrive. Let us know if there's any more activity.

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