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The Women In My Room


A couple of months ago, although I slept by 10pm, I would still wake up the next morning exhausted to go to work. During the second month, one morning I just sat on my bed, asking myself why do I still feel exhausted after having enough hours of sleep.

Few days after that (it was the weekend- Sat or Sun), I was asleep and I suddenly woke up to two female voices in my room, but my eyes were still closed. I could hear them having a conversation, but it wasn't clear because it sounded like they were far from me. In my head, I was wondering "why am I hearing unfamiliar voices". Slowly, I felt these two females were close enough to my bed because I could actually hear what they were saying. Again I thought in my head "who are these two women? How did they get in? My room door is locked. I can't recognize their voices. Who are they?". And then, I felt someone sit on my bed (it's a single bed).

Here's what I can remember from their conversation:

Woman 1: Is she sleeping?

Woman 2: I think she is sleeping.

Woman 1: Is she not going to wake up?

I could hear them giggling and talking about whether I'm sleeping and if I'm going to wake up. I even heard one of them say I think she is sleeping, we will come back later. I kept thinking if I should open my eyes and see, but the other part of me is saying don't, so I didn't. And after that I slept off and woke up few hours later. From the way the two females spoke and their tone of voice made it seem like they were mocking/teasing me.

And I heard my mom telling my sister that - that morning around 3 or 4am, she woke up from sleep because she heard people talking. She came out of her room to check, and she saw my brother near our computer area playing with his hp. She asked him who was talking earlier... And he said nobody. I was puzzled with the whole encounter I had, was trying to understand if it was real or just a dream. If it was a dream, how is it possible that I could hear their conversation so clearly, and could even feel one of them sit on my bed?

So, on Monday when I was on my way back from work, my mom told me that I should pray. I asked her why. She said earlier in the evening she had a dream. In that dream, she was asleep, and she felt someone hug her from the back. She woke up and saw two women in front of her. One short and the other tall woman. She asked them "who are you? Get out of my house". And the tall lady said "ohhh I was walking around and I just came here". My mom again asked them both to get out. And the tall lady replied "ohh sorry we were just walking around, nevermind we will go up to your daughter's room". My mom said she sensed they were evil spirits. It just didn't make her feel right.

When my mom told me about her dream, I was shocked, because I had two females "visit" me. I was sure that these two women that appeared in my mom's dream were the same ones that had "visited" me in my room 1-2 days back (Sat/Sun). But why did they visit me first and then appear in my mom's dream saying that they will come to my room, when they already did... Before appearing in my mom's dream. So confusing.

Whatever it is, right after the dream, my mom had prayed over our home. She sprinkled prayed over water around our home, and drew the sign of the cross on doors and windows of our home, using anointed oil. I, on the other hand, also came back home that night and prayed before sleeping, and trust me, that night I slept like a baby.

Anyways, thanks guys for reading.

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shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-30)
Maybe they visited you nightly/daily and your mom just saw them before they went up to your room that night. (Which is why you've been tired?)

They noticed when you woke up, and asked each other if you were sleeping, before hitting the road. Sounds pretty weird.

They aren't neighbors or relatives breaking in to wander around? I'd check the locks or change them just in case. Have you hauled home anything 'new' that may harbor a ghost (or two)? Jewelry, gems, cloth, box, etc?
Anno_Domini (3 stories) (167 posts)
6 years ago (2017-08-29)
Hi Siara, I am assuming your mother is Catholic from what she did with the water and drawing crosses. As Singaporeans, we know that although we live in an urbanised country, there are still "paranormal" incidents happening all the time around us. If indeed your mom also had the dream of the 2 same entities that you encountered, and if the activity continues or worsens, perhaps it would be best to consult with a pastor or a priest (a church is never too far away).

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