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Old Home That Was Not The Home Of My Dreams


We lived in Missouri for about 20 years when we decided to move to a small town right by the river. It was a very old town and a lot of the buildings and homes were either falling down or being restored.

We have a large family, 8 children so when I found this beautiful old home for a very reasonable rent I took it. The home was built in the 1800 and the garage used to be where they had a stable for the horses. There was a lot of the old charm. Pocket doors, painting on the walls, two sets of stairs, butlers pantry. There was the main floor, the upstairs, a full attic, and a large basement.

My son who was 14 at the time took the attic, it was creepy but he loved it. I remember finding old newspapers under the old flooring from the 1900's. Articles on Hitler and ads for houses that cost 6,000.

I really loved it there for the most part. I felt a little uneasy but I just chalked that up to the size of the home. I hated going into the basement to do laundry, you just had that uneasy feeling. To get into the basement there was an old door with the glass window in it, I always kept it closed because of my youngest son.

Things started to happen after a month or two. In the back of the house was a screened in porch of sorts with shutter windows. I made sure to shut them tight and every-time I would leave and come back they would be wide opened. I finally stood in the room and asked who ever was in there with me please stop opening them up, they do not pay the electric bill anymore. I don't mind them being there just don't open the windows. It stopped amazingly.

Then there was the door to the basement, every evening around 0300 you could hear the door slam, the door was already shut and everyone was in bed. This happened almost every night. That was not so bad, it was the attic that was the worst, my son would hear growling noises from the little cubby spots that lead downstairs. The light bulbs would explode for no reason and my son would say he would hear voices talking to him and calling his name. We only stayed there 6 months it was just a little more than we could handle.

I spent time researching the home and it was built and lived in by a general in the army and was at one time a stop off in the underground railroad. That explains all the little doors and hidden areas in the walls.

I loved the house and didn't mind some of the spirits there but whatever was in the attic could stay there!

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CuriousNEwoman (14 posts)
4 years ago (2018-06-16)
If my son had issues with the attic... First thing I would have had him do is move out of it! You said the house was big! Tell you what... I lived in the Midwest all my life (southern Iowa and Omaha ne) and I know what the humidity is like in the summer. A house like that wouldn't have a/c...I wouldn't want to sleep in an attic in MO. In summer time...!

It's not that I don't believe you... I just think if it were me I would have had nothing to do with the attic except to use for storage. Attics to me, can be just as creepy as basements!
msforgetmenott (17 stories) (316 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-10)
I too lived in an older home for a time. They do have history, along with old electrical wiring.

It was interesting to learn of it being part of the underground railroad, and after looking up Missouri, I learned of a stronger involvement than I had known.

My Great, Great, Grandparents ran a Post and Stagecoach Hotel in a northern State during the time of the Civil War. They too took in runaways.

The large hotel cellar had a connected underground room with an exit near the stagecoach barn. There was where the rested horses were connected, and the baggage area might have gathered an extra, headed for Canada. How interesting to think, from that house to ours.

These buildings are long gone, and the field is planted with potatoes. As a child I often rode my horse by this area, she would walk sideways with her skin rippling. Animals are sensitive too. I am guessing she saw or heard something I could not.

All now history.
susanbrockerman (2 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-10)
The other Children also saw things, My youngest said he saw a little girl running upstairs and was very sure of it. He saw here several times. My 17 year old said his covers were always being pulled off of him and my daughter claimed there was a lady that lived in the passages way to the attic. She talked to her all the time.
I also heard someone calling my names and I did think about the electric being old that would cause the light bulb blowing but honestly everything else truly happened. Until you have experienced the things I have then you will continue to be a skeptic.
I had the house checked for animals in the wall and they said there was no evidence of any at all, not even mice.
roylynx (guest)
5 years ago (2018-01-08)
Why do I see more stories probably related to the "gate opening" time, when I give up researching them and conclude that time is not really important? Lol

Hmm... Now, light bulb exploding... Most of the time it is the problem on the humidity and electronic current especially when it is up high, we are talking about an old house here, see? Voices and growling... Did you hear them too? Or was it only your son?

A house with such a background sure carries a lot of problems, not spiritual ones though, old houses like such are sometime highly radio-active and the electric currents might go crazy if it was not reformed for such a long period. No, surprise to see people having problem living in one of them.

publicways (32 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-08)
Why couldn't the growling noises just be animals? - a house that old is bound to have many non-paranormal things living inside it. The house also likely had old electrical systems and was susceptible to drafts - which would explain the light bulbs and slamming doors.

I really want to believe that there's more to this world than meets the eye but these types of stories make it harder and harder.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2957 posts)
5 years ago (2018-01-07)
I'm sure a house with such a long and interesting history was bound to have many secrets.
Did any of your other children report seeing any of the ghosts.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing experience.

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