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Hey fellow readers, I had been debating about making this post for a while now, and I'm finally taking the plunge today. These are some of the experiences that I have had while living in my house, these aren't very obviously paranormal, and a keen scientific mind might be able to explain these away, but I am convinced that I have had a few brushes with the supernatural. Apology for the lengthy post.

This one dates back almost nine years, I was on the computer doing whatever teens do, when I heard a door slam, loudly, somewhere in the opposite end of the house, on the lower floor. Figuring it would be my sister, who did have a habit of slamming doors when in one of her moods, I yelled in the general direction asking what's wrong. On not getting a reply, I went to check on her, I went downstairs to an empty home and the air was still as a summer noon. No idea what made that door slam so loudly.

My house has a terrace just outside my room, I love it, and spend countless hours in there pacing as I gab on the phone, sneak an occasional smoke, or just take in the scenery and contemplate things. I especially love it during the monsoons as I stand there, watching the clouds roll in with their showers. But something about the place gives me the creeps at night, the fact that it faces a thicket of trees doesn't help, invisible critters create a shrill cacophony at night, and I tend to avoid the place then. This one time I was out on the terrace at night, I didn't want anyone overhearing me talking to my boyfriend. The place was creepy as usual, except something seemed amiss, it dawned on me that not a single insect/bird was making any noise, wondering if a snake had wandered into the neighborhood (it has happened before), I futilely attempted to peer down into the velvety darkness. As I neared the wall close to the thicket, I suddenly felt colder and could see my breath condense in front of me. This was extremely unusual, given that this was an Indian summer night with temperatures close to 80 degrees. I have read similar stories where someone explained how this happens due to a rapid temperature change or something, can't recall, maybe it was one of those cases. But nevertheless, I hastily made my way to my room, and continued my call.

This is my mom's story, who swears it happened, she had been working on an article (she works as a correspondent for a daily) late into the night, when she heard a faint whisper calling her name, maybe it was a hallucination brought on by overworking herself or something like that, but she swears it sounded like my dad (who had been dead for almost 16 years by that point). The same night she had a dream, where she saw her dead husband cross a veil to somewhere, she almost followed him, but woke up before she could do it. She's convinced she would have died had she followed him. She being a superstitious person, had a Hindu priest perform a ceremony of sorts, similar to a Christian priest blessing the house I suppose. Creepy. Moving on.

This one is the scariest thing I have ever experienced until date, and is likely to remain so. I had been having a party at my place as my mom had left the house to my sister and I for the weekend, we naturally proceeded to call our friends over and get drunk. Around 2 in the morning, the music had turned down and it was just a group of people talking over cigarettes and cheap scotch. Tragedy struck. We ran out of smokes. Four of us left the place to buy a fresh pack or two, yes drunk driving was involved, we bought our smokes and were nearing my place. Now before you see the entrance to my house, you make a turn and there's maybe 50 meters of open road, (this is important to the story) there's another entrance from the main street as well, which we weren't taking at this time. I was in the backseat babbling, being happily drunk, while one of our sober-ish friends drove. As we made the turn, he stepped on the brakes and swore loudly, snapping us out of our haze. All of us saw it. A woman, almost seven feet tall, was menacingly making her way down the road in the opposite direction (toward the main street), she was draped in the traditional Indian garb, and from what we could see of her skin, it seemed like it was made of porcelain? Her skin had this weird sheen to it. Her arms swung wildly and she covered the distance in rapid strides and made the other turn, which would have led her on the main street. The driver gingerly stepped on the gas and made it to the main street to see deserted streets and footpaths, save the occasional car or a stray pooch, there was no traffic. We went back home and passed the rest of the night swapping spooky stories. I still cannot forget the terror I felt, was it an alcohol-induced vision? Maybe. But how could the four of us have the same hallucination?

This is the last experience that I'll share with you all before concluding. My grandfather came to live with us as he neared the end of his life, we didn't want to put him in a hospice and instead wanted him to have all the comforts of our home, and be surrounded by his loved ones. We set him up in a spare bedroom, brought in his favorite rocking chair and his hand-rolled cigarettes. He lived with us for almost a year before moving on. The spare bedroom was brought back in use and I let one of my friends from Uni sleep in there after it was too late for him to go home. He didn't know my granddad had lived in there, but the next day he told me of the salt-pepper haired man smoking near the window as he slept. He said he could smell the unfiltered cigarette smoke. Maybe my grandfather's photo on the mantelpiece could have subconsciously given him an idea, but that doesn't explain the smell of cigarettes. I'll have dreams of him (my granddad) if I choose to sleep in that room for any reason, in those dreams I'm convinced that he's still alive. Often I wake up in a cold sweat realizing that it was a dream and he has been gone for the past four years. It's disconcerting.

I have more stories of this house, I still live here when I'm not living at my dorm. Somehow we have gotten used to these, and the frequency has decreased over time. I don't know what to believe. I'll post a few more of my experiences as and when I have the time.

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Comments about this paranormal experience

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Shefali31 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-10)
[at] Maxine
Just because my piece reads like an American teen writer doesn't necessarily invalidate it. The fact that I spent formative years of my life living in upstate NY maybe influenced my English a little bit?
I don't want to engage with a stranger online and explain my perceptions, but okay I'll bite.
When I say sneak an occasional smoke, it's quite obvious that I mean a cigarette. That's how most people describe it, or maybe that's different where you are from? I am pretty sure I feel smoke coming up from my *damaged* lungs and would have noticed it condense in front of me.
As for the woman? I am pretty sure alcohol doesn't induce paranoia like some other drugs do. I am fairly certain about the height, indians aren't known for their tall stature. So an abnormally tall woman would naturally be the talk in a small town.
As for the feelings of fear she brought? Well, I recommend you read the gift of fear, a book that talks about how our subconscious processes abnormalities much faster than we can, consciously. So maybe I was picking up on something like that.
Again, I don't have to justify anything to a stranger online, but yet here we are.
Also, if you read the story, it says so in the beginning, it may or may not be paranormal. I would appreciate it if you could be polite the next time around. Glad you enjoyed the read!
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-10)
I don't know for certain but I am fairly sure even a teenager on a still day could tell the difference between a door slamming in their own home and one next door.

As for the breath condensing vs smoke, the OP stated that they were talking on the phone the evening of the incident on the terrace not necessarily smoking.

The effects of potentially mind-altering substances on the veracity of paranormal claims has been discussed several times on this forum. Many agree that much in the same way that some Native Americans (for example) make use of peyote to get in touch with the spirit world - other substances may work the same effect on others. Just because there was alcohol involved doesn't mean that one ought automatically discount the experience.

As to the OP's description of the apparition on the street - in a setting that one is quite familiar with (as in the approach to one's own home), it would be fairly easy to guesstimate the height if an individual even at a distance, even in poor lighting.

And "menace" I would argue is fairly easy to pick up on; imagine watching a lion stalk a gazelle on television - it may not be stalking you but the intent is very clear. (Not to mention a resident of 8ft tall in the vicinity would hardly escape notice as such things though possible are not common.)

I simply wouldn't be so quick to dismiss this member's claim.
Serenflipppity (guest)
6 years ago (2018-05-09)
Hi Shefali

#1 Pronably your neighbours' door that banged - considering "...the air was still as a summer noon." Sounds tend to be so much more amplified when there are no surrounding sounds to act as a buffer. I would know. I have noisy neighbours. Ugh!

#2 You don't mention smoking at the time, but that you do "...sneak an occasional smoke" while out on the terrace. You don't say WHAT you're smoking though. The chill you felt could have been your thoughts giving you the heebie jeebies. And the jury is still out on whether that breath condensing in front of you was in fact clean breath or remnants of your last smoke inhalation. Nothing creepy about that except what you're putting your lungs through. And the possibility of a snake. You should have stuck around. Snake & chips. YUM! ^.^

#3 Your mother's experience? Hmmm could be valid and could also have been a very lucid dream. Would have been great if she could have posted her experience and answered questions and curiosities about her encounter.

#4 By your own admission, you were all inebriated. Your perception of anything is questionable. Why you felt terrified is a mystery to me as this supposed apparition was walking away from you - not approaching you in a menacing manner. "...was menacingly making her way down the road in the opposite direction..."

#5 I can accept this one - to a point (your friend's account of the old man smoking). Your dreams, though, are likely because of the memories of your grandfather. You could subconsciously have been thinking about him as you were falling asleep. Were you sleeping in the same bed he had slept in?

Overall, despite my reservations about your encounters; there are your word choices, lifestyle and actitivites. Something about them is niggling at me...

Thanks for an interesting read though. Loved your descriptive language: "velvety darkness"; "invisible critters create a shrill cacophony at night,"; etc etc etc

Oh yes, the niggling. Your piece reads more like it's 'from the pen' of an American teen - not a young adult Indian female.

But that's perception for you. It's my reality.

All the best
RSAChick (115 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-08)
Hi Shefali,
Your experiences at this house are strange.
I think, though, that most of it is not paranormal.

How would you be able to estimate the height of something from a distance, and dare I say, in your and your friends' conditions? So, it was a pale, tall woman, walking wildly past your house. Though it is unusual, humans do reach heights of over 8 ft. Nothing in your description of this woman proves that she was ghostly.

Your uni friend's experience is possibly paranormal, but a first-hand account from him would be better. Your dreams and feelings in that room are probably because you are reminded of, thinking of, and maybe missing your grandad when in that room.

Please share more of your experiences, but I don't think you have to be too worried about these 5 incidents, unless they re-occur with no rational explanation.
Aprajita (3 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-08)
That was indeed interesting, the way you condensed 5 incidents in one story. Well I'm unsure of the first two, but the rest of them were quite convincing that there's something in your house.
Well, all the best and keep sharing:)

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