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Lady In Ghungru


I am a guy who has had many paranormal experiences in my life though not willingly.

This happened while I was working at my previous office.

Let me try to describe the place first. You have a narrow hallway allowing 2 people side by side to walk simultaneously.

The hallway has two doors at either end (by breadth) and 2 workstations at either sides (by length).

O ne winter night around 11pm I suddenly feel an urge to take a dump and I proceed for the washroom which was near to the parking space where I kept my vehicle.

I go and find someone's already there in both of the dump rooms.

I turn and plan to go to the other wing in the same floor. So I get out of the washroom and proceed towards the hallway.

Now I have a habit of brushing my feet/shoes thoroughly when I find a proper pocha (where you clean your legs/shoes before entering house, the flat wipe you get it right?)

So I did the same thing and started walking.

There was pindrop silence and when I hear a sound of someone wearing a ghungru (a musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers) and walking.

First I thought maybe my shoes are making a squealing sound or someone is there inside the workstations and I see no one is there.

Now I start walking again and this time the sound can be heard faster. I stop again but the sound doesn't stop at all. Instead the sound feels like someone is running towards me. I can clearly hear the sound coming nearer by every second.

This time I get fully scared but didn't run and walked a lot faster towards the exit door. I open it and come out fast and start looking at it.

Now you all know how automatic closing doors work. If you pull them they will close slowly. Correct?

But what happens if you give it a push from other side? It would bump a little or I should say come forward a little and then go a little back and close according to its paradigm.

That is what exactly happened with the doors, as if someone pushed them from the otherside.

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