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When I was 20 I moved into my first apartment, which was in an older home in the Highlands area of Louisville. It was a beautiful home, and the rent was super affordable for the area. Despite sensing a feeling of a presence during the walk through I was still excited to move in. It didn't take long for paranormal activity to start. One evening my room mate and I were hanging out in the living room and all of a sudden a picture frame and books flew off the built-in bookshelf next to us, as if they were pushed off. I think it's important to note that these were very deep built-in shelves, if the frame and books had just fallen over it would have still been in the shelf. We just looked at each other, completely in shock of what had just happened and trying to rationalize how it could have happened, but knew unless they were pushed they wouldn't have flown off the shelf the way they did.

The next occurance happened when I was in the shower. I saw a tall, dark figure walk past the shower door and assumed it was my roommate since he was tall and work uniform was black. I started talking to him, but got no response, and didn't see anyone pass by again. When I got out of the shower I went around to the other side of the bathroom to the sink/vanity area and said "hello, did you hear me?" only to come around the corner and find no one there. I looked in the adjoining closet, still nothing. At this point I was feeling scared. I called my room mate and asked if he had just been home and had come in the bathroom. His reply was, "I've been here at work all day, I won't be home until tonight". I remember hanging up, getting dressed as quickly as possible and leaving the house and calling my room mate back to tell him what happened and to call me when he gets home because I didn't want to be there alone.

A few weeks later I was just waking up and laying in bed, when the bedroom door slammed shut. It was slammed with such force that I was stunned. I thought it had to be my room mate or maybe one of our friends had spent the night and thought it would be funny. I went straight to his room and found it empty. I went to every room of the house-empty. I looked outside and my room mates car wasn't outside anywhere. I called him, asking if he had been home and had slammed my door shut. He replied that he had gone out after his closing shift the night before and crashed at one of our friend's houses. I was so terrified that I literally grabbed my car keys and ran out of the house in my pajamas, and drove to my college campus. I sat in the library all day until my room mate got home. He was in shock that something else had happened. From then on we started sleeping downstairs in the living room and neither one of us would be there alone.

Hoping to get some answers, we approached the landlord and asked if any other tenants had experienced activity like we were experiencing. She was very short in her replies and wouln't give a direct answer. Next, we contacted the Kentucky Ghost Hunters Society for help. We only told them we had been having activity, and they sent paranormal investigators and a medium. As soon as the medium walked up the stairs towards my bedroom they stopped and said "there is a dark figure standing in the door of that room, it is not a good spirit". I left at that point due to feeling overwhelmed by what was happening. The medium also detected the spirit of a child around the age of 5, and the spirit of a man who was not a threatening entity, but just walked circles around my room mates room. They said if we were to experience mischevious things, such as items falling over or things moving, it was most likely the spirit of the child. My room mate and I looked at each other and then told the medium about the items on the book shelf. The entity focused in my bedroom was the one they were most concerned about, and they communicated they feared it may be demonic and didn't want to leave. Naturally, I opted to move out shortly after. In the process of packing, I turned to set a box in the hallway, and as I did I stepped into a misty white cloud the dissapeared as quickly as it appeared (it was like someone clapped chalk board erasers together). I didn't feel threatened by it, just confused as to what I had just walked into.

On my last day in the apartment, my mom came over to help me clean. When it started to get late, she told me to go on back to their house since I had a test in the morning, and that she would finish mopping the stairs. It wasn't long after I got home that she came home. I remember her face was pale and she looked scared. When I asked what was wrong she said she had been mopping the stairs and heard someone pacing back and forth in the bedroom above her. Knowing my room mate had already moved out and she was the only one there, she left as quick as she could. I remember her telling me, " I don't know how you lived there". To this day, I don't know how I did either. Though 12 years have passed, I still get the chills when I talk about the experiences I had in that apartment.

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Kirbyp (1 stories) (15 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-20)
Hello runningtomeetthemoon, your story gave me the creeps I guess because I've had similar experiences. I don't blame you for moving out so quickly, I think I would have been gone sooner. Was that your first experience with paranormal activity? Did you ever find out about the history on that place? I was really engrossed by your story, thank you so much for sharing.

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