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A Child Haunting in North Highlands


As I left my home, I threw on the X-Files theme song, because I knew I was headed for a ghost hunt. This time around I engaged my ghost hunting activities with the S.P.S. (Sacramento Paranormal Society). I drove to Donovan Turner's home. Donovan Turner is the founder/paranormal investigator/leader of S.P.S. His wife Melissa is the case manager. The day is the 24th of February, the year 2007. The time is 1700 hours. I prepare for my briefing from Donovan. Paranormal Investigation Team roll call included: Donovan Turner, Jason Kowing/Equipment Handler/Intuitive, Deona Joya "DJ" Vastine-Sharp, Janet Michalk/Intuitive, Paul Dale Roberts/Ghost Writer. Location of the haunted home is somewhere in North Highlands in Sacramento County. The occupants of this home wish to remain anonymous. The equipment we are bringing for this investigation are as follows: infrared camera; standard mobile infrared camera; stationary infrared camera; VHS recorder; tripod; temperature gauge; EMF detection meter; digital recorders and sealed recording tapes that are sealed and a witness is used for the opening of the tapes and the sealing of the completed tapes.

The briefing consisted of who the occupants were of the home, the location of home, what their religious beliefs are, how long they lived at this address, which was 1 year and 3 months and many other questions that were provided to the occupants of the home. The occupants related in the questionnaire that they smell cigarette smoke in the house and no one is allowed to smoke in the house, in fact cigarette ashes have been found near the toilet. They heard loud bangs from the pots in the kitchen. Their small child had blankets moved off of him. The blankets moved from the bed to the floor on its own. The whole family sleeps in the living room together, because they are afraid of their own home surroundings.

19:28 hours, we arrive at the residence. The ominous clouds have turned into a rain storm with winds blowing. I think to myself...'ahh, what a great night for a ghost hunt!' We set up equipment in the garage, various teams go into the house at various intervals. Janet uses her E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) device and her intuitive instincts to track any presences in the home. Jason in front of me uses his EMF detector and registers no spikes in the garage. So far everything is normal.

The mother and daughter of this home, explain how they have seen shadows crossing the walls, cigarette ashes found in and around the toilet area and the distinct smell of cigarette smoke in the bathroom. She goes on to explain that in the master bedroom, objects have moved on their own accord, such as hats or a basket. We set up a still infrared camera in the master bedroom to see if any objects will move. The mother goes on to explain how the TV has shut off on it's own and then came back on and at times the channels change. In the kitchen she has heard the freezer door open and the jiggling of ice cubes. On the stove is a picture on a stand and the stand is knocked off on its own, the daughter and mother have witnessed the knocking down of the picture in the picture frame.

At 20:01 hours, Donovan and Jason is the first team into the house, they walk into the son's bedroom. The room is warm and then at some point of time, they walk into a cold spot. The cold spot lasts for about 2 to 3 seconds, the air felt thick at this time. Jason explains on how his voice recorder had a new battery and the battery was instantly drained. Could this have happened because of spirit activity? Janet & DJ do a walk through, Janet the intuitive feels the following:

a) When entering kitchen she is drawn to the sink, she feels a presence there. In her head, she feels she is being told to look into the backyard, she calls it a 'knowing'.

b) In living room, she felt nothing, while walking in the hallway, she is compelled to go into the master bedroom, she says it's a decisive heaviness in the air, pressure drops in the room, she finds it hard to breathe, there is distress in her voice, there is a tightening to her solar plexus and she feels a slight pain to the right side of her stomach area.

c) In the master bedroom, she feels something old, she is drawn to the hairbrush and hand held mirror. She detects an 'add-on' in the bedroom. In the 'add-on' section, she detects no presence, in the older part of the bedroom, she feels a presence, in fact she claims to detect 3 entities. The atmosphere of the bedroom goes from heavy to light. Heavy in the older section, lighter in the add-on section. In the little boy's bedroom, she feels energy. In the bathroom, she senses giggling. She believes the spirit is young. Other comments from the team, is that the spirit is of a little boy.

Janet feels a pain on her left side of her torso. She tries to entice the spirit from the garage area, with me present. While Janet explains to me what she felt inside the house, she feels a tingle on her shoulders. She explains that when a sensitive walks into a haunted home, the spirits are immediately drawn to her, she is like their light. She explained to me feeling body pain, twitching of shoulder area, shortness of breath, because the entities of this home recognize her as a sensitive or intuitive.

Paul and Jason use an Olympus digital voice recorder as they enter the home. We are the next team up. The video camera shuts down twice on its own, for no apparent reason. When DJ was outside taking a break, she felt a presence, she felt like someone was standing on the right side of her. She felt warmth draping part of her back area and then it was gone. Janet approaches DJ and was able to describe where the incident took place at. Janet felt like something was near them. At 20:45 hours, Donovan witnesses garage door that leads into the home opening and closing on its own accord. I investigate to see if possibly an open draft could have done it, but the door is too heavy and when it closes, it stays closed, no wind could have opened it, let alone close it again.

Next team is Donovan and I. We investigate the master bedroom, we detect nothing. Then we go into the boy's bedroom and things start happening. Well, they start happening for me anyway. I use the temperature gauge and detect a spike, from 91 to 65 in a matter of seconds in the same area. One area remains at 65. I place my hand in that area and feel a cold spot and then before my very eyes, a small orb, the size of a pinhead floats up for about 1 foot in length and dissipates. I couldn't believe it. This was my first experience in this home!

The intuitives Jason and Janet relate the following. Jason: That there was a spirit of a little boy in the house, over 5 years of age. Maybe Portuguese or Filipino. There was also a grown man ghost in the house. This man ghost was frustrated or sad. The little boy was playful and enjoyed playing tricks. Janet: There was a little boy in the house, about age 7. Little boy had dark skin. He was playful. She also felt like there was a relative of the family in the house and that he had been shot, the family of the house confirmed that what Janet said was true. Janet felt shivers, discomfort and she almost felt like crying. She couldn't explain it, but she felt a sense of sadness in this house. Janet believes their are 3 entities in the home, but the 3rd one was never identified.

When the investigation was over around the time of midnight and as I drove home in this stormy night, I couldn't help wonder what was in store of this family. A family that was happy to have us around, they felt safe with us at their home and even wanted us to stay the whole evening, so they could get a peaceful sleep. I remember the paranormal investigative reporter named Kolchak: The Night Stalker of the once hit TV show and how he would encounter so many things of the paranormal. Everything from werewolves to vampires to ghosts. Everything he encountered was of the negative. But, can most hauntings be of the positive? I didn't feel any negativity in this home and I believe this family is relatively safe. After Donovan briefed the family of our findings and how he will do a follow-up from the audio/video tapes, there was a glowing smile on the mother's face. She felt more at ease, especially with the comforting of Janet's soothing words. As I approach my home, wouldn't you know it, on my car radio, the song "Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon" starts to play!

For more information about S.P.S. Sacramento Paranormal Society, you can find them located at:

Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Freelance Writer

5606 Moonlight Way

Elk Grove, Ca 95758

JazmaPika [at]

916 203 7503

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ghostgirl122 (1 stories) (10 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-04)
wow you have a great job
How did you become a ghost hunter
I have always wanted to be one
And I have tryed catching one of camara but I failed 😁 😐
Ghostjimmy (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-20)
Well,me and my friends have had some ghost experiences and decided to search it. We found out many things about them and decided to start looking for them and try to catch them on camera. We decided to be ghost hunters!So,can you,please,help me with this stuff as a professional ghost hunter?

Thank you,
rebeccad (13 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-11)
thats cool, did you have to have your own equipment to join the paranormal society?
twisterdude994 (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-12)

scary stuff m8 thanks for putting this story on here it was a great read

i feel sorry for that women 😁 lol πŸ˜†

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