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Two months back, on a Sunday I was with my friends at the beach. When I was there, I suddenly felt the need to go to the cemetery at Les Salines. I did not bother about it and continued my day. At night near one a.m., I woke up and that thought came back for no reason.

Due to my inquisitive nature I finally decided to follow my intuition. I put my clothes on, phoned my five closest friends but only two of them accepted to come with me. I started the car, picked them up, and went there. As equipment, I had a torch, and they had their phones. We entered and we kept walking until we reached quite far from the gate.

The reason why they accepted to join me was because my friends do trust me and it is not our first experience by the way. Just as we reached near the very old tombs, we hear a very loud and chilling voice rushing towards us at our backs. We turned, stunned, and suddenly had an uncanny feeling, we felt so cold but saw nothing and immediately rushed as quick as possible to my car.

Once we reached in the car, we felt relieved but we were all in shock. One of my friends was so wet, the other was feeling dizzy and I felt like something was holding my neck but I thought it was because of the shock. After about ten minutes of getting over what had happened, we decided to depart. I left my friends at their homes and went to mine.

However, I could not slept at all night long and took a day off on that Monday to rest. All day I was having a headache and what amazed me (later on) was that the same thing was happening to my friends too. It was just at one a.m. That Tuesday that my pain went away and I could sleep normally. When I shared this to my friends, they said the same thing as well...

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8-bitDemigod (6 stories) (32 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-15)

I agree that it seems a bit shady to not participate in a conversation about your own story. That and the fact the auther didn't even mention why they had an intuition to go to the cemetary. Just comes off as a bit "hmmmm"
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-12)
I had written comments and questions for Davida68 when I noticed he won't be reading the comments. So I deleted them, what's the use? I'm going to start scrolling down and reading the authors' expectations before I read the stories. Something about not reading comments to your own story loses credibility. Just saying...

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