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I heard this when I was in class 5. We were staying in Baramunda (Orissa, India).

Then the place was not developed properly and surrounded by green open fields. Nearby villagers used that area for cremation purpose and dumping garbages.

It was 1995, there was a tradition of picking flowers too early in the morning for worshipping of god, incase you are late then you might end up with a little or no flower for your daily ritual. My uncle was the one who's into that competition.

One day around 4:00 am in the morning he woke up, as we all knew nights were long during winters. It was a chilly windy night, nobody was seen outside. Howling of dogs were making it difficult for him to move further. Somehow he managed and started plucking flowers nearby, but the kind of flowers he was looking for is not there, so he decided to move to the corner buildings which has many varieties back side of that building. Normally backside of that area is never cleaned and too many bushes and other trees planted there without proper care and paying any kind of attention to it.

Slowly he moved further and focuses his torch in search of flower around those bushes and trees. Suddenly he heard some noise like cats do or little baby crying. He kind of freaked out and decided not to move further, then what he saw was scary, an image of an lady sitting above the branches at a distance of 8-10 meter away. He freaked out and out of anger, threw stones towards that entity to which he saw that image jumped like a monkey to the top branches and faded away.

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Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-16)
Hi TravisCannabis,
I am sure your aunt is more talented, hope she knew how to disappear too...😝
TravisCannabis (69 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-09)
IDK pal, my aunty can climb trees as fast as a monkey and can make noises that sound like cat fights. I think your uncle was rude treating the woman the way he did. 😉
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-21)
Satyabrata2009, your uncle sighting a lady on a tree near the graveyards would have been scary for sure. But with what you have narrated, it will be diffcult to term it as a paranormal experience of your uncle. Further, I don't think throwing stones would turn away any spirits or paranormal entities. And you narrated it jumped like a monkey. That is why there are so many questions from the readers. I don't think they doubt the sighting of your uncle but only trying for some mundane explanations.

Only if we can't explain it with our day to day explanations, we do brand it as paranormal. So don't be offended.

Further unless you share with us the other experiences of yours in your replies, it will be difficult to say it as paranormal.

I do agree that if you happen to see any lady at that hour on a tree at that time, it would be scary. But when stones were hurled at it, generally the paranormal entities won't jump like a monkey and go away.

Anyway with limited explanations in the narrative and in your replies, I find it difficult to comment anymore.

Regards and respects to you.

Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-17)
Hi Satyabrata,

What a scary thing to have witnessed. If I saw something like that I think I would have reacted like your uncle. I do not know of any human that would be out at that time of night, sitting on a branch, making animal noises, jumping like a monkey and most importantly suddenly fading. This in my opinion, was supernatural/paranormal.

Take care and stay safe
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-14)
Amazing story! I did not understand the reference to "class 5", but besides that I was enthralled with your description of the entity moving like a monkey, sounding like a cat, looking like a woman and disappearing like a ghost. In the Middle East, one might think this creature a Jinn. Do you think it was a Rakshasa?
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)

Do you think that throwing rocks at it would be enough to scare away a demon?

In my opinion, even IF the woman was a spirit, there isn't enough evidence pointing to her being a malevolent one.


No one is denying your uncle's experience, but it is important to always try to find any possible logical explanations for an event before assuming that it is paranormal.

It would be a good idea if you include as much information as possible in your future submissions, that way the reader will have a better understanding of the narrative.

My apologies if this sounds blunt, but you have gone from "I need help with what I have experienced" to "Other assumptions you made is not correct".

People are trying to help you, you know?
LFrog1386 (1 stories) (73 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)
So Satyabrata2009, is the image of a lady perched in branches (or nearby) over a graveyard something rooted in local folklore as an evil or troublesome spirit? It sounds like maybe your uncle knew she was supernatural based on stories from your area or culture. Is that the case?
Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)
Hello Alina5,

Thanks a lot for going through my narratives. I will try to explain few things, which I hope will sort things out.

The lady kind of thing is not a human for sure because at 4:00 am in the morning during winters it's like completely dark (That's why my uncle used his torch) and back side of that building is closer to that open graveyard which is separated by the boundary wall of our colony. So thinking about anybody at that time to sit over branches is not feasible, especially a lady.

To your second query, when uncle heard those noises he followed that and found it's from that entity away from 8-10 meters, which is not far from him. That's why out of fear he threw stones before that figure could have done any wrong to him.

Other assumptions you made is not correct because incidents like this is not new to us. Few more I will share later.

Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)
Hello Satyabrata2009,

Hope you're having a great time. I'm not trying to deny your uncle's instincts in paranormal.

However, there is not enough information in your narrative to prove the experience as a staunch paranormal one.

That lady can be a human being.
It maybe is weird for a woman to be sitting on a branch so early in the morning but it can be if she's dealing with some mental disorders.
The crying of the baby can be from one of the neighborhood buildings. The noises of the cats can be from the stray cats which you can generally find roaming anywhere.

These are pretty well explananable to an extent. This is only my belief but I stand to be corrected. I hope you reply to this providing a little more insight.

Wish you the best!

Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-12)
Hi, Thanks for reading my story.
I think near by areas were graveyards and our colony is near to that location, we heard many incidents like this before but when it happened with my uncle, is a kind of eye opener for us.

My uncle got scared as I have mentioned that lady kind of thing is creating some kind of eerie noises like a cat does, so to move that thing creating any kind of trouble to him, he threw stones.

Hope it will help you.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-11)
Who wouldn't jump like a monkey when somebody is throwing rocks at them?


Welcome to YGS.

Although I imagine seen the lady must have been scary for your uncle, in my opinion, that wasn't enough a reason to react the way he did.

Do I think the lady was a spirit? I don't know for sure, it is possible she was one given the fact that the place was used for cremations though, in my opinion, she could have been only a woman that couldn't sleep that night or was out looking for flowers just like your uncle.

Do you know if any of the neighbors ever reported seen her?

What kind of help do you need/want from this forum if, after all, this encounter happened to your uncle 25 years ago? Has this affected you in any way?

Thanks for sharing.

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