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Nightmare In A Deserted Club House


When I was a kid, I loved cricket a lot. We had a nice group of players and a Cricket club. Initially we used to keep our sport accessories with one of our friends called Lulu, but his parents started complaining after he scored a very poor percentage on his Board exam. Cursing cricket they threw all of our Sport kits and accessories outside. From that day on wards we thought of a club house so that we can keep our daily sport equipment safely without anyone's hindrance. There was a huge playground outside of our village, adjacent to it started the paddy fields and a small canal. This is how you can see our village while entering or leaving. We all decided to build our Club house near to our playground so that carrying sport kits and other equipment would not be a headache for all of us. With all of our efforts finally Club house was ready. We played a lot of tournaments nearby and won many, which gave us popularity at that time.

Once after winning a tournament we got cash prizes of fifteen thousand, which was a fairly huge amount for us, out of which we saved some and decided to have a feast with remaining amounts. The next day we headed for Club feast, which includes a lots of Chicken recipe and other stuffs. Earlier it was planned for a morning time but cancelled later owing to disturbances from other people, who just asked us to include them just to have!.

Activities were planned for afternoon, Lulu and I went to receive rented utensils & music boxes from a nearby tent house for cooking while others booked Gas stoves. We all were excited to enjoy our much awaited feast which was going to take place that evening. Everything arranged, with cooking, gossiping time flew like a bullet. It was around 11:45 P.M, when we had our Dinner. It was late and we all were tired, so all of us decided to keep rented utensils, music boxes in Club house, as there was a chance of things being stolen, Lulu decided to stay and asked me to stay with him too. Others left for home with leftover things, while we kept few chicken curries to satisfy our appetite.

It was a nice full-moon day, suddenly the noisy environment became silent. Lulu closed the Club main gate, which used to be a railing door. As both of us were tired, after a few minutes of talk decided to sleep. Lulu stayed awake as he was not comfortable in such situations. Eventually there was a pin drop silence, sometimes sound of night creatures created a spooky environment. It was around 2:30 A.M, Lulu heard some noises like someone is running or jumping. Initially he thought it might be someone from village might have approaching us but to his surprise when he looked outside through Grilled Door saw some monkey kind of thing jumping from a near by tree and climbing it again. It was really scary, that entity looked as if it was a long tail like monkeys have but height more than 7 feet long.

Lulu was paused for a while, as he was trying to figure it out what kind of strange thing was that as it continued for the next 30 minutes then it stopped jumping and started running around the field in a circle. Scared Lulu asked me to wake up and told me to see what was that? I responded him but there was nothing which I could see but Lulu kept insisting me there was something which is happening in front of him. I had never seen Lulu to react that way, there might have something which I couldn't see but Lulu could. I somehow gathered my courage to pacify him with some prayers and We waited there in that deserted place until 4:30 A.M, once villagers came out for their daily work we left that place.

That was a very scary experience for Lulu but why I didn't able to see what Lulu had confronted still a mystery to me.

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WontTellYouMyName (3 stories) (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-05)
Hi Satyabrata,

God I can't even imagine being a kid and experiencing what you did. Just the two of you. Just glad nothing untoward happened.

Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-05)
Hi Alina5,
Thanks a lot for your comments, well!... Most of my encounters belongs to a certain place when I was a kid, so I guess that entity might be a common one. But here I didn't witnessed anything, while Lulu was trying to show me something.

Clubhouse is almost 2-3 km from our home Which is at one corner of that cricket field. Also I would like to clarify one thing that the entity was running around our play ground not the paddy fields as the ground is in front of our club house, Lulu saw things clearly.

Later We heard from our local members that such entity is common in that place many of them have witnessed and called it's a "Brahm Rakshas".

And to your final query Lulu stayed there as we both were responsible for those rented utensils and in case anything missed, we both going to face penalties that's why we both stayed there without informing our families. But they knew normally during feasts or parties we used to stay outside with our friends was not a new thing for them.

Hope I clarified.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-04)
Hello Satyabrata2009,

I have to admit that most of your encounters have these "jumping entities" as a common. This entity resembles much to the description of a "monkey man" or whatever was it called.

How far were the houses from your club house?

A 7 feet entity appearing at night and moving around in circles along the fields which were supposedly paddy fields must've caused certain damage to the crops.

Was your village prone to the appearance of this entity? Or was it the first time this creature was seen or heard?

Considering the strictness of Lulu's parents in the first paragraph regarding cricket, They allowed him to stay at a club house for the night which is quite far from his home?

Just a few queries regarding your curious account. Hopefully, you won't mind answering them.


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