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It happened 9 years back, when I was working for a construction company. The location was very far from my native place, so company gave me shared accommodation. Along with me there were 10 more staffs. After one month few employees joined us, so company thought of taking a new apartment nearby in-order to accommodate all the staffs in to one place. After searching for a longer period they got one newly constructed apartment situated 30 minutes far from our construction site. Finally we all shifted to that new place, it was really nice to see that apartment far from crowded areas. We thought, we were the luckiest guys to join that apartment before anyone could. Clean rooms, newly painted walls, kitchens, washrooms all were fine in every manner.

It was a 4 story Apartment, Top floor used as a Pantry, while 2nd and 3rd floor having 4 rooms each used for living purpose. We were 19-20 persons including Cook, helper and a watchman. Ground floor used for storing things and each room in 2nd and 3rd floor shared by 2 persons. Things were good until one day when we saw dead bodies carried to the nearby place (Hardly 100 meters away) for cemetery, even from our window it can be easily seen burning of dead bodies.

It became a matter of discussion for all of us but as the work pressure was high, slowly we ignored that thing and carried our routine works as it was before. But during night we could feel that eeriness haunting us. Sometimes we can hear howling of dogs and other night creatures near to our apartment.

One-day when I was sleeping, I heard my roommate whose bed was near to me shout at mid night and complain someone pulled his leg. I asked him what happened as there's nobody besides me. He said for the past few days he was feeling like someone touching him during late night, initially he thought, it could have been by me but when he saw I was sleeping he kind of surprised and scared. I told him not to panic, maybe he had a bad dream.

On morning while having breakfast he shared the same incident to other inmates, to which most of them denied having such experiences but our cook said he felt someone's presence in the kitchen. When he used to finish his stuffs until late night before going to bed sometimes the utensils in kitchen fell strangely, even morning he found food items scattered many times on floor, to which he thought it might have due to the cats but listening to my friends experience he felt there is something else.

After 10-15 days to that incident, my friend became sick he lost few kg of weight and looked kind of pale so he took few days of leave from work and remained in room. On that day when I returned from work, my cook informed me that my friend who was sick, hospitalized as he slipped from stairs and broken his leg, when I heard this I went to the hospital and met him. I asked him how the hell he fell from stairs? To which he explained, when he was going to the washroom he saw an old lady slowly walking, go into the nearby room. He could not believe whether what he saw was real or an illusion? So he went to that room for inspecting who she was, but when he found no body was there, he freaked out and ran to the top floor towards pantry, where cook and his helper used to stay. While using the stairs he felt someone grabbed him from behind and threw him in the air, the force was so strong that he flew in air and fell rolling over the stairs. This caused him a broken leg and few injuries to his neck and face.

This incident was so brutal that we all roommates wrote one application to our management to change that apartment, afterwards one spiritual team visited our apartment and performed some holy rituals. They said these kind of things were happening as this apartment was never blessed being near to a cemetery. But things were under control now and we could stay happily.

I don't know what really happened to my friend as I was staying with him never experienced such things.

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Marykori (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-11)

Thats why grahpravesh pooja is always first thing to do.

Not just only the time you entering first time in house but these holy rituals should be part of daily lives

Such evil forces not only can weaken mentally but also cause physical harm if not pacified proper way
Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-21)
Hi sds, how u doing.
Thanks a lot for making people understand about our Grahapravesh. Especially this is done to keep it safe from any evil curse.
Thanks again for spending your valuable time. Yes! You are correct may b my friend was more receptive to that force, also u have mentioned while going upstairs my friend slipped and he probably felt like somebody has done it. But the real thing was while explaining me in the hospital he clearly told that somebody grabbed him from behind and threw him in air, he was kind of floated in air for 4-5sec and fell rolling over stairs. There's somebody he could felt at that point of time.

Anyways guys thanks a lot for your valuable suggestions and stay safe.
Satyabrata2009 (3 stories) (6 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-20)
Hello Alina5,

Sorry for the late reply as I was bit busy with my work, anyways Thanks again for taking out time to appreciate my experience sharing.

I Don't have any exact reason why my friend was attacked by that evil spirit, probably I used to wear a holy locket of my god since my school days, may b the reason why I wasn't attacked.

To your second query after that cleansing ritual we didn't experienced that kind of fierce response from any of our room mates apart from our security guard often heard sobbing of ladies late at nights near to our apartment.
sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-01)
Hello Satyabrata2009, in our Hindu customs, we do perform Grahapravesh and doing certain rituals and homams before moving into a new house or apartment. The reason behind such rituals is that any negative entity or evil spirit would be warded off. As you have stated in the last paragraph of your narrative, it was not done and no sooner than it was done, the activities stopped.

I feel that your friend was more receptive to spirits. The fall could have been that your friend was afraid and was running at speed in the stairs. When you climb the stairs at good speed and you slip one of the steps, you will fall down and it would feel like somebody has pulled you. But, it is good that he has recovered. It is a good thing that the ceremony and rituals were done so that no other incidents took place.

Please do respond to other questions.

Lady-glow, I don't know how you got the impression that our Indian ghosts, especially women, are angry and vengeful. Perhaps you have read or here in this site, the narratives relate to such angry and vengeful entities or ghosts or spirits. But, I have had benign experiences too. That I have written in one of my narratives.

Regards and respects to both of you.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-16)
All of my questions and confusions have already been asked and mentioned, so I will not repeat them. I will only write that I believe in the power of spiritual cleansing when done competently. I am glad that you seem to have the haunts under control.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-16)
I don't understand why Indian ghosts, specially those of women, always seem to be so angry and revengeful towards inocente people.

This is more a question than an opinion; I guess the proximity of the house to the cremation ground could be atractive to lost souls but, - isn't it customary to pray or perform any funeral rites before a body is cremated?
If so, - Wouldn't that be enough to prevent any spirit with unfinished business from haunting the living? Why do spirits would haunt a place that had no meaning nor importance to them when still inhabiting the mortal realm?

Do you know if some relative of your coworker passed away around that time?
Although, thinking about it, I don't see why a caring relative would have mistreated him that way, perhaps he offended and hurt a woman and her spirit was trying to get even before moving on.

And why are you asking for help for something that, it seems, you were not hurt and was resolved ever since?

Thanks for sharing.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-16)
Hello Satyabrata2009,

I hope you're friend must've recovered from his injuries although I'm pretty sure that the trauma of this event is probably insatiable for him.

I wonder why this entity (s) had attacked your friend among all the people?

Did the cleansing done by the spiritual team had any impact?

Have any other tenants experienced anything similar to yours?

Cemeteries do have a history of being unusually eerie for a good reason.


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