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A Ghostly Fortnight


For context to this story, I live in an old house in Australia, having been built around 130 years ago. Though the house has been renovated and rooms have been added, my bedroom is the original room of the house. When you enter the room, my bed is on the far right, lying against two walls and my cupboard is on the far left of the room, also resting against two walls. I have a mirror on the inside of my cupboard door which I now close when I go to sleep. When I go to sleep, I leave my door open (it made me feel safe as I have a point of escape + I have cats which sleep with me). I also feel like I should tell you that my room is the only room in the house which has had paranormal activity so no-one in my family has experienced anything.

This story happened when I was about 11 and was my first true experience with ghosts. To this day I still occasionally see/hear stuff in my room. The first encounter was at the start of the week. It was around 9pm and I was lying in bed in my room, still awake. My parents were also awake so there was faint light flooding into my room from the hallway. My cupboard was open at the time. I wasn't really tired so I just stared at the opposite side of my room, which is why I noticed the figure glide across my room. I knew it wasn't my family because I could see through it, it had no colour, looking like a 3D shadow. From what I could tell it looked like a tall man. It appeared at the mirror and drifted to the other wall (the one my door is on) and disappeared. The top ¾ of the body was well defined but the legs and feet weren't. After I saw that I froze and was very freaked out. It took a lot longer to fall asleep that night.

The next encounter happened at the end of that week. I was sitting on my beanbag next to my cupboard with the mirror door open. I was reading my kindle and had my cat Millie on my lap. At around 7pm I heard a little girl's voice. The voice was the kind of one stereotypically used in creepy movies and videogames. It was high-pitched and echoed slightly, which was odd as my room does not echo at all. The voice said as follows:

"46... 47... 48... 49..."

It was at that point I looked over and the voice stopped. There was nothing there and I'm pretty sure I let out a "what the hell?" I kept looking for a bit but eventually looked back to my kindle, which is when I heard the final:


I looked back and yet again, there was nothing. The voice was very clear and seemed to be in the same room as me. My bedroom is located at the front of the house so on the other side of that wall is a small walkway. I do not have a little sister.

The final experience of the fortnight was during the middle of the second week. It happened around the same time as the first haunting, 9pm. I was lying in bed and couldn't get to sleep. My cupboard door was, you guessed it, open and my parents were still awake so my room was dimly lit. I was staring at the opposite side of my room when I saw it. The same figure I had seen last week. He yet again floated across my room, starting on the side of the room with the mirror and disappearing when he got to the opposite one. The only difference was that last time he was located at the far wall, as far away from my bed as possible. This time he was in the middle of the room.

I think what scares me the most to this day was what would've happened if I had seen him again since he was getting closer. However, I don't believe the spirits I saw were in any way malicious as though I felt scared (as this was something I hadn't experienced before) I didn't feel unsafe. I have had experiences with spirits that have made me feel in danger. This was not one of them. I never saw (or heard) from these spirits again.

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rynne (69 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-19)
You mentioned your cat was on your lap when you had one of the experiences -was wondering if the cat reacted in any way as animals are said to be sensitive to many paranormal occurrences...
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-18)
Hello Madz,

"I have a mirror inside my cupboard door which I now close before going to sleep"

In your account, you've mentioned that you never experienced any haunt from these spirits later on.

Do you believe it was because you chosed to keep the cupboard door closed?

Had the cupboard or the mirror inside ever served as a portal in any of the haunts?

I am asking since I observed before citing any of these three haunts above you've mentioned this statement

"My cupboard door was open"

This kind of creates an impression in my mind that the encounters only occured in the presence of that door being opened.

Along with Silverthane61, I'm also interested in learning more of your encounters.

Based on your current narrative it is difficult to deduct the source behind these happenings. Hopefully, your further experiences can clarify it well.

It was a relief to know that none of these were supposedly "negative" since, it is not something a 11-year child should go through.

Thanks for sharing.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-18)
That was the last time that you were visited by these spirits, I understand. You did also state that you have had the occasional haunt where you see or hear things. I am interested in the other haunts that you have had in the intervening years since.

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