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There Is Someone Is In This Room


About five years ago, me and two women friends were sleeping in one room in a bungalow which was once the holiday home of a Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, in the middle of a abandoned tea estate in Laggala.

At about 2.30am, my friend who was on a separate bed, spoke to me and said "Sorry I was shouting". I reassured her that she was not shouting. Then she said "I don't like this room, someone is in this room/in my bed". I didn't want to get into a lengthy conversation at that time of the night, and asked her to get into the double bed, put my arm across her reassuringly and slept.

The next morning, she related a story, which she put down to a dream, but I think it was a paranormal experience.

She had been sleeping with her hands above her head, and a woman had been trying to caress her fingers. Since my friend resisted, this person had tried to pull her by the legs and throw her to the ground but my friend had kicked out and resisted. Then she felt a weight on her body and felt like there were hands around her neck. She could not swallow, spit, or shout out. To this day she thinks this is a dream. But I think its something more powerful.

On a previous occasion, we stayed at this bungalow with a friend who was able to see ghosts. I told him that I do not want to know if he sees anything, and if he does, I will ask him about it when we leave the bungalow!

On the first night, we were all watching a comedy on the laptop, when one friend opened the front door to get something left on the varadha and we saw the mist rolling it. The friend who sees ghosts casually looked at the door, his eyes widened and he said "oh shiat!"...and we continued to watch the comedy. Later that evening I wanted to sit by the fireplace, but he refused to do so.

On our return from this bungalow, I asked him if he saw anything, and he said he saw a man dressed in full black walking into the house when the door was opened that night, and that this man sat by the fireplace peering at the fire!

I have been to this bungalow many times before and after, and not experienced anything... But these two incidents were very interesting!

I am born under the Raksha Ganaya and believe I cannot see/experience Paranormal Activities.

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RinShougekiSS (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-30)
how can he see a spirit or ghost? Is he a spirit medium or not a spirit medium
t_bev (3 stories) (32 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-24)
Natasha175 - This was a really well written story. I'd never heard of being "born under the Raksha Ganaya" so I took some time to look that up. I can see how you would believe you personally are unable to see paranormal activities based on the info I found. Interesting to think about how much astrology can hinder or help in these situations. Thanks for sharing!

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