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What If You Knew Before It Happened


I remember this experience like it was just yesterday. At the time I was living in a rented apartment with my mom. The area where we stayed was incredibly quiet and peaceful and I sometimes miss living there since now we have our own home in a different location.

It started one night whilst I was sleeping. I was somehow in a state of being half awake and sleep when suddenly I saw two dark shadowy figures enter my bedroom and surround my bed. These figures looked just like the outline of a human being but they were filled with darkness. I couldn't see details on these beings. The only thing that was obviously different between the two figures was that one seemed much taller than the other.

It happened so quickly, one being came to the left of me and the other to the right of my bed. I then felt them touching me simultaneously, saying clear as daylight, "Give me your money!" With that I immediately woke up startled! I looked around, nothing was there. It was just a bad dream.

Fast forward some time after having that dream, putting it far behind me thinking give me your money? I am not wealthy. How can this be applied to me?"

My uncle shows up one day asking me if I would like to come and spend some time with him and my cousins. I agreed. I was a kind of babysitter to my younger cousins at the time since my older cousin, their mother, had to go off to work.

One day after we all had breakfast, I felt compelled to go out into the gallery. I immediately saw a white van slowly approaching the house (we had no fencing). Two suspicious looking men came out. One was tall, the other short. The taller man looked at me whilst pulling a cigarette, asking me in a sly way if my father was home. That was enough for me!

I slammed the door and ran inside, advising my cousins to not go outside and I immediately called the police. It was then that I realized the significance of my dream.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3157 posts)
4 years ago (2020-08-24)
Welcome to YGS.


You had a precognitive dream. Though your dream was lacking more details/information, was enough for you to recognize its meaning at the right moment.

Was this the only time you had this kind of dream?
I believe that there is someone or something always looking after us who, to some degree, has the ability to let us know of an impending danger. You were lucky to listen to your gut and not to the sly man asking for your father.

Thanks for sharing.

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