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The House In Beech Bluff


I've had a few experiences with the unexplained but this is, by far, the worst paranormal experience I've ever had. (I apologize for the terrible opening) LOL!

Many years ago, I moved in with a good friend whose house was way out in the sticks of this weird gravel road. My friend did tell me that his house may be haunted because of the history of the house and because of strange things that he saw and heard. He doesn't believe in ghost's and the paranormal as much as I do so he didn't pay much attention to anything moving and any strange sounds.

The day I moved in he told me about the history of this house. He told me that a family of 3, a Mother, Father, and their Daughter, lived in the house when the house was first built years ago. Their daughter committed suicide in her bedroom upstairs, the only room upstairs. Several years after the Mother and Father moved out of the house, a few families bought and sold the house until my friend's parents bought it as a fixer upper. They began remodeling the house.

The stairs were removed and the 2nd story was completely sealed off and a drop ceiling was put in to cover the old ceiling and cover the opening to the top floor. His parents were aware of the history of the house so, I assume that was the reason they removed the stairs and installed a drop ceiling. I had never been in a house that had such a strange layout or floorplan. The living room and the 2 bedrooms were in the front of the house. Then dining room was on the other side of the living room wall and the kitchen was behind the dining room at the back of the house. The one bathroom was at the end of a long hallway, that's it, just a long hallway with a bathroom at the end of it.

Anyway, when I first started noticing little things out of place and odd sounds it was cool and fascinating. We would hear footsteps down the hallway, we could hear things moving, things would fall of the kitchen counters, you know nothing alarming and most of the activity happened in the daytime. But, things started happening more often and it slowly started annoying us.

The activity was happening day and night. My friend and I started distancing ourselves from the house by partying all night and crashing wherever we passed out. We would stay at our parents or grandparents house's. All of this back and forth from friends house's to parents house's, drinking and partying all the time had me wore out and I needed a break. That's when I decided to head out there alone for some peace and quiet. We hadn't been out there for days and I figured if I watched a movie at a high volume or listen to some music loudly, I wouldn't hear anything and I'd be fine. If I got bored with watching movies or TV I'd go jump on my drumkit and jam out. But, little did I know that the shiat was about to hit the fan.

I was sitting there all alone just watching TV. Our TV was hooked up to a stereo so we could watch movies and listen to music as loud as we wanted. So, I'm watching some show and the stereo cuts off. We had an entertainment center that held the TV, the stereo, a few lamps and a clock etc. Suddenly, the stereo cut off but the TV and everything else that was in the entertainment center stayed on even though all of these devices were plugged into the same power strip. Dead silence, I began to hear whispering, like several people whispering at once. The whispering was coming from the kitchen which was at the back of the house. The whispering kept getting louder and louder until I had to go outside to see if the whispering was my mind playing tricks on me.

It was quiet outside! No whispering! There was a storm coming in so I did hear thunder but no whispering. As soon as I got comfortable I hear the whispering around the side of the house and it was gradually getting louder. Dang! I go back inside. It's quiet inside. Then, BABOOOOOMB! A LOUD AS HELL, CLAP OF THUNDER! IT SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME!

After cringing from the tremendous thunder clap, I relax and start down the hall to the bathroom. The hallway always made me uncomfortable. It was a long hallway that went to the bathroom, nothing else. I started down the hallway when I hear this creaking sound directly behind me. As I turned my head I saw, from the corner of my eye, the front door slowly creaking open and something, I can only explain as the fight or flight response, told me to shut the DAMN door NOW! So, I dove towards the door sliding across the floor on my stomach crashing right into the door slamming it. I remember feeling like all of this happened in slow motion. Anyway, I slide across the floor and SLAM, the door shut. I jump up and the most intense feeling that someone or something was right behind me. Ya know, when someone is trying sneak up on you and you get this bizarre feeling that someone or something is behind you I don't know how to describe that feeling but it's not a good feeling.


After realizing that there was nothing behind me, I grabbed my wallet, my hat and my keys and I left! When I came back I came to pack up my belongings and move out. I rented a u-haul so I could get all of my things out of that house in one trip.

I've witnessed several paranormal events in my life and this one was the worst. I'm trying my best to share this but it's hard to describe everything in this format. I'm a story teller, so I'd much rather be telling someone a story in person instead of trying to use the right words and punctuation etc.

All of the other paranormal experiences I've witnessed have not been that bad, but there have been a handful of experiences that weren't cool at all. I will never forget any of the paranormal activity I've witnessed throughout my life. ESPECIALLY THIS ONE...

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valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
1 year ago (2021-03-09)
You respond to comments the same way you posted your question, dimetime 😊 There is no replying to a comment like on Facebook, where you answer each underneath them, instead if you want to answer, let's say LightMight, you address them at the beginning of your comment.
dimetime99 (1 stories) (1 posts)
1 year ago (2021-03-09)
Anyone know how to respond to comments? I'm new at this so I'm a bit clueless.😋
unforgiven1 (2 stories) (19 posts)
1 year ago (2021-03-03)
Dimetime99- Thanks for sharing this interesting story. I feel bad for the previous family; what a tragedy. Did you ever find out anything else about the girl or the family? By the way, is your username a nod to Dimebag Darrell? If so, coooool.
LightMight (4 stories) (137 posts)
1 year ago (2021-02-27)
Hi dimetime,

I have a feeling that your good friend was probably more aware of the paranormal happenings going on in that house than he let onto at first. Sometimes people live in denial because of the strange reality of a situation being just too much for them to wrap their minds around. By the sounds of it, with they way you two spent nights out purposely distancing yourselves from the house, I'm convinced he was picking up on the same negative vibes that you were.

Some people believe that earthbound spirits like to communicate through making their presence known by causing electrical disturbances; also by allowing the living to feel to their presence through positive or negative feelings and impulses, and by moving certain objects (just to name a few). Did you ever get the feeling that a spirit/entity was trying to convey any message to you, or your friend, while you lived in that house?

You mentioned that the upper part of the house was closed off and that the house had been remodeled; did you ever feel that maybe this caused some of the disturbances, or odd occurrences in the house?

So, my last question is a two part question: do you know whatever became of the house, and does your friend's family still own it?

I really enjoyed your story; thanks for the fascinating read!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (2 stories) (122 posts)
1 year ago (2021-02-27)
Hello dimetime99, thanks for sharing a fascinating story. I know you mentioned your friend didn't really believe in ghosts but did have some unexplainable experiences, did you ever share what happened with him and did he ever relate anything similar to that last experience you had prior to moving out? I'm curious as to what more he or his parents may have known about that place considering the odd remodeling job they did. Was the former daughters room the only room at all on the 2nd floor, or was there a hall, closet etc and how big was this upstairs. Even knowing the history of the place, I find it odd they would just waste that space and seal off the upstairs completely without some really good reason. People who buy 'fixer uppers' as it were usually try to maximize the space available. I feel they know more about what went on there in the past and the haunting than they let on to. Some encounters similar to your terrifying experience would certainly drive someone to such extremes as sealing off another level of the house for sure. Thanks again for a great story!
Rajine (14 stories) (429 posts)
1 year ago (2021-02-24)
That is really creepy, I believe that it could be the spirit of the girl who committed suicide, to end one's life creates a negative energy to a certain place or surrounding and it becomes a place for negative energies to feed of.

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