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This incident took place when I was in my school hostel as I was a SEE student. SEE is a very important part of every teenager's school life as it determines which subject are we going to take in +2.

In the school where I was studying a senior jumped from the school building when I was in Ukg. From then most people consider that building very haunted. There were many stories which were going around during that time.

I never thought in my entire life I would have an experience like this until one day me and my friend (when ever we talk we always talk about what happened on that day) both experience it for your context. Now, I will just go straight to the point.

Actually, we were only allowed to take a bath only 2 times a week in our hostel; on Tuesday and on Saturday. During those days all the bathrooms used to be pack as there were only 4 bathrooms (2 For girls and 2 for boys). There were so many students in our hostel. It was on that faithful night when me and my friend decided to wash our hair. We only had 2 hours break and the girls bathroom was packed so we both decided we will go to boys bathroom as it was empty. On that building there were only 4 people including us; 2 of our friends were in girls bathroom showering. After we took shower we were going upstairs then we suddenly heard someone rubbing their hair loudly when me and my friend were just talking and our 2 friends were showering. After hearing that sound we just left our belongings and ran way. We were so scared our legs were shaking. We told our friends and they were in shock. After than we never dared to go to that building because of our experience.

Sorry! For grammatical error as English is not my first language.

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3155 posts)
8 months ago (2023-08-09)
Hello MidnightRain.

Ever since I read your story, I have been thinking about the "rubbing their hair with a towel loudly" sound and now I wonder if this was the sound of static.

If so, it is common to report this kind of sound during a paranormal encounter, oftentimes accompanied with drop in the temperature and an overall feeling of uneasiness and being watched.
Do you remember experiencing any or all of the above when you're on the stairs that day?

The following link shows a variety of static sounds, perhaps one of them is similar to the noise you heard that day.


Then, I guess, it's possible that an spirit was trying to manifest to you and your friend.

Awaiting for your feedback and, once again, thanks for sharing.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3155 posts)
9 months ago (2023-08-01)
Hello MidnightRain.

I don't know if you have read any other stories and threads of comments on this forum. Perhaps you have already noticed that, in many instances, people's advice is to look for any possible logical explanations to an unexplained event... Unexplained not always equals unexplainable.

In my opinion, there are many factors you girls didn't seem to have consider, perhaps due to your age, or your belief that the hostel was haunted; making you assume that the noise you heard had to be a ghost and nothing else.

"a senior jumped from the school building when I was in Ukg. From then most people consider that building very haunted."

Did this person jump from the building where you heard the sound?
If so, did someone else reported hearing the same kind of noise in the same spot?

We should keep in mind that ghosts tend to remain trapped/attached to the places where they died or that were important to them during their life.

"There were many stories which were going around during that time"

Were these stories consistent or were they only rumours made up by students in order to impress their classmates?

As an example, I remember that the gym at my elementary school was rumoured to be haunted by the spirits of the children that the principal had killed by hanging.
The principal was a sweet lady, though a bit strict.

Since you didn't mention it in your narrative, I don't know when these events happened, neither if you would be able to go back to that place and do a deeper investigation of the happenings over the years. Perhaps asking questions to the people who have been working there.

Once again, even though I understand your fear, I'm not convinced you had a paranormal encounter, in my opinion, more information is necessary in order to reach any conclusion.
MidnightRain (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 months ago (2023-08-01)
There were many students in our hostel but in the building where their was a bathroom only 4 of us were present their as most them had already taken a shower and went to hostel or to study in a classroom. Two of my friends were showering whereas me and my friend were on the staircase to go the hostel during which we experienced something weird and questionable.
Cosmos (26 posts)
9 months ago (2023-07-29)
Hi there 👋🏼

Thank you for sharing your story. I also find drying hair with a towel loudly interesting but what's more interesting is that the number of people staying at the hostel.
Because you initially said that " During those days all the bathrooms used to be pack as there were only 4 bathrooms (2 For girls and 2 for boys). There were so many students in our hostel".
Then confirmed that by saying " There were so many students in our hostel". After reading these statements I get the impression that the place is full of people.

However, after reading the full story and your comment I discovered that there were no one else other than 4 of you.

So the question is, are there many people staying at the hostel, or is it only 4 or you?

Anyways, thank you for the post.

Best wishes

MidnightRain (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 months ago (2023-07-27)
Actually, I am really sorry for this misunderstanding. It wasn't washing their hair loudly but their was a sound of drying out hair with a towel and just a very loud noise of rubbing the hair with a towel. NO there was nobody expect 4 of us. I heard that sound in the staircase like someone was standing in a stair and just rubbing their hair with a towel loudly. Two of our friend were showering. Their was none.
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
9 months ago (2023-07-26)
Midnight rain, I can't believe how stingy the hostel was. 2 showers a week isn't enough. I have 2 a day and more in the summer. Lol
You said* 'After than we never dared to go to that building because of our experience.'* So where did you go to shower if you didn't go back there?
Did anyone else hear this ghost who washed his/her hair loud? I have no idea how anyone can make washing hair sound loud. I don't hear myself shampooing and conditioning my hair no matter how hard I tried to lather the shampoo.
Interesting story, thanks for sharing.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3155 posts)
9 months ago (2023-07-26)
Welcome to YGS.

Hello MidnightRain.

I had to rub my scalp and a strand of my hair between my fingers during my shower in order to imagine what you mean by "someone rubbing their hair loudly".

Although I'm not discarding the possibility of you girls hearing some sort of paranormal sound, I'm inclined to think that this could have been the noise of a water pipe affected by the constant and excessive use of all the students taking showers at the same time.

Your English is great!

Thanks for sharing.
Rajine (14 stories) (771 posts)
9 months ago (2023-07-25)
Was it not someone else using the bathroom? Also I didn't know that you could wash your hair loudly...

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