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A Hair-raising Office Encounter


This story is about two of my encounters in my previous company's office.

The area, where I worked, used to be the runway of an old airport that predated WW2 - built in the '30s. By the '60s it was decommissioned as another airport was built on an adjacent island. The land sat mostly empty until it was converted to a business park. I've heard stories of how the airport was used during Japanese occupation in WW2. Parts of the airport grounds were used as mass graves where they could dump bodies of casualties of wars.

Fast forward to today and numerous buildings have sprawled up. New spooky and alarming tales would surface with each new building built. At one point, they even found WW2 vintage bombs while excavating the foundation. They had to evacuate nearby offices while they extracted them. Despite being relatively new buildings, people report sightings of little kids running in hallways late at night, apparitions showing up in sleeping rooms frightening graveyard shift employees napping during their break, and phantom touches on workers in their cubicles in an almost empty office. Our office is on the ground floor of one of the first buildings built in the area. Naturally, our office too has the usual spooks.

One of my milder office encounters happened in our office common room. During the day, this room is used for meetings and seminars but after work hours, this becomes a recreation room and a gaming room. It has a frosted glass wall that runs parallel to the hallway and can be accessed by a door at the southern end of the wall. It has a sort of classroom setup with chairs and tables facing north where the conference TV and whiteboard is.

On Fridays, my office friends and I hang out at the common room to play games. Edna and Javin, whom I've introduced from my other story, were among them. We first played some board games. The kind of board games we play require a bit of role playing so it's not uncommon we'd take hours to finish. We finished sometime before midnight, and we were the only people left in the office. To conserve electricity, we switched off the lights from other areas leaving everywhere dark except the hallway, awash with the light from the common room seeping out through the frosted glass. After board games, Javin hooked up his Nintendo switch on the conference TV and we played some more. By then it was past 2 in the morning and our activity started to tone down a bit.

We were up front near the TV. I had my back against the frosted glass wall while Edna was across me. We were watching the others play when suddenly I heard the door at the far end to my right swing open. At the same time, Edna turned her head towards the direction of the door, confusion registered on her face. "Did you see that?", she asked.

"No, but I heard the door open. Why?", I curiously replied. My view was obstructed by the moveable room divider panels to my right. I was waiting for someone to enter but no one came into view. Edna explained that she saw someone in a white skirt open the door slightly as if to take a peek and swung it close again. She couldn't see the face but noticed its skirt making a flourish as it turned about with the door closing behind it. We were the only people left in the office and no one around that night wore a white skirt. If someone else was around, we should have seen a blurred figure through the frosted glass wall as it passed through hallway. Javin and the rest must've picked up on our exchange and everyone fell silent as if regarding a change in the ambient mood. We all decided to call it a night and hurriedly packed up our things and left the office.

My second encounter was on a weeknight. I had a bit of back log and had to finish a report, so I decided to stay late and work overtime. My cubicle is in a secluded room which has its own security. It required a secondary biometric access apart from our main office entrance. I momentarily went out to grab dinner together with some officemates then went back inside to continue working. Shortly after, my officemates started to head off for home in which I frightfully came to realize I was the only person left in the office. Yikes.

In my previous company, it's not unusual to see lots of people working overtime in the office. It just so happened, at that particular night, people went home earlier than usual. I was sort of counting on the usual. You see, the area I worked in was a peculiar hotspot for unusual happenings. Years prior, we had one officemate who stayed late into the night, and some things happened which frightened him so much that he bolted out the door, through the hallway and out of the office leaving everything behind. He only returned the next day and got so much flack about not clocking out properly, switching off lights, devices, air-conditioning, etc. Other reports from officemates include phantom keyboard typing noises from our secluded room even when no one's inside. For my case, I've previously smelled a whiff of funerary flowers (which I associate with passing spirits) in that area. I check and there were no flowers.

So there I was, busily tapping away on my laptop when a chill ran down my spine and goosebumps spread out on my arms. I felt a presence behind me. In an attempt of nonchalant bravery, I said out loud "Yeah, I'm just doing overtime work here", all the while thinking ("Please don't bother me."). The next thing, I felt someone picking out my hair, one strand at a time, and raising them up. At this point, I panicked. Short burst of bravery gone. I yielded and said "OK! OK! I am going home now". I stood up and hastily stored my laptop onto my desk cabinet. Astonishingly, I had enough will and defiance left to turn off all of the air-conditioning. I clocked out. Goosebumps kept radiating on my skin. Thankfully, I didn't have to turn out the lights until I was at the exit where the switches are situated. I exited. Biometrics lock engaged and I walked out of the building breathing a sigh of relief. I vowed never to render overtime work in that office ever again, reports be damned.

The next day, I came back to a busy office, finished the rest of my delayed report and enjoyed a pleasant yet unremarkable day at the office.

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The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
11 months ago (2023-08-01)
Hi mighty_light, to answer your question, yes, some entities seem to feed off from stress just as they do fear.

There are countless stories of entities/spirits on this site alone that seem to induce fear and stress and use it to more fully manifest. They create a lot of stress, stress that has caused divorces and breakups and has torn families apart. If you think about it, stress and fear are closely related. If a person's stressed about money, they worry about it and worry is fear, they're fearful of the situation and what it could lead to. So you're right, ghosts can use fear to manifest more fully and interact physically with their environment like raising your hair (literally)!

I believe you're also spot on with being distracted by your work which led to you ignoring the subtle energy build up your friends reacted to. We tend to get easily engrossed in projects/tasks and can be oblivious to everything from hunger to the need for sleep, to the detriment of everything going on around us. Ghosts as a general rule don't like to be ignored, some go to great lengths to get attention as in your case.

It's always good to be present to our surroundings, especially if you're sensitive in any way to the supernatural! Good luck!
mighty_light (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-30)
Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the late reply. I've been quite busy of late.

[at] MiaG

I guess war brings out the worst for everyone. Proper burials would've been rare in those tumultuous times under oppressive occupation.

Thank you for your kind words. I feel blessed to have made such good friends in my previous company.

[at] The_Lost_Voyage_11

That is quite an interesting point. It bothers me, though, that I was not able to pick up on that night's general vibe where others did albeit subtly. Perhaps I was too engrossed thinking about my delayed report and other backlogs. Do you think negative feelings like stress might have exacerbated the entity and given it more power?

[at] BaiAnina

The place is quite convenient and cozy really if you don't think about the past hauntings 😉. Yes, maybe the spirits we're giving us a "gentle" reminder that they're the ones haunting the place, not us.

I think Clark Air Base had it worse in WW2. I haven't seen old pictures of Cebu airport being bombed.

WW2 related haunted spots in Cebu would be Cebu Normal University and University of the Philippines which were both used by occupying Japanese forces as headquarters. The halls of those educational institutions have witnessed lots of torture and executions (decapitations being the favored form) done by Japanese forces.
BaiAnina (3 stories) (41 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-26)
I never would have even considered staying until 2am in an old building even if my workmates brought their Switch with them 😭

Part of me thinks the spirits are polite for giving you grace period for the clock out. Maybe they're used to human presence, but then we as living beings have to respect their spooky time. That or they like reminding people about work-life balance 😉

At first I thought this took place in Clark, but now I feel the need to look up Cebu's haunted hot spots... I definitely would love to know more about the WW2 history of the place.

Thanks for sharing your story!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-23)
Hello mighty_light! I was still considering your intriguing story and I found it also interesting that the events you relay as personally happening to you and those of other individuals taking place at night.

Ghosts and spirits typically need energy to manifest into form or to be able to manipulate physical objects. To do so they draw energy from the environment, electricity for example and people as well. Some, seem to draw it out of a sense of fear. Night seems to breed fear and spark the imagination for sure. I mean if you watch a horror movie on a beautiful sunny day in a well lit room, it's going to affect you far differently than watching it late at night when it's dark. These ghosts/entities seem to be drawing their power and energy during the day and manifesting at night when the fear factor is higher. I can imagine from what you've shared of the complex and your jobs, that the these buildings used a lot of electricity which provided a lot for these specters to draw on.

It's also why I believe your co-workers on some level sensed what was happening the night you had your second encounter. If you asked them why, they probably wouldn't be able to put it into words, sometimes it's rather subtle. They may have sensed the energetic build up. You yourself said it was unusual for everyone to have left like they did, and while it may have been just one of those things, the fact that you had such an up close and personal encounter suggests otherwise.

People and animals are energetic beings at their core and can pick up on changes in the field, no matter how small. Animals can sense earthquakes and storms coming long before there are any physical signs. People can often tell when something bad is going to happen, beyond outright premonitions. Many people cancelled at the last minute their plans to sail on Titanic before it left port. A lot of people called out the day of 9-11 who had jobs in the World Trade Center. For many it was just a 'feeling', nothing concrete. For your friends, it may have been the same, a feeling that they needed to leave as soon as possible, it doesn't always show up as a bad feeling or an urgent need or even an emotion of fear. Somewhere on some level, they know and act accordingly, often times from instinct.

Anyways enough rambling, I thought I would comment on the things that stood out for me, as I am fascinated with your story of this place. I also appreciate you providing further details in your comments. I look forward to hearing any more you share on your experiences!
MiaG (29 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-23)
Hello Mighty_Light,

Your post touched me. I felt for those poor soldiers and civilians who died.

I can't believe the airport was used as mass graves. How cruel that bodies of casualties of world war 2, were dumped with no consideration for the soldiers who lost their lives.

It doesn't surprise me their spirits are restless and lurking through the rooms and hallways.

You and your friends playing games until all hours of the night in that haunted building sounds chilling. I totally get using your office as a mutual place of interest to gather on Friday nights. It's not always easy to go home and then find the energy to go out again to socialise.

You all sound like a great bunch of people.

Best wishes,
MiaG/ formally, SWS 🙂
mighty_light (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-23)
Hello Lady-Glow,

I understand what you mean. It seems uncharacteristic for young people to waste a good Friday night not partying or social drinking. To paint a better picture, we work in IT and we are a bit nerdy for board games (DnD etc). It's how we unwind from the usual stress from work. Most of our group are teetotalers, whether by religion or by choice. The company we worked for also sponsors different clubs, one of which was a board games club where most of our group belonged to. That's how we got budget to hold activities and buy more board games.

As for security, there are personnel hired for the entire building only. Once past the lobby, the company relies on automated alarm systems and biometrics access for the office. There's the usual office hours but we're not restricted from coming in or staying late after work hours. I guess you could say overtime work was encouraged. Cleaning personnel works on weekends where there's smaller chances people are working.

The secluded room I worked in is big enough to fit 60 people I guess. There were 4 old ceiling air conditioners with switch panels on different locations in the room. So I had to walk across the room to turn some of them off. I think I only had 2 turned on that time. The ones outside the room were already turned off.

The once airport strip is now called Cebu IT Park. Cebu is an Island in the Philippines. It's capital Cebu City is one of the densest urban cities outside Manila and as such suffered heavy destruction and damages during WW2.
Oh and here's a news article about the vintage bomb they found during construction of one of the buildings.


Hope that gives you a better picture of the place.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-23)
Hi mighty_light.

That office sounds like an interesting place to work at, not only it was built on a land of historical relevance and high negative emotions but the practices of the modern dwellers are, in my opinion, rather unusual.

It's difficult for me to understand that a group of young people would want to stay at the office for such a long time after work hours on a Friday night instead of going somewhere else!
But that's just me... Maybe because I don't enjoy board games. Ha ha!

Also, weren't there any guidelines regarding the use of the common room after work hours?
Was there any security personnel during the night? What about cleaning personnel whose work might have been affected by the presence of people working overtime or board game loving employees having trouble leaving the office?

"I had enough will and defiance left to turn off all of the air-conditioning"

Do you mean you had to go to each one of the rooms to turn off each individual unit? If so, why not to turn them off at the time each of these rooms was not in use any more?

May I ask the name of the general area and the island where your story took place?

Sorry for the query, I have a vivid imagination and tend to picture the wildest things when things are not clear to me.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
mighty_light (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-22)
Hello guys!

[at] Rajine

Indeed, so much pain and trauma concentrated in one place could leave an imprint on the land for decades.

[at] Tweed

"It's interesting that whoever is there seems to wait for a person to be alone before they really make themselves known."

I hadn't thought about that. Perhaps its energy is only able to manifest with one person present. Though, one could suggest that our minds were already preconditioned with scary stories that we practically scared ourselves by thinking about it the moment we're alone and vulnerable. But I can't discount the part that the literal hair-raising felt so real to me. I might need to confirm this with my friends if they experienced something similar when they're alone or as a group.

Thanks for reading.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-22)
Mighty Light, I didn't expect this to end with literal hair raising! 😲

The history of the place is a good reminder that there's always two sides to every story. But even so I can't predict how I'd react if that happened to me. I know it would end in running out however! It's interesting that whoever is there seems to wait for a person to be alone before they really make themselves known.

Thanks for sharing.
mighty_light (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-22)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11!

I was surprised myself I held long enough to tidy up before leaving. I haven't heard anything new since I've quit that job. The people I'm close to have also moved to a different company so I've no one to ask. Though I suspect the place still remains a hotspot especially for the unknowing employee. Whatever ghosts haunting that office seemed to be bound to the area.

Can't say if people felt something that night. Probably just a coincidence and they just had normal reasons to clock out earlier than usual.

Thanks for reading.
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-22)
Hi mighty_light

Reading your story I can't help but feel sad about the lives lost during the wars, places like that are expected to be haunted by those people who's lives ended before It could be lived out.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (248 posts)
12 months ago (2023-07-21)
Hello again mighty_light, what a fascinating tale!

With the history of the area you worked in, it's no surprise that there's so much paranormal activity there. It certainly appears that the spirits of those that passed on or near that site are restless and regard the employees of your office as 'intruders' in their domain as it were. Those two worlds don't coexist very well and I imagine it might be hard to keep workers or for those that are there to be very productive!

I applaud your bravery on that one evening, but I can't help but wonder if your office mates sensed the coming paranormal activity (a shift in the energy) and that's the reason they all bailed out of work earlier than usual?

Thanks for sharing, if you hear any more about this place, I would look forward to reading more on it!

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