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This happened in the year of 2016. I was 18 years old and had just cleared my 12th Board examinations.

Myself and 3 of my friends had planned a overnight trip on a weekend to a location which is quite famous in Mumbai. Let's call them R,S, and T. We reached the hotel by 12 pm and were allotted a cottage kind of room which was 6-7 minutes away from the reception desk. The room was a little bit away from the other hotel rooms. We reached the room and saw that we had an adjoining room. Also, we noticed that there were not many guests staying in this particular hotel.

Also, behind the rooms there was a high wall with a fence to keep out the animals from jumping across it.

The adjoining room was locked from the other side and was also locked from the outside. We left our bags and went for our lunch to a nearby hotel. We finished our lunch by 2 pm and S suggested that we play pool which was near the reception desk. Around 4 pm, all of us decided that we should go for a swim. We quickly changed our clothes and dived into the pool. The swimming pool was a little bit dirty but it did not affect us.

After another hour of relaxing in the pool, we decided that its time to roam around the location. We did a little bit of shopping for our respective families and went directly to a famous hotel for our dinner. T paid the bill for all of us and we left for our hotel. We came back to our hotel by 8 pm and decided to explore the hotel for passing the time.

Around 8:30 pm, we came back to our hotel room and noticed that the adjoining room's lock was unlocked from our side. R and I went inside the other room to check and to our shock all lights were switched on. Both of us felt that one of the room service guy must have come to the room to check and might have forgotten to switch off the lights. We thought that we got 2 rooms for the price of 1 so both of us thought that R and myself will stay in this room and T & S will stay in our original room. When R and myself were transferring our stuff to this room, I felt a little bit uneasy. I told R that this room is having a creepy feel to it and we decided its better that all 4 us sleep in our original room.

As it was a weekend, there was a repeat telecast going on for a daily soap TV show called Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah (all Indian people have watched this show at least once). FYI, we had old TV with some buttons on the panel. We watched TV until 11 pm and then decided to sleep as we had to checkout from our hotel by 10 am.

I grabbed the remote and repeatedly pressed the off button but the TV was not switching off. Then, R decided to turn off the TV by pressing the Off button on the Panel. Still, the TV was going on and wasn't switching off. All of us were a little creeped out by this.

S said that its better we pull the plug so all of us agreed to it. The moment he got up to pull out the plug, the TV automatically switched the channel and went mute. I had already kept the remote to the chair near the TV. S gathered the courage and removed the plug but still the TV was on. But, now it was automatically going from mute to unmute. Now, we were scared. How do we deal with such a situation? I got an idea that we should try to get in touch with the room service people and tell them to shift our rooms. Guess what, the telephone line was disconnected.

T got up and opened the door to see if we can get anyone to help out. It was pitch black outside and all we could see was a light coming from one of the rooms far away from us. We dropped the idea to go in such darkness to the reception desk. We returned back to the room and thought we should sleep through the night and its a miracle if we are alive in the morning. We kept the bathroom light switched on as none of us had any courage to sleep in darkness. The TV was still on and was in mute mode. All 4 of us slept on 1 bed and we kept a towel on the TV so that the light does not come on our faces while we sleep.

At around 4 am in the morning, S woke me and told me that TV has been switched off. Also, the towel which was on the TV had fallen on the floor. But the strange part was that when I put the plug again the TV was not switching on. Both of us did not try to do any further investigation on this and went straight to sleep.

At around, 9:30 am we quickly got up, took our baths and checked out the hotel. When we told this to the hotel manager, he started laughing at us saying that we were dreaming.

So, this was my horror experience and until date creeps me out.

Can someone please tell me what was causing this? I have done some research and came to know that these usually point out to a poltergeist.

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Phoenix07 (1 stories) (4 posts)
1 month ago (2024-03-13)
Yes, Arturo. There was only one plug for the TV and we did remove it. So, as I previously mentioned there was something or someone in the room with us which wanted to get our attention.
Arturo (3 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-27)
This is strange indeed, did you guys checked that you have unplug the right cable?
Phoenix07 (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-22)
Hi Linjahaha and thanks for welcoming me to YGS. I completely agree with you that the TV should have been switched off. Still, the TV was on until we slept at around 12 am and I am not aware when the TV must have been switched off because when my friend woke me, the TV was off.

Hi Rajine, after this incident I told many of my friends about this who have stayed here but none of them have stayed in the cottage we were staying. Also, none of them have experienced anything like this.
So, I definitely feel that there was something there.
Rajine (14 stories) (769 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-21)
That is strange, overall that entire hotel seems creepy let alone the room you and your friends stayed in, dirty pool, dark passageway, I've never come across a hotel that switches off certain lights at night (passages, reception, outside, etc.) 🤔 you also mentioned that there wasn't many guests, so I think that there's definitely something the hotel manager knows, but is not saying.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (122 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-21)
Phoenix: I, likewise, welcome you to YGS. This 'is' an interesting story. Technically, by all accounts, when the 'plug' was pulled, that 'should' have completely killed the power to the TV.
My late husband worked on electronics, & 1 & 1 is 'still' 2, as far as I'm concerned. The TV should have been fully disconnected from the power source.
Spirits draw from electrical energy. Whether it be like 'us', which is bio-electrical, or regular electrical power. It sounds, to me anyway, like something was there attempting to get your attention.
If you 'learn' anything else about the site, please, let us know!

Welcome Again! 😊 😊
Phoenix07 (1 stories) (4 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-21)
Hi lady-glow, thanks for welcoming.

We were getting goosebumps a couple of times and now that you mention it the adjoining room's temperature was a bit colder than the room we were staying in.

Yes, the phone was working properly because we had ordered water bottles and extra toiletries.

Yes, the bed was King size otherwise all 4 of us would not have been able to fit.

The TV was very heavy and as it was our first overnight trip without any adults with us, we were scared that we don't damage the stuff.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3154 posts)
2 months ago (2024-02-20)
Welcome to YGS.

A possible explanation could be that the energy stored in the TV's capacitor/s allowed it to keep on playing until it wore out.

What else do you remember about that night?
Aside from the collective stress, did you and your friends sense any telltale signs of paranormal activity such as change of the temperature, lights flickering, hair raising or other events suggesting the presence of a spirit?
Are you sure the phone was working properly before these events?

I hope the beds in the room were king size!
I think I would have moved to the adjacent room or, at least, moved the TV.

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