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The Cooinda Ghost


Cooinda is only 225 km from Pine Creek, in the N.T, in Australia. I was camping out there for my last night on a fishing safari and ready to take the long drive back to my home town, Katherine, which is 300 odd kms or more. It was probably 3:00 in the morning when I heard someone shout out "Holy Shiat!" Me, my mates and a few more campers ran over to the toilet block (which was 500m away) to see what was the commotion. Before I go any further, I want to add a little info: The Cooinda area is full of mysteries and has plenty of sightings of ghosts, bunyips, etc. We all got over there and the man, who we all voted as the man who shouted out, was shaking and was pale as a vanilla ice-cream. He was staring at the mirror, with a message written on the steam from the hot shower, "Thy beware as one's soul may be taken"! The man swore that he was the only one is the toilet block and he heard no one else go in. And to make things twice the commotion, while looking into the mirror again, the toilet doors started to bang and close by themselves. Everyone ran out (including me and my mates) back to camp, ignoring the faint sounds of the toilet doors.

The next morning, I went for my shower in the same toilet block and everything was dead still, nothing moving and all. I had my shower and got out and then I heard a bloodcurdling scream (woman I think) from the toilet block. I was scared shiatless! I went to look by, no one was there, I told the receptionist before leaving, she surprisingly heard it too, and the mystery still remains as the "cooinda ghost".


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SkAlArIaK (2 stories) (28 posts)
16 years ago (2007-08-30)
:S I would have run away as fast as I could as soon as that geeza said what he saw in the mirror :S
spikess (2 stories) (10 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-13)
yikes...i think I would have driven home at that exact moment! Love the ice cream comment :D
Joseph (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-12)
Shit man! That was an awesome experience...? Nah, In fact wicked, tricky, deadly! Man, I wish I was there with you man that was aawwssoommee!

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