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The Pain and the Dream


Once or maybe twice a month, I get this pain in my shoulder. I'm not sick or anything, I just get this really spiritual / psychic pain. It's nothing like I have felt before. It all started two months ago in january, I was checking my mail then all of a sudden I felt as if someone was pushing right through my shoulder out the other side and a blade to my throat. I started screaming but I bitted hard on cloth and it still wouldn't go away. Half an hour later, the pain evaporated and I felt nothing but cold chills going down my back.

The next day, I found it hard to wake up. I had a dream where a man with a hood was holding three captured people. There was a girl around 13 on the left and a young man, around 19 or 20, was on the right and a girl in the middle, around 15. They were all tied to their backs and blindfolded with a black gag in there mouths. Two of the prisoners were sent free. The 13 years old girl and the young man. Each time I had pain in my shoulders, this dream replays, not letting it go. I don't understand why... It freaks me out to much to say... Well the 15 years old girl was killed, the others were sent free because the girl said she'll give her life for theirs and the man accepted.

She wasn't shot because he had no guns, he took out a long blade and put it to her throat and well, you can see what happen. She was left in the snow and it seemed to rain at the same time. I was told that when it rains while it snows is an Omen... But I haven't looked it up yet. During my dream I will hear a voice, a voice screaming at me and I start crying and struggle to wake up. Then, when she's done screaming, I wake up. Sometimes I think I can hear her when I'm reading or typing on the computer or doing school homework. I sometimes see her dark figure in the snow looking through my mirror at me. I even feel a dark cloak of someone standing beside or behind me and I feel my heart choking.

I don't know what this means. And I want to know more about what's happening. I've never experienced something like this. If you can please leave a message to help me.

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ebony1997 (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-26)
i would be very grateful if you tell me what this 15 year old girl looked like because I have dreams about a girl around that age wanting revenge on me for something and she always comes out and it set in my hosue in the room I'm sleeping in and it looks so so real that I didn't settle down for two hours. I kept on crying hysterically and whenever my dad came to turn the landing light off I screamed at him not to. I dreamt she came out of the cupboard opposite me on th elanding because I was sleeping in my lil sisters room at my moms on the guest bed and that's where she came out from and started slashing me with a sharp blade and my cries for help went ignored. And I also had another dream where I was setting up the dolls hsoue for my little sister and she came up the stairs slowly wanting to kill me for revenge. Ever since these dreams I have been afraid of the dark. And I often get shooting pains in the side. 😢
Tilis (2 stories) (16 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-15)
Who knows? Maybe a malevolant spirit is haunting you in your dreams. Or maybe there is something far more supernatural in store for you, like in a story book. Maybe it was something that happened to you in a past life. You should really look up that omen. The meaning of the omen will open doors of understanding. I must admit, I've never been haunted by such dreams, but then I have been told that I have very good insight on many things, including the supernatural.
Alexa (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-13)
This so freaky I can't believe what had happen to this lady . She is now making me feel kind of scared now iam not going to not sleep well maybe a little but its all good its all good. They are cool
CeCe (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-12)
My Mom haves dreams like that all the time. Its most likely something that happened in the past. Probly Around where you live at. Its not really anything to freak out over. You'r jus seeing tha past in you'r dreams. Happens to me too. Like wen I Lived in Wichita Kansas, my mom had ad dream that some gurl got killed and thrown into the lake that we lived RIGHT next to. She kept having the dream, and eventually she asked my Step-Dad if he knew what it was about. He told her a couple years back, thats exactly what had happened in that SAME lake. So, you'r PROBLY just seeing the past. Good Luck
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-11)
This one has me a bit puzzled, but if I had to hazard a guess I would need a bit more info? Like what type of clothing the people in your dream are wearing, the sounds of their voices, I.E. Is there an accent different from your own? Is your home older or newer? The reason I asked these things is because what you may be experiencing is a past life you have experienced being brought forth that or you have a psychic ablitie and are seeing something that has or will happen. Please if you can answer the questions it would greatly help.

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