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My boyfriend and I decided to move into his family's old house on the Lummi reservation. When we arrived, his uncle led us down to the basement that had been converted into a bedroom. In the far corner were a wood burning stove, a mattress and a dresser. There was no door only a sheet that divided the room from the steep staircase and laundry room.

No matter how much wood I would place in that stove the corner where the bed was always was ice cold, while the rest of the room was unbearably hot. On the ceiling was an exposed heating duct that ran the length of the room, on it hung a hand drum and a hanger. My boyfriend left me to run errands and since I didn't know the family so well, I decided to just stay downstairs.

The drum and hanger began to sway. I went upstairs to see who was stomping on the floor so loud, at the top of the stairs I saw the house was empty. I got midway down the staircase and something pinched the sheet and pulled it out, towards me. I could see where something's fingers held the sheet. I ran screaming up the stairs.

Later I found out that that very room of the basement was the scene of a murder, of a young Lummi women occurred in the early 1970s. No one was ever prosecuted.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-10-24)
Yeah, here I am talking about making an intelligent comment and I can not even make the one I am posting SEEM to have intellect. 😆 Sorry about all of the typo's.
Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-10-24)
You moved in with your boyfriends family on a Lummi Res. Are you yourself a tribal member, or affiliated with the Nation? How about your boyfriend, or his family?
That may seem like an odd question, Peanut Gallery, but according to statistics, MOST of the nations enrolled populous lives on the border of the res. Approximately 697 homes belong to enrolled nationalists, and over 1,167 of the homes on the res belong to those of no link with the Lummi Nation. SOME are Native affiliated, but SOME have none of the "blood".
Were you the only one who had the experience of a "meeting" with this Unseen? The Lummi woman that you found out had been murdered in the basement, (I see that no one was ever prosecuted for the act, but) was there ever a suspect in the case? If so, what Nation was the suspect from?
I know, I know, a lot of question that do not seem to be anything connecting, bu I am trying to do the "circle". Why did she choose to make her presence known to YOU. Did she choose YOU as you are a woman? Or was there a different "sympathy" factor?
There is another thing tugging at the back of my brain. You said that you went upstairs to see who was stomping so "loud" as to make the drum and hanger sway. WAS there a LOUD walking, or did it just begin to silently sway? What time of year was this? Was the heater/furnace ON? Is it a POSSIBILITY that it COULD have been on?
With air pressure going through a vent, they are prone to vibrate, even just slightly, which COULD have caused the movement.
I am sorry to pot so many questions, but that is how I "work". 😊 Before giving an intelligent comment, sometimes I need a bit more of the facts before something "comes to me".
Thank you.
Haunted_Vision (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-24)
this story makes me really sad for some reason I don't know why... It just feels like im... I can't describe it... I wonder if they knew who done it but for some reason didn't prosecute them...
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2008-10-23)
Wow that is creepy I never like live somewhere where murder stay it like it never removed it.

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