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Sometime near the end of September of this year 2006 I went to my friends home in NJ. My friend "Mike's" house has claimed to have been haunted from him and his family ever since I knew him. When I was younger (about 10 or 12 years ago) my friend and I went into his dark and cluttered basement and were looking around at all the cool antiques and items. We saw some clothes move around near the washer and dryer; so my friend Mike thought it was his brother and picked up a plastic bat to scare him with or hit him with. When we went over there the clothes stopped moving and nobody was there. We freaked out and ran back to the stairs to go back up, but a large painting which was facing backwards towards us blocked our way up the stairs. Together we moved it away and ran scared as hell back up. We told his mom and she believed it was the ghosts or ghosts in the house. After that I never went in his basement or really visited his house.

So as time went by I later became good friends with Mike again and ended back up at his house a lot. Nothing weird happened until the events of the September that just passed.

Mike and my close friend Val were sitting up stairs in Mike's room just relaxing and talking. His room was very soothing because he had a very large fish tank and he had a visualizer on his tv playing mellow music. Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but I was very relaxed and I was staring into the visualizer on the television. Mike was talking about ghosts with us and actually brought up the time when we were younger when we saw something in the basement. He told me about the painting that blocked our way back up the stairs... And I didn't remember it. I suppose I blocked that part out.

The a little while later still upstairs in his bedroom I start feeling weird. I felt like the room was getting darker and I couldn't feel myself correctly. I felt as if I was falling slightly backwards. The best I could describe it would be getting a shiver up my spine and feeling that moment right before you pass out, or when you are on medicine and sick; you feel very spacey. That's how I felt. So I quickly panicked and told Mike and Val that something was wrong. I told them I didn't feel right. I felt like I couldn't keep my mind focused. I was thinking that maybe I was dying for some weird reason and I really didn't want to. My friends told me to calm down and were looking at me weird. I kept telling them I didn't feel right and my friend said to come down because I was working myself up and my heart was racing. He didn't want me to get a panic attack. He then told me to close my eyes and I did. Then I saw visions and felt emotions of things. I got freaked out, but was also curious at what the hell was going on. I told my friend Mike and he thought I was channeling. I told him no I wasn't... I couldn't be. He kept saying I was. Apparently he was right.

I was a little boy sitting on a wooden dock with wooden walls around me. My feet were dangling out the door and there was a fence like door that was open outward and it had a little black book with a latch on it. It was dangerous to get the book because I could have fallen out, but I wanted it for some reason. Out the door was a lake and it was very calm and nice out. The green stalks and trees seemed very clean to me.

At this point I started crying. I personally was not crying, but my body was. My fingers turned freezing cold and when I came out of it they warmed up. I later found out that every time this happens my body cries as a signal to tell me yes this is true, or yes this is happening. Everything important is relayed back to me through emotional responses, either happy or crying, even though the feeling I am receiving is not always a sad one.

So then I picked up a piece of paper and with my eyes closed I drew a picture. I drew what I was seeing and the little boy. I felt the time period was in the early 1900's and this boy had a schoolboy uniform on with a hat with a dark ribbon hanging to the side. I said my name was Josh or James and continued to draw on another piece of paper. I drew on 3 different papers and then just folded them up and placed them together to make one whole picture. It was uncanny how everything lined up. Some pieces of the drawing were hard to see, but others were very clear. I began to get freaked out again.

As the pen moved on the paper, I felt as if there were magnetic forces pulling my hand at little increments to make the image on the paper. At one point I put the pen on the side of my palm with my hand straight out and it started spinning in one spot very slowly. Again I was freaked out. I wasn't able to understand the whole message that night, possibly because it was my first time, I'm not sure. The little boy also got very frustrated very easily when my friend Mike talked to him.

A day passed and we all thought about everything that happened all day. I went back to the house and again went back into Mike's room. This time another friend, "Wes" was there. We were hanging out again and just watching a movie this time. I again started to feel something. I was also trying to tap into whatever I was doing again though. This time I felt like my right side of my face was drooping or had something wrong with it. I looked at my friend Val to the right of me and asked her if anything was wrong with my face. Then Val told me my eyes turned a different color and I said "When I look at you I just..." I didn't remember saying that. Val was questioning me about what I was saying. Then I started to feel that falling backwards feeling and I started to cry. My fingers became freezing again and I closed my eyes and could hear myself breathing. Everything after this felt more like a dream then truth. Luckily my friends were there to remember it all and I remember telling them to remember because I may not. I think this day I felt like whatever was embodying me had more control then the previous day. I said I felt cold and I saw water. It was nighttime and I kept saying the water was like Titanic cold water. There was a lighthouse also. Val asked if it was her grandfather and I cried and felt that it was. She began to cry a little as well. She said her grandfather saved two young girls in frigid waters and he got a medal from the town for doing so. I don't know why that message was relayed as telling her that's who it was, but maybe that was the way she would know.

So I kept hugging her and I said that I loved her and missed her. At this point I felt less of myself and began talking to 3rd person. I was saying that Kevin was ok. I was letting everyone know that I was personally ok, but my body was crying and something else was talking through it. Everyone there believed everything that was happening as well. So after a little bit, my friend Mike whose room it was, asked if I wanted to get some air. I agreed. We went downstairs and Val was making sure I felt ok. Mike wanted to get a glass of water from the kitchen before we went out and asked if it was ok. I agreed. I didn't want to be alone, so we all walked to the kitchen.

The kitchen had a door which went into the basement. To get to the kitchen we walked through the dinning room and passed the bathroom and his mother's room. His mother's room was originally his step-dads father's room. Mike's step-grandfather was bed ridden and died in that room. I know he is one of the ghosts in the house.

So when we walked past the dinning room and bedroom I felt enormous energies around me. I jumped into the kitchen and told Mike. We were there for a little bit and then walked out again. I felt the energies again and started to move my hands like an Italian would when they are pointing at something. Shaking both hands up and down. I did that in the living room where a pile of clothes were, the dinning room, were some more clothes were, and back in the kitchen were the garbage was. My friend Wes said, "What do they want you to clean up the house or something." I laughed and felt happy. I believe that is what the energy wanted, as funny as it sounds.

So then Mike cleans up and we start to go outside, but get stopped again. I fell on my knee and Mike said I mumbled something, but sounded weird. I was getting up and I said "the spot," pointing down at the spot on the ground. Every time I mention this "spot" I also get choked up and feel whatever it is is very powerful. I don't know what it is though. So I kept talking about this spot and then I heard something whisper "Mike" from the bedroom area. I quickly turned right at Mike and said, "Did you hear that?" He said yea and I said it said your name. He started to cry and get worked up, because now we knew this was really happening. There's no way we both could've heard the same thing and me say exactly what it was if it didn't happen. Nobody else heard the voice though surprisingly. I was scared and I went over to Mike with my heart racing. He was getting a little distraught and called up his cousin and husband. They were very interested in paranormal activities and raced over. I guess that's why Mike called them.

So then I kept pointing at the spot, and feeling the magnetic forces around me. I can't remember the whole scene after this, but I know Mike asked if I wanted to go into the mother's room, where the grandfather died. I said ok. He opened the door and Me and my friend Wes began to go near the door. As soon as we did we both jumped back and felt something. I said there was a huge energy there and it just freaked me out. We ended up going in the room and my hand was moving around on the dresser searching or trying to tell us something, but I never got what it was. Then Val's grandfather came back in me and I turned to her and hugged her starting to cry again.

We went out and I went back to the spot talking about it. I didn't know what was so important about it. I followed my hand into a grandfather clock that was near the spot and opened it and a little piece of ripped paper fell out. It said something from dad or something. I'm not entirely sure if this was important or just coincidental. Then I went over to an old desk which was right near the same area and tried to get something that was under the lid of the top of it. I also never found anything there or figured out what was there. Then Mike asked if I would go into the basement. I said no man... I do not want to go there. He said what if the spot was something in the basement and it could start a fire or something. He wanted to know because it was his house. I agreed to go, not really wanting to go. I was very jumpy and my body was worn out at this point.

We had the 2 girls jump on the spot upstairs so we could find it exactly in the basement and me and the 3 other guys went in the basement. We went all the way to the back with flashlights, because the lights were so dim it didn't matter if they were even on. Mike said the room which we were going to enter was the grandfathers tool room. I really didn't want to go in, but I did. We entered the small closet like room. I went in and there were a lot of old rusted tools on the wall. To the left and right were pitch black dark areas. I was a little scared. Normally I would have not gone in there but I felt like it was ok. Then I felt like I couldn't breathe. I panicked and began to calm down and breathe very slowly as I made noise breathing in and out. Mike said it sounded like I was dying. He said I may have been the grandfather when he was on his deathbed breathing slowly. I pointed up at some wood and fishing poles attached to a wooden rack above us. I was pointing at a wire or something, that was right under the spot I was talking about. Mike asked what it was.

Then I heard a voice creep up from the darkness behind me and it said with a slight bit of attitude that it was a phone wire. It scared the hell out of me. I didn't know this but, Mike said my eyes looked weird and he said it looked like I was going to kill him so he was frightened and then I let out a scream and dashed passed everyone back to the stairs going back up. I looked back and everyone was getting up off the ground. I went back to get them and we all ran upstairs.

We went up stairs and went over what happened and calmed down. We then finally went outside on the porch and talked some more. Val's grandfather came in me again for a little bit and then left again. I felt a warmth and saw my grandmother and grandfather who were deceased to the left of me. I didn't tell anyone until a day later though. I didn't physically see them with my eyes, but I knew they were there and I could feel them and see them in my mind. That's the best I could describe it.

Next I went to the A&P (a large 24hour food store) because I knew it was very bright there and that's where I wanted to be. I felt more myself in the light. In the darkness I could feel things around me. So I stayed there for a few hours with my friend Val and then finally went home with her and she slept over because I was still really scared of everything.

As I walked up my stairs and past my parents room, I felt like my grandmother was in the room with my mother and she was having a dream about her. The next day I told my mom the story and she believed me because she had events happen in her life when she was younger herself. Then I told her I saw grandma and she was set back and started to cry. It was her mother and she was close to her. I said I knew she dreamt about her last night because I could feel it and I just knew. She was a little freaked out but believed me and told me that it was true.

If you have any information for me, please let me know. This is all new to me and I have been reading up on it and trying to figure it out the best I can, but I still would love for some help. I believe you may know some things that could help. Hopefully I'm doing everything right. But I don't know how to focus better to get a clearer message yet. You are welcome to talk or visit if you feel it would further help you understand the goals you are looking to achieve. I wish you luck and hope you write back.

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kathia (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-19)
hey kevin you got a "real" gift keep using that gift is realy interesting the story you should learn more about your energies and you got to learn how to block BAD energies some spirits are hurtful but some are harmful and could kill you in some other words when you almost pass out that is called ! Trans" that means that the ghost or spirits is in your body that ghost could do anything in your body the paranormal things happens anywhere I used to do witchcraft before I had my daughter so I know about all these stuff your body reacts to you should take a lot of care to you and your body, this stuff is called the
'6th sense" you should learn how to control your emotions and feelings, go to a physic and ask her but don't look for I fake one use your sense to find that person she'll tell you more about you and a your sense if anything write to me at Kathia_martinez [at] okay if anything write to me.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
15 years ago (2007-03-19)

If you truely have "the gift" and you want to continue to use it, my suggestion to you is practice. You will also need to practice being able to block energies that you do not want near you. For these you can envision yourself being surrounded by a white light of protection that will not allow anything to pass that you do not want. You should try to practice as much as possible to develope this ablity if you so choose, don't let anyone force you into it. Peace and luck be with you.
Jim (guest)
15 years ago (2007-03-17)
I have never read anything to this magnitude before, but if it is true like you say, then it is incredible. As for help, all I can offer are some tips I have learned down the road of practicing Astral Projection. If you actually want these experiences to keep happening, I would say you should try to meditate at least once a week, because it will allow these paranormal exps. To be more clear because your mind will be clearer. If you want them to stop, I would say you could either directly speak to these entities and ask/tell them to leave, or you could pray if you are religious and ask a more powerful force to make the leave. I think that you are one of the few with a natural gift, while others have to work to achieve a gift like you have. I really hope you think of yourself as special and not weird, because there are plenty of people out there who would love to have an ability like you speak of.
good luck

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