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Is Something In Our House? 2


Before the Christmas vacation I posted a story about a ghost in our house and the problems it was causing. This is what happened next.

Throughout the Christmas vacation I had absolutely no dreams. The ghost was gone too. How? On the first day of Christmas I went to the cemetery across the street and wished everyone a merry Christmas. I could see and feel so many shadows of people; Most were good and tried to shield me from the dangerous ones. One said, "regards to your mom, its Inge" or so the thought popped up in my head. I didn't know anyone by the name of Inge. I would ask my mum later. I went to the back of the cemetery where my grandfather is buried and wished him merry Christmas and talked a little about the situation in our house.

On returning from the cemetery I had breakfast with my family. I asked my mum if she knew anyone by the name of Inge. She did. She told me Inge died in a car crash so many years before I was born. The two of them were good friends in High school. That was kind of a shock. It really was a vacation, no voices, no shadows (well, after the first day of Christmas) and no dreams.

Now I am back at school I have had my first dream again. I can't remember much of it maybe it will come to mind during the day but the ghost is back. I was in the bathroom and a shadow came in. I only saw it for a moment. It didn't change my mood or such. I was also very angry during the vacation (before first day) because he /she or they just would not leave my brother alone. So I said very furiously "leave my brother alone immediately. If you need someone to tease, try me". That same night I got a horrible stomach ache, It hurt so much I went to the bathroom and sat there just thinking what could have caused this. A very loud giggle came into my thoughts. It had to be them, I thought. I sissed out "whatever you're TRYING to do, stop it now"! I went to bed and slept like a rose.

I also listened to the EVP fragment and it gave me the chills. Not like, what a scary voice, but the thoughts and feelings I received from it.

Yesterday evening I woke up to what felt like a thousand hands lifting me, like some strange sort of waterbed, it could not have been my mattress as it is very hard. What was it?

All of this I can only describe as my gifts getting stronger. Could it have something to do with me reading the book of Tara Ward? I so badly want answers.

I will also post a part of this story on the psychic-site.

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dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
13 years ago (2009-01-08)
Wow I can feel them too even thought not everyday just one time my stepdad told me he heard me bloody murder scream I don't remember that cause I was asleep, Mom say I read too much ghost story. I am only one in the family cause feel spirits. Your seem like interest.

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