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Alright, I'm really here to tell you experiences of my close friends. I have had some experiences of my own (mostly just feelings of being watched and the occasional weird happenings), but my friends stories are ten times more interesting.

This story is based around my roommate Shelby. Her Grandfather owned an old house in Maryland where her father grew up. Her Grandfather always knew there were spirits in the house and was actually quite good friends with them. They never hurt anyone... But when Shelby's dad was born, it was when they started to get a bit mischievous. When her father had been in the crib, her Grandmother would always make sure the crib was away from the wall (as the wall was cold). But every time she went in to check on her son... The crib would be pushed against the wall. She would do it again and again... But the crib would always be pushed against the wall. Grandmother wasn't as friendly with the ghosts as Grandfather was and she basically told them to leave her alone. After that, the crib would stay in place.

As Shelby's father grew up, the ghosts would always have fun with him. They would tickle his feet at night and sometimes, he would wake up freezing, only to find his covers hovering over his body. They never hurt anybody, just always wanting to have a bit of sport. Though, women in the house did feel a lot more uneasy than men. Both Grandmother and Shelby's Mother never liked the house. Perhaps they were female ghosts?

When Shelby's father moved out of the house, Grandmother wanted out too. The house gave her the heeby jeebies. So, Grandfather would the house up for sale.

The spirits didn't like that.

Their activity stopped for quite some time. No pranks or anything... Until one day that sent Shelby's Grandparents truly from the house.

Shelby's Grandfather collected whole huge sets of National Geographic. He had piles and piles of them in perfect, neat stacks. They were in his office, which would have to be shown to people who were checking out the house that was up for sale.

One day, he was checking the rooms just before a group of guests were to arrive. The stacks were there, the place was neat and clean... Nothing out of the ordinary. He went to greet the guests and show them on the tour. Just another average showing of the house...

But then they reached the office. All across the floor, the National Geographic's were sprawled out saying "GET OUT!"

Nonetheless... The guests left and Shelby's Grandparents left... Quite the opposite of what the spirits wanted. They moved a few blocks away and have never reported anything new.

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Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-19)
Sounds like the ghosts didn't want new people in the house. Good thing the grandmother was not afraid of them but apparently had had enough of them. I wonder if the new owners experienced such things? Seems like whatever was there had no intention of following the family but liked being in the house and wanted to have it to themselves. I know today if a place is known to be haunted the seller has to state it in the listing. I doubt there are many that do though. While one family could have encounters another family moves in and nothing happens. So goes the haunting game.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-17)
Wow, Interest the spirits is mad for your friend's grandparent sale the house.

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