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I'm twenty three years old I have never really been scared in my life until recently... I moved into an old apartment building that was built around 1920 until last year I didn't live alone and hadn't really seen anything. I would say that it started out just odd things happening here and there... I started out on the first floor nothing really happened. The next year I lived on the third floor, still I wouldn't have believed it at that point that my fate would be changing. In Jan of 07' I moved to the sixth floor, I thought it was amazing the biggest apartment in the building. But that's when it all changed.

The first thing I noticed was my landlord never crossed the doorway she would always send someone else or just peek inside and agree to send someone else in. My ex and I lived there for a year together. The first thing that seemed to happen was we had my brothers family over which included him his girlfriend and their eight kids. We settled all the kids to bed and decided to just watch some movies. My brother sat on the couch while his girlfriend and I were in the kitchen and my boyfriend on the chair. My brother just started yelling "what-Les what do you want". No one was calling him. He states that he heard and felt someone lean over the couch and whisper in his ear. No one was near him. No one else heard it. We tossed the idea out.

I had lived in the building two years already and never experienced anything. We figured he was just messing with us and laughed it off. I can admit it now but that is when my door was opened, I decided to pay attention a little more to smaller details.

The next experience happened to me and my ex. I would say it was about 2am I had just laid down to fall asleep, however it takes a good half hour for me to fall asleep. My ex was playing a video game. We heard a knock on the door, I ignored it thinking he would get it or the person would just go away. Well that would have been the best just to ignore everything. The knocking did not go away. I got out of bed and we looked through the crack in the door. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE was there. I didn't know what to believe. My eyes saw nothing yet my ears heard it. No one on my floor was at there doors or telling this women to be quiet. I kept thinking are we the only one who hears this. She kept screaming "Where are you" and "Let me in". I just kept asking him where is she and then there would be a knock or a yell but still we saw no one. We decided to walk away from the door and just get in bed. Leave it at that.

Over the next few weeks I couldn't help but feel something else in my apartment. I kicked my boyfriend out Feb 08' and that is when things hit the roof. I decided I would quit my job and find a better one. So I was home almost all day. I noticed that I would put something somewhere and it would be moved just in a matter of me going to the next room. I had a lot on my mind so I kind of figured well I just need to relax not think about it. I will admit I felt and sensed a lot more when I would be mad or another person was with me. When He knew I was alone and happy or relaxed I could feel him but it was not that bad, like we had an understanding. He had his space I had mine. In July I let my friends and their daughters stay with me. At this point I was doing good nothing happened. Ashley didn't stay long. By August it was just Jenni, Laylah, and me. I worked nights, Jenni days. Mon-Fri. Jenni and Laylah were home alone or they thought. Jenni started calling me before I could leave work to see where I was. I didn't think anything, you think about it. I figured she had a guest over no biggy. But then it was every night. Finally I had to confront her, I mean here I am at work and she is texting or calling just to see where I am. I couldn't keep on. I had gotten home to find Jenni with all the lights on, the TV up loud and Laylah asleep right with her on the chair. Tons of cigarette butts in the ash tray. I asked Jenni what was wrong. She said I can't take it with the lights off, I can't stand it quiet. (I should put in here that Laylah is only 9 months, just starting to crawl but is always being held). Jenni explains her happenings as this:

One night I came home late, instead of 5pm I came home at 9pm. I had some errands to run, and stopped of to have dinner with a family friend and hung out with her and her family. Anyway I came home got to the apartment. Laylah was asleep so I decided to use the restroom, leaving the door to the bathroom open so I could hear her. Instead of Laylah I heard the door knob on the front door turn the door open and shut. I asked "Amanda is that you" but didn't get a response. I washed my hands and went to the door. The screen door was still shut and locked from the inside. No one was in the apartment. Laylah was still asleep. I sent you a text you didn't answer right away so I called. You were still at work. I didn't know what just happened but I knew it wasn't right. It didn't stop there.

Jenni would later explain turning the news on and then going into the kitchen and hearing the TV change but no one being in the room to turn the channel. Jenni started asking. Is it easy for someone to get on the floor that doesn't belong? I explained No only the people who live on the sixth floor or the landlord's people but no one else unless they had a key for the elevator. Jenni said she would always hear the door knob turn the door open and shut but no one would be there so she would always check to see where I was. Again I would brush it off. I explained it's an old building we are fine. Knowing that I believed her as well but I didn't want to.

I have a -pinched nerve in my back and was off work about a week in September. I was home all day by myself and at night with the girls. I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I can still see him looking at me, as if his eyes weren't looking at me but through me. I had decided I couldn't just lie around I needed to stretch more then a shower or to use the restroom. I was going to make my bed and vacuum. Easy task right. My bedroom did not have a door on it and if you looked through the doorway you could see through to the dinning room, the front door and front hall area, and the hall leading to the bathroom down to the living room. Depending where you stand you can see all areas. This happening I could only see dinning room and front door and front hall area. As I stood by my bed pushing the cover under the mattress I felt eyes watching me... I jumped, my phone rang, and I got up from a kneeling position to grab it and happened to glance in the dinning room. He was there staring at me. I had to look away and then glance back sure enough he was still there. He was about 6'4" average build. He was a dark figure you could make out his eyes and nose. Those eyes. They didn't have a color. This man was all black like a shadow only he had dimension. I locked eyes with him for a few seconds then had to look away. When I looked back he was gone. I had to talk to someone. I couldn't stand being there alone with no one but him. There was no weird odor. And he did not have red eyes. He didn't feel evil but he didn't feel right either. My limit was there. I couldn't go farther. Things got weird.

Jenni moved out shortly after. She said she just couldn't live there. So I was back to being alone with this man. I would come home from work at 10pm and just feel like there was someone in my apartment other then me. I could feel eyes on me as I would lie in bed trying to fall asleep. But I figured I would try my best to ignore him and he would go away. If he wanted something he would have to get it from someone else. I was not going to be apart of this.

The end of October came fast, I decided to go get my nephew in AZ and spend a week before coming home. Wrong choice. When I returned home pictures that were hung on my wall were now lying on the floor. Instead of upside down like you would think if they had fallen off the wall they were not. The weird thing is that the pictures were on the wall maybe two feet apart one slightly higher then the other, on the floor they were right side up and some where on top of each other in the middle of where they were hung. Not something wind could do. I am the only one who had my keys and upon asking the landlord neither she nor her workers were in there. This upset me. I have slight OCD and like things in order and no where everything is and can tell if it has been moved a cm. I decided I would leave them there, why should I play into his games. I did not want this thing to believe he had me scared.

I had talked to an Aunt who is in tune to these things, she told me to talk to him, see what he wanted or ask him to leave. I decided I did not want to make him mad, so I asked him to not move things. I walked in one night and said," I don't want to make you mad, I will respect you if you respect me and my things, LEAVE THINGS ALONE THEY ARE NOT YOURS!" Well I think that pissed him off.

That night I lay awake in bed texting friends, I heard a bang in the dinning room. I thought to myself what in the world? I did not want to waste my time for nothing so I ignored it and went to sleep. I woke up that morning to find another picture in same area had fallen off the wall and the glass shattered. He had gone too far. I picked up the other pictures but left this new one. I screamed at him, I think I might have seemed a little loony to someone looking in, but hey I'm now pissed.

2009 has now come I did pick up the picture after a few weeks but not after I explained to him that he could stay if he just left things be. Things got good we again had peace; I knew he was there just like I'm sure he knew I was. I ended up moving out in May 09' I'm now engaged and moving to Detroit.

However the last night in the apartment was the strangest. I live on the top floor no one is above me. I awoke at about 2am to what sounded like a party above me. I lay listening to old time music and dancing above me wondering what in the hell was going on. I got up and looked out the window no one was outside in the front or on the side of the building. I put my ear to the floor just to check. Nothing at all. It was above me. I got back in bed and closed my eyes. I was done with being surprised. Whoever moves into that apartment (which it is still empty two months later) I hope them the best, they just got to remember to ignore him and give him his space.

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Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-18)
Sounds like you were under a lot of stress at times. Not saying this is the reason for the activity but I think it can motivate it. They say either people or places are haunted. It takes someone being sensitive to pick up on location hauntings but when people are haunted seems to mean that something has attached itself to a living being. Again this is all theory. I can't imagine what it's like to live in a world where I see dead people or experience strange things all the time, it must be very taxing.
Oli (2 stories) (74 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
Yeah it definitely sounds like your landlord knew. I hate when people don't tell you things, but I guess it's just business lol. Have you had any more experiences since leaving?
Boo123 (3 stories) (26 posts)
13 years ago (2009-07-15)
very nice story, I wonder what happened in that apartment, mabe the landlord knew? It would be interesting

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