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The House In Makakilo


So there's this really big house down in Lower Makakilo, but the owner divided it into two. The house was on Leiole St. Well we had been living in this house for maybe three months I think when the following events happened.

One night when everybody was sleeping, my brother woke up and saw a tall, dark-figured man in the doorway of my other brother's room. No expression or description was shown on the man. It only showed his figure. So I guess my brother went under the covers. So a couple minutes later, he looked back at the doorway and the man was gone. So I "think" it was that same night where he finally got up off his bed, looked at our younger brother and saw a different face. It wasn't our younger brother's face.

Another time when I was going to the bathroom (part of mine and my sisters' room), at the corner of my eye I saw the same guy at the end of the hallway which was pretty much in front of my parent's room. But for some reason, I was too tired to really react to that.

Then sometimes at night, we would hear footsteps through the small hallway. Regardless of the small haunting, we moved out of the house after nearly 6 months of living there.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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alohaaaalyssa (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-09-19)
You moved out due to these hauntings? I used to live there during my childhood from first grade until sixth grade. I experienced a lot of ghost encounters and some similar to yours.

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